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iFanboy – 2011 Hiatus Announcement

Show Notes

Conor takes a quick minute to update our lovely viewers on the state of the iFanboy video show:

We’re taking a little time off… but we’ll return soon!

In the meantime, don’t miss all the comic book content at iFanboy.com, and if you need more comic book related entertainment don’t forget the iFanboy Pick of the Week audio show every week!


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Doing the podcast is fun and all, but let's be honest, listening to the 2 of us talk to each other can get repetitive, so we look to you, the iFanboy listeners to participate in the podcast! "How can I get in on the fun?" you may ask yourself, well here's how:

  • E-Mail us at contact@ifanboy.com with any questions, comments or anything that may be on your mind.

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  1. Enjoy the break guys!

  2. So basically, no new video shows until Conor finishes Reamde. Looking forward to new shows in August or September, 2012 πŸ™‚

  3. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, enjoy the well deserved break guys. Happy holidays!

  4. I think I’m going to cry, but I’m okay. You guys deserve the break.

  5. See ya in the new year, guys!

  6. Ah, but where to shoot? Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New Hampshire?

  7. that headline…especially when seen on facebook and the sidebar here, made me think the whole operation was shutting down…that was a gasp…

    • I thought this at first glance when I saw my Facebook feed too.

      It kind of reminds me of the old joke, “HEY, IFANBOY IS ON HIATUS!! Now, that we have your attention, let’s talk about sex.”

  8. enjoy the break, dudes

    are you guys gonna do “reprints” of old videos like you have before?

  9. Enjoy the break, guys! You absolutely deserve it.

  10. Enjoy the break.

    Time to rewatch “classic” ifanboy videos.

    Jumping back to episode 210 — JSA Vault, Archie Wedding & Daytripper this Wednesday.

    Ahhh here we go.


  11. What utter BS, the video show is the best part of the website, without it, people are just gonna drift to Comic Vine and CBR. What about the end of year wrap up show? How will i know what trades to buy?
    I’m incandescent. I can only shake my head. People say you deserve some time off, but didn’t you just have Thanksgiving? and don’t you have the easiest, sweetest job in the world? Poor performance lads

    • I can’t tell if you’re serious, but the text below the video indicates that the pick of the week podcast is continuing as usual

      Sooooo, only 18-24 minutes of your week have been messed up. You’ll live.

      As someone who has been working on a weekly podcast (non-comics related, unfortunately) as a side job for a little over two years, I can attest to the grueling nature of it. Burnout isn’t just a member of Gen13, you know.

    • I don’t know whether Lovedog is joking or not, but I kinda of agree with what he said.

      I’m sad that there won’t be a Book of the Year/Best Comic-Writer-Series of Year video podcast this year, but I understand the amount of hard work and effort put out by guys, day and day out. If anyone else deserves a long break, it is Josh, Ron and Conor.

    • Bart Says: “They’re giving you thousands of hours of entertainment for free. What could they possibly owe you? If anything, you owe them”

    • Oh they so deserve it indeed! I love the video shows too, I wished they did more of ‘m but I understand that they want to go on a little break. That’s normal.

      I hope they do a little ‘Best of 2011’ on the POTW podcast though. Always good.

    • Who told you my job is easy?

    • I will never understand rabid fandom. I enjoy IFB, but I’ll survive.

    • Can we at least have an awards article? And holiday shopping recommendations? PLEEEEAAASSEEEE….

  12. Now I can catch up on the 15 or so video shows in archives I haven’t watched.

    I wonder how the new videos will be shot with each iFanboy in different locations.

  13. GOOD.

    When you come back I expect things to be better. If they’re not then you’re all gonna get it.


  14. We just had our first snowfall of the season last night and I have to see Conor on a beach this morning? Not cool, guys.

    • I know, right? F’ing Georgia winters and their miserable non stop rain, and we already had snow flurries. Then there’s Conor kicking it with his feet in the sand. Smug jerk.

  15. Already getting the shakes. You guys enjoy the holidays, have a good break, try to relax. Conor, quit making me jealous of not being on the beach.

  16. Ah Guys, I’ll miss ya, but I can’t say you don’t deserve it ! You’ve been pretty damn consistent & regular for many years. Maybe in future you could pencil in more of the team to do shows on a semi regular basis to give the big 3 a break. ? Really hoping best of the year still appears if only in text.

    • If the iFanboy staff all lived in the same city and worked together in an office that might be feasible but as the staff is spread out all over the country it’s unrealistic because everyone would need to own their own HD camera, professional lights, professional audio equipment. And they would need to know how to shoot, light, set-up audio, edit, etc. etc. There’s a lot that goes into producing these shows.

  17. It’s a shame that there won’t be a Christmas gift guide show.

  18. Okay, here’s admittedly a pathetic comment, but I’ll make the comment nonetheless…thank goodness!! I am so busy nowadays that I’ve been falling behind with the video show. (I have three episodes piled up right now as I type this.)

    Like I said, this is a pathetic comment, but the video show for me is sometimes like that pile of comics I never get to in my corner at home. I love them/it, but it’s just hard to find the time; and emotionally is so much easier for the feed to stop for a while then feeling okay with ignoring/skipping episodes.

  19. Dear people complaining about this break,

    You are very ungrateful.


  20. i take glee in the hope that maybe in the interm Paul Montgomery will eat a lot of sugar or something and make one of his random videos and share it πŸ˜€

  21. Outsource these videos to India or China. Problem solved.

  22. I hope Conor put sunscreen on, there’s not much of a base tan there

  23. As a crochety and cheap old comic reading man who almost never opens his coin purse for anything or anyone these days, I am fully prepared to offer the sum of FIVE DOLLARS to desuade Conor, Ron and Josh from pursuing this INSANE “hiatus” falderal. Five dollars gentlemen. Don’t make me wait much longer.

  24. Late November, in shorts and glasses with a book at the beach.. welcome to SoCal!

  25. Enjoy the break guys. Well earned.

  26. Alright, then. Have a good one!

    Off to read Anathem (I’m so behind.)

    (Anybody else kinda wished it was April 1st?)

  27. I’m taking 7 goddamn classes this semester and working part-time. As a result my stack of comics has been piling up for a few months now and might have grown to be taller than me as of today. I’m also way behind on the video and audio show. Point being, I know what its like to need a little time off every once in a while. Enjoy the break guys.

  28. This……is the baddest day…….of this year. At least the year is almost over. Can’t wait to see what you guys are going to come back with. Thanks guys. Have a good Christmas and New Years.

  29. Gentlemen, I propose that we make our own Book of the Year video show! With blackjack!! And hookers!!!

  30. Both iFanboy AND Community are going on hiatus this holiday season? I must be on Santa’s shitlist!
    Kidding, guys (not about Community, though. That’s downright depressing)! Enjoy your time off!

  31. I hope you guys enjoy the last few chapters of Reamde as much as I did. I got to read those precious chapters instead of interacting with my family during Thanksgiving break. Ah, memories.

  32. I’m surprised noobdy has commented this yet, but obviously this means the end of the site, so :

    R.I.P iFanboy. You had a good run.

    PS. I’m joking

  33. it seems like the last hiatus wasn’t that long ago…

  34. Hey guys, just remember that hiatus is one letter away from hi anus.

  35. Is bribing off the table now?

  36. I hope you guys enjoy your break. Well deserved I must say.

    For 2012, some suggestions….. 1) Can you guys do an episode of your fave Archie or Peanuts book or any related books?? It would be interesting.
    2) Also another Icon ep, like the one for Jim Lee. That would be cool.

    Happy Holidays! πŸ™‚

  37. I just got back into comics after a many-year break. Your podcasts have been a wonderful source of up-to-date news. Can I be the first annoying jerk of 2012 and ask when you are planning on coming back?

  38. I wanta my I…IIIIIII. fanboy I wanta IIIIIII. fanboy
    i Wanta sweet ifanboy podcast

  39. You want me to beg dont you

  40. Y’all can come back now. Really. We miss you terribly.


  42. Hello. (Echo) Anyone there?


  43. Come on guys! I’m tired of waiting!!!

  44. Can we get update on whats going on with the status of the video show? I just started getting into comics and started watching your videos when you guys went on hiatus. The last time I think you guys talked about it was on the pick of the week podcast a couple weeks ago. If you guys can’t do the show is there anyone else who can take over?

  45. It feels like forever since you guys went on break. An ETA on when we could expect you back would be great.

  46. They will be back soon enough guys be patient. But if you need Comic Book TV check out A Comic Book Look on youtube.

  47. Hm… it’s been over six months since the new website launched, and you guys still haven’t re-launched a mobile version. Now it’s been a few months since you guys went on “hiatus”, and still no new video shows. I’m just glad I never spent any money on a membership. I appreciate the free content, when you guys get around to it. If I have to root for one option over the other, could you please try to get a mobile version of the site back sometime in the next, I don’t know, year or so? Thanks

    P.S. Sorry to be so negative, but I used to think very highly of the quality of your mobile website and the quality of your timely content, so much so that I would recommend your site to my friends all of the time. Now, I’m not sure that I’d recommend you guys any longer, and that makes me sad. I just miss the days when ifanboy seemed to care more about putting out quality in a timely manner and trying to reach more readers and fans in a variety of ways. I’m not sure if the cuts are about financial problems or about burn-out, but I hope you guys get back to your old ways soon.

  48. A hiatus can be a good thing. I like the word “recharge”. Been there. See ya soon guys.

  49. Alreet Chaps. Are we getting any more video shows? Will we be getting a book of the year video podcast?

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