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DON’T MISS: Wolverine #305 with Cullen Bunn

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Running Time: 00:14:00

Cullen Bunn drops by to talk about his new run on Wolverine. Marvel’s favorite mutant has been through a lot, but Cullen plans to up the ante on Logan and anyone around him. Teamed with artist Paul Pelletier, this jumping on point is a perfect stand alone place to get reacquainted with one of Marvel’s busiest characters. Mixing horror with other genres is nothing new for Cullen Bunn, and now he’s bringing a cringe worthy tale that you don’t want to miss in Wolverine #305.

Wolverine #305
Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Paul Pelletier, David Meikis
Marvel Comics

Horror Hayride
Webb Wilder


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  1. I like Cullen. I like Pelletier. And I like Wolverine. No brainer. Must pick up.

    • I like Bunn. I love Pelletier, and seeing that he is being inked by Dave Meikis and not Danny Miki, I am seriously considering picking this up.

  2. This issue was very good. Made me wish that Loeb and Bianchi Sabertooth arc wasn’t coming down the pipe. Excited for Dr. Rot’s return!

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