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DON’T MISS: Iron Man 2.0 #1 with Nick Spencer

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Running Time: 00:16:02

Jim Rhodes is back and Nick Spencer is the one writing him. The further adventures of War Machine take place in the pages of Iron Man 2.0 #1, and Rhodey is very different than his friend Tony Stark. It's another side of the Iron Man story, and a man who exists in a very different way than the galavanting wealthy playboy we know as Tony Stark. With art by Barry Kitson and others, it certainly sounds like it could be a very thought provoking exploration of the way governments and militaries work in the Marvel Universe. Take a listen, and Don't Miss Iron Man 2.0 #1.

Iron Man 2.0 #1

Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Barry Kitson
40 pages/$3.99

Know Your Enemy
Rage Against the Machine


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  1. great interview josh and kudos for working in rage against the machine 

  2. nick sounds tired.

  3. He is doing 20 titles

  4. Hadn’t read any Spencer, except for the Jimmy Olsen backups.  Got Morning Glories’ first trade to test ‘im out.  Was very confused, even though it was cool, till I hit around issue 4 or 5 and reached an “I’m fucking in” moment.  Now I wished I jumped in on Infinite Vaction, but looks like I’ll have to trade wait it.  Here on out, I’m in.

  5. @rotttenjorge I see his name attached to everything. guy must have clones share the workload.

  6. Uhhhhhh…. thats all i could hear

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