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DON’T MISS: Chaos War #1 with Fred Van Lente

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Fan favorite, the Incredible Hercules is back, and this time he's a super-god and rallying the entire Marvel Universe of heroes against an impossible foe in Chaos War #1.  Writer Fred Van Lente joins us to discuss this mega event that he's co-written with Greg Pak, with art by Khoi Pham and tells you what you need to know to pick this up.  Luckily, you don't need to know much as this first issue lays out the stakes and the story for you, so it's the perfect jumping on point if you're looking for a big action packed super hero adventure!

Running Time: 18:02

Imaginary War


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  1. Yay for old man punk instead i-pod commercial pop.  Lovin’ the Social D, Cap’n Jazz, and Jawbreaker.  I find that the Don’t Miss podcasts have the best music.  Is that because Ron listens to better music than the rest of the iFanboy crew?  

    Been followin’ Herc and Cho since World War Hulk and I can’t wait for this.  I’ve gotten to the point with Van Lente that I just grab anything he is writing.

  2. Been reading this from day one. and i’m a big fan. This better not end here.

  3. Nice interview, Ron.  I was just going to ignore Chaos War, but the interview really grooved with me. (Did I just say "grooved"?)

    You and Fred might have actually made a sale. We’ll find out for sure this Wednesday.

  4. The FVL & Pak duo have been killing with Hercules and Amadeus Cho stories. Already onboard for this. Agents of Atlas included in this mini? I’m even more excited.

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