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DON’T MISS: Batman: Incorporated #6 with Chris Burnham

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Running Time: 00:12:53

"More Reasons Why Batman: Incorporated #6 is a DON'T MISS!"

By Chris Burnham (age 33)

• It's a basically stand-alone story that also serves as a sort of prologue to the next arc of Batman: Incorporated If you stopped reading the book after the first couple of issues, or even if you're coming in fresh, you should be totally fine. Brief primer: Leviathan is the bad guy. Batman is recruiting a team of international Batmen and Batwomen to fight him. The public thinks that Bruce Wayne has been funding Batman for years but doesn't know that he IS Batman. Now you're up to speed!

• Fans of Red Robin will be kicking themselves for months if they miss this issue. And even people that aren't jazzed about him yet will be excited to see what's next for Tim.

• You want detailed backgrounds? You got 'em!

• Colorist Nathan Fairbairn knocked it out of the park. Take note, Photoshoppers, this is how it's done!

Batman: Incorporated #6
Story by Grant Morrison
Art by Chris Burnham

$2.99 – DC Comics

Ray LaMontagne



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  1. I didn’t even understand what happened last issue.  I wish Wikipedia was more helpful, but they only had the intel on the first two issues last time I checked…

  2. Burnham should’ve been the artist from issue one. I’m really starting to love his artwork and I’m glad to see he’s doing this issue.

  3. Love J.H. Williams cover of #4 I believe it was and wish Batwoman would drop already, Elegy is a good book.

  4. @robbydzwonar  I also don’t really understand what has been happening in this book but the Burnham art has me sticking around for a couple of more issues.

  5. Great interview, Conor. Really insightful to hear how the creative process goes, with Morrison waiting to fill in some of the dialogue only after the art’s done.

    And I don’t think Inc’s any more complicated than any other of Morrison’s Batman stuff. At this point readers should realize that there’s almost more going on than what appears on the surface. You just have to take your time and pay attention. If you just concentrate on the surface-level fighting, you miss out. You have to use your brain and Morrison rewards you for doing so, simple as that.

  6. Oh don’t worry–I won’t miss this! Burnham’s art is an instant-sell to me after only one issue. That can’t be said of very many artists on anything. Of course, Morrison doesn’t hurt either…

  7. Burnham is a perfect fit for this book, and like others I agree he should’ve been the artist from the beginning of this series, probably wouldn’t have lost some readers after a few issues like me then came back. Love the J.H. Williams cover on the 4th issue I believe it is.

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