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DON’T MISS: Amazing Spider-Man #642 with Mark Waid

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Amazing Spider-Man #642Following up after the recent One Moment In Time story arc, Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta return as the creative team behind Amazing Spider-Man #642, the first issue of the next story arc called Origin of the Species.  This past year we've seen Spider-Man's classic rogues in some shape or form, be it returning of old characters or christening new holders of the various villain titles. Now that Menace is about to have Osborn's baby, every Spider-Man rogue is out to get their hands on that baby, and make it a very stressful day for our hero in red and blue.  We talk to Mark Waid about writing so many villains and why it's so much fun to write Spider-Man.

Running time: 15:48

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  1. He does do a fantastic job on writing Spidey.  Looking forward to reading this!

  2. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Seeing the villains thwarted frenetically could be mad funny.

    P.S. The cover above links to a blow-up of a different comic book. 

  3. Was going to stop after the Grim Hunt hardcover, but I’m going to have to buy this as well.

  4. Awesome interview, Ron. I could listen to Mark Waid talk about comics all day. Whatever happened to that podcast of his?

  5. (Hey Josh, when you click on the image above you get a larger version of The Darkness, not Amazing Spider-Man. Just thought I would let you know.)

  6. (I mean, Ron, not Josh.)

  7. When was the last time Tombstone was in Amazing Spider-Man?

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