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Booksplode #6 – Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.

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Josh Flanagan, Jim Mroczkowski, and Ryan Haupt gather to officially discuss Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen’s short lived, but brilliant series, Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.. With a few years between the release of the material, the discussion plumbs the absolute depths of what the series has to offer, from wacky fun, an actual-if-not-hidden reverence for Marvel Comics, and some of the best artwork to ever be captured on a comic book page. It was a complete package from cover to recap to letter page. And it was not long for the world of publishing, with only 12 issues released, and the vaguest tease of future stories, we got what we got, and that was something special that you weren’t going to see anywhere else.

Running Time: 00:49:43

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  1. I think Boom-Boom was in New Mutants and X-Force.

  2. *gasps* You’re reviewing Nextwave?

    Oh my god, Oh my god. I need to be prepaired for this!!

  3. Dudes, this is one of my favorite books.  I love this series.  I’m really excited to hear the in-depth analysis.

  4. I remember some X book where Boom-Boom is listing off teams she’s been a part of, and after saying Nextwave, Beast asks "Who?"

  5. HA! Fear my robot head

  6. Good book but overrated.

  7. Can you hear me sighing from here?

  8. As a proud owner of the Nextwave hardcovers, I am psyched that this is getting some love.

  9. And Boom Boom and Elsa Bloodstone appeared in Marvel Heartbreakers, and Bloodstone appeared (solo?) in one of the recent Assistant Sized Spectaculars (I think).

  10. @ActualButt: She’s also in the most recent Punisher issue.

    All of the cast has been around, but never together. Machine Man, I think anyways, has had the most exposure since the book ended. No sign of The Captain though. 

  11. I love this book and am so glad to have it spotlighted like this.

  12. Just seeing that this was Booksploded finally made me check it out from my library. It continues to suck to be you, books I actually own!

    I’m looking forward to reading the book and then listening to you three talk about it soon. 

  13. Love this series! 

    I own one of those Mindless Ones pages from it. Loooove it.

  14. YOU are the ones who are mindless!

  15. @DC – I think that may have been one of the X-Men: Manifest Destiny issues.

  16. Elsa made her first appearance in the Bloodstone miniseries (PLUG: I actually did a mock review on my little blog here: http://fanboyunlimited.blogspot.com/2010/09/long-box-10-bloodstone.html sorry, lol)

    Nextwave was an awesome series, it didn’t get the attention it deserved and it’s yet another series that Marvel said we’d be getting more of then just walked away from it…like Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy…

  17. I cannot say how awesome I thought this was!  You guys said it all, but I LOVED THIS SERIES! One of my favorites of all time. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I think I am going to go fall in love with it all over again.

  18. This is one I’ve been meaning to get to every week for 4 years now, I think. . .thanks for Booksploding it, you might actually inspire me!  Anyway, I look forward to hearing this.

  19. I forgot to ask this on the show but did the very term "[Blank]Splode" come from this book?

  20. I think the term came about because we named the interview podcast "Talksplode" which is Josh’s term for Blackbolt’s mutant ability. And Booksplode just came out of that. ‘splode branding.

  21. I’ve read it, but this makes me want to pick up the trade.

    Nextwave is making it into the next Heroclix expansion, too, which is pretty crazy.

  22. @Haupt @Paul The term actually originated from Jimski.

  23. The "’splode" meme first surfaced at the Warren Ellis Forum.  So, it might be Warren Ellis, but it pre-dates Nextwave.

  24. Loved the Nextwave choice. Listening to this totally makes me want to reread it soon.

    Oh and regarding Boom-Boom, she showed up in X-Force (Kyle & Yost run) as a side character during the Leper Queen arc. She actually played a major role in that arc, but I won’t spoil how exactly.

  25. I read the ‘Ultimate Collection’ trade this afternoon, loved it, then listened to your podcast directly afterwards. It was a great read. Thanks for recommending it. Without this prodding, I know that I would have missed it.

    Reading NEXTWAVE reminded me a lot of Grant Morrison’s run on DOOM PATROL. I’m not sure if this was a direct reference, but while Number None was a somewhat major villain in NEXTWAVE’s final arc, a similarly named Mr. Nobody was a reoccurring villain on Morrison’s PATROL. However, Morrison played his comic much less for laughs than Ellis did his. There may have been weird stuff like a villain named The Quiz who had every power you haven’t though of and Danny the Street, a sentient transvestite street, but it had an emotional center that NEXTWAVE didn’t have. We saw these insane things through Robotman’s eyes, who kept the series grounded.

    Anyway, if you dug NEXTWAVE, give DOOM PATROL a try. The art is no where near as beautiful as Immonen’s. It’s actually fairly similar to the art of ANIMAL MAN. It’s solid storytelling but nothing that’ll knock your socks off.

  26. This series was Mullholland Drive.




  27. If you don’t mind me asking, I know conor had this in a HUGH stack of trades in an article he wrote. Just curious if he read it and wondered what he thought of it.

  28. Of course I mean his stack of HUGH Grant movies…..

    Or the word Huge. Take your pick.

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