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Booksplode #11 – Paul Pope’s Batman Year 100 with Special Guest Scott Snyder

Show Notes

The year is 2039 and the fabled Batman has emerged from the shadows of history. Let loose the dogs, because things are about to Booksplode.

BatmanYear100Special guest Scott Snyder (Batman, The Wake, Superman Unchained) joins Paul Montgomery to discuss Paul Pope’s criminally under-appreciated Batman: Year 100. Here, the man beneath the cowl is both mythic and utterly human, an enigmatic soul dedicated to a safeguarding tomorrow’s Gotham. Why does Snyder rank the work as of his top five favorite Batman stories? How does it continue to influence his own work? All that and heaps more Batman.

Total Running Time: 00:46:16

“This Time Tomorrow”
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  1. Scott’s assessment was absolutely true in my case: the art (in particular the cover of issue 1) always gave me pause and made me think that it might be a “difficult” and “abstract” story. I picked up the back-issues specifically because of the booksplode announcement, so thanks Scott and Paul for giving me a reason to finally give this a read. I was pleasantly surprised at how engrossing the story was.

    And now I’m really looking forward to Scott’s upcoming “future of Gotham” tale!

    Conor, did you have a chance to read Year 100 as well?

    • I did. I really enjoyed it. It’s a fun and interesting take on the mythos and the character that is still very familiar. I especially loved Pope’s take on Robin.

      I’m bummed that I missed the show.

  2. Should give me something to read come next Wednesday. I’ll be saving this one in the hopper for when I finish.

  3. This was a great podcast! I like the discussion of Batman as a mythology, and this book highlights that discussion perfectly. Thanks to both of you!

  4. It’s been so long since I’ve read Year 100. I remember reading it when I used to work at Borders(*+-) and not liking the art. Of course I didn’t know a thing about Paul Pope and seeing his art style for the first time just left me confused. I was used to Breyfogle, Timm, or even Jones’s take on Batman so Pope’s style is radically different from them. Now I’m a big fan of Paul Pope so I should give it a shot again.

    Really fun podcast with Paul and Scott! We should see these two do more together.

    *This was when a store called Borders existed
    +This was also when you could buy books at a store
    -This was also a time when print books were around

  5. PAUL Pope is a talent, I canĀ“t wait for Battling Boy. Batman year 100 was incredible art

    For a future episodes I recomend a talk about ‘Rusty and Big Boy(dark horse)’ (Geof Darrow and Frank Miller )It is great fun But for me there are pages that remember me that orientai Woody Allen film where he only added de dialogues.

  6. Scott Snyder… how do you still have time to do podcasts, write stories and attend Cons?

  7. I like Paul Pope doing just about anything. Since I haven’t read Batman 100 yet, though have the paperback graphic novel, I’ll have to listen to this later. Yes, I want Battling Boy too.

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