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Bendis Tapes Part 1 & G4’s Blair Butler and Kevin Mellon

Show Notes

In part 1 of the latest Bendis Tapes we go over Brian’s summer vacation. You’ll hear about the Powers TV pilot shoot in Chicago, and his adventures in the Windy City. Then we get behind the scenes details of the developments in Ultimate Spider-Man. Brian tells us what led to the creation of Miles Morales and the controversies that followed. You’ll get Bendis’ rebuttals to claims made by right wing pundits like Matt Drudge and Glen Beck. We also get details on what’s coming up in the pages of Bendis’s Avengers titles, from working with Neal Adams and the return of Gabriel Del Otto, to Daredevil joining the team.

Then, G4’s Fresh Ink comics reviewer Blair Butler has joined the ranks of comic book writers with Heart, a new Image mini-series co-created by artist Kevin Mellon. The two join me to talk about this MMA comic, the inspiration behind it, and the challenge of capturing the fastest growing action sport in comic book form. We also discuss the current news and trends in the comic book market.

Time Code
Bendis Tapes Part 1 – 00:00-1:18:55
Blair Butler & Kevin Mellon – 1:19:00 to 2:23:11


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  2. What a disapointment. I guess only the “artist” and guests are allowed to whine about politics.

    You are showing your temper John.

  3. what makes you think I removed your comments ?

  4. Great show. I need the front page blurbs to remind me of them though.

    I appreciate Bendis sayin’ Pete ain’t never coming back. Also liked your woman voice “I don’t like him black and gay!” Hilarious.

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