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A Taste of Comics #2 – Los Angeles

Show Notes

In the second episode of A Taste of Comics, Russ Cundiff (Divide Pictures), C.B. Cebulski (Marvel Comics), Filip Sablik (Top Cow), and iFanboy’s own Ron Richards look back on the meals of the San Diego Comic-Con, as well as discuss C.B.’s recent trip to Los Angeles, where he dined like a king — including an epic meal at The Foundry with Filip and Russ and Providence. They also discuss some great places in LA to eat, running from expensive and fancy to cheap and good (like taco trucks!) and the secret of dining in LA: breakfast! In addition to all the great food, the guys talk about what comics they’ve been digging recently including Uncanny X-Men, The Unwritten and more!

Running Time: 00:48:34

“California Girls”
Magnetic Fields


Filip, C.B., and Russ outside The Foundry in LA



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  1. I really enjoyed the first episode and look forward to listen to this one (and then eating a giant meal to sate my hunger).

  2. Don’t ask me why, but you talking about Uncanny X-Men makes me laugh for some reason.

    Loved the first podcast and I’ll listen to this one with eager anticipation.

  3. it was actually C.B. who brought up Uncanny 🙂

  4. @ron: *gaps* No!

  5. Good thing I ate before I started listening

  6. Oh hey this special edition podcast isn’t on the "audio podcasts" page. Took a minute to find it.

  7. Okay so I just realized something and I’ll post it here for those of you also using a zune: 

    For those using a zune, you have to enter a new query search for "taste of comics" in the search box and it’ll show up as it’s own seperate result, note you have to subscribe to it EVEN THOUGH you subscribe to iFANBOY POTW. If you do this you should be fine.

  8. Tito’s is pretty fantastic, but my favorite taco in the LA area is tacos por favor

  9. Also, right Bay cities is amazing for sandwiches, Maxwells for breakfast, and for an expensive breakfast,  Axe is amazing.  Fantastic pancakes.  

  10. Next time you’re in LA, Ron:

     Sushi Ike on Hollywood and Franklin(?). It’s in a strip mall. Hands down best sushi in LA. Just sit at the bar and let them serve you whatever. 

    Real Food Daily if yer feelin’ all vegetarian-y (get the Buddha Belly, out of this world delicious)

    And speaking of Buddha Belly, hit up the Buddha Belly for great Thai Food. 

    Cap it all off at the Cafe 101 for the Ultimate brownie.



  12. @cyberauron: Click on the iTunes link.

  13. @chrisalbrecht  Hey, I work at the comic shop right across the street from real food daily.

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