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2015 All Media Year End Roundup

Show Notes

It’s the tenth annual iFanboy All-Media Year End Round-Up! Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Ron Richards discuss some of what they enjoyed in media in 2015. Movies, television, podcasts, books, music, games, and comics–it’s all here!

Running Time: 03:01:00

00:02:02 – Inside Out
00:05:39 – The Martian
00:09:48 – Ex Machina
00:12:47 – Creed
00:18:32 – Mad Max: Fury Road
00:22:10 – Spotlight
00:29:15 – Trumbo
00:31:43 – Amy
00:36:05 – Steve Jobs
00:43:00 – The Walk
00:45:49 – Love and Mercy
00:50:34 – Bridge of Spies
00:53:53 – Anomalisa
00:56:51 – San Andreas
00:59:57 – Dope

Television:Mr Robot
01:05:30 – The Affair
01:08:02 – Fargo
01:14:31 – Mr. Robot
01:20:04 – Empire
01:22:57 – Show Me a Hero
01:28:48 – Silicon Valley
01:33:01 – The Jinx
01:35:48 – Mad Men
01:40:13 – Manhattan
01:42:49 – The Grinder
01:45:04 – Better Call Saul
01:47:16 – The Flash
01:50:01 – Supergirl
01:51:25 – The Daily Show / The Nightly Show
01:56:23 – Wet Hot American Summer

Games:Heroes of the Storm
02:02:42 – Star Wars: Battlefront
02:04:55 – Boom Beach
02:06:25 – Heroes of the Storm
02:10:25 – KISS Pinball
02:12:55 – Game of Thrones Pinball

02:14:48 – Worriers
02:16:00 – Spraynard
02:16:23 – Dead Heavens
02:18:15 – Beach Slang
02:19:04 – Drive Like Jehu

02:19:45 – “Seveneves” by Neal StephensonSeveneves
02:24:55 – “NYCHC: New York Hardcore 1980-1990” by Tony Rettman
02:28:06 – “In the Garden of Beasts” by Erik Larsen
02:29:41 – “Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink” by Elvis Costello
02:30:51 – The Expanse Series by James S.A. Corey
02:34:44 – “Live From New York: The Complete, Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live as Told by Its Stars, Writers, and Guests (Newly Updated and Expanded for SNL’s 40th Season)” by James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales

02:36:26 – WTF with Marc Maron
02:40:08 – Kreative Kontrol
02:41:09 – Turned Out a Punk
02:42:36 – Coast 2 Coast Pinball
02:43:33 – Roderick on the Line
02:43:45 – Retro Disney World

02:43:58 – AirboyAirboy_1
02:44:43 – Star Wars
02:45:23 – Minimum Wage
02:46:04 – Batgirl
02:46:31 – Southern Bastards
02:47:24 – Rebels
02:48:05 – The Fade Out
02:48:46 – The Twilight Children
02:49:19 – 1872
02:49:59 – Astro City
02:50:53 – The Wicked + The Divine
02:51:57 – Prez
02:52:33 – Ms. Marvel
02:53:20 – Black Science
02:54:55 – Our Expanding Universe

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  1. I’m a few years older than you guys and remember playing the first KISS pinball machine in high school up in Berkeley at Silver Ball on Durant avenue. I agree with Ron in that it was a GREAT machine to play, I haven’t had an opportunity to play the new one yet but I will give it a whirl next time I’m in the Bay Area. And it’s “Shout It Out Loud” not “Shout It Out”..:-)

  2. Even though a lot of the movies were great nothing really absolutely blew me away.

    But TV shows? Another amazing year.

    20. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    19. Silicon Valley
    18. Orange is the New Black
    17. Louie
    16. Ray Donovan
    15. Daredevil
    14. The Flash
    13. Master of None
    12. Rectify
    11. Game of Thrones
    10. The Americans
    9. South Park
    8. Narcos
    7. Fargo
    6. Hannibal
    5. Better Call Saul
    4. Mr Robot
    3. Parks and Recreation
    2. Nathan For You
    1. The Leftovers

  3. Really enjoying this, guys.

    In terms of there being no great comedies though, I don’t understand how anyone who enjoy Parks and Rec and the Office don’t also love Brooklyn Nne-Nine. Easily the funniest show on TV.

    • I enjoy BROOKLYN 9-9.

    • Good to hear, Conor!

      And while we’re on that portion of the show, I highly recommend checking out the Late Show with Stephen Colbert because, at its best, it’s pretty much the Colbert Report: The Extended Edition. I’m liking Trevor Noah (and the show is obviously now way bigger here in South Africa since Trevor took over) and I never quite got into the Nightly Show, but the Late Show has kept Colbert at the top of the heap – even as he has gone relatively “mainstream”.

    • I watched THE LATE SHOW for the first couple of months and then fell off. Partially it’s because an hour a day was too much too keep up with but also because the strongest part of THE COLBERT REPORT — the interviews — was the weakest part of THE LATE SHOW (the excellent Joe Biden interview aside).

      I don’t know that Colbert has found his identity as a performer yet and I don’t know that they have found that show yet. Hell, it took Conan O’Brien and his staff a full year to figure his show out when he took over for Letterman.

  4. Pinball-Pinball-Pinball-Pinball- punk rock- Pinball.

  5. I don’t know how ya’ll do what you do, or how you cover what you cover. I can never listen, read, watch, hear, half of that. What gives??

    TV-wise, I can’t understand how anyone over the age of 18 would enjoy the Flash TV series. The casting is ridiculous–it hardly has anyone over the age of 40 in it, and the regular characters are around the age of 20-ish. What next a Power Pack TV show? But knock yourselves out. For that type thing I think Alias does it well or better than anything over network TV.

    Fargo was awesome though, among many. Mad Med ended well I thought, and Better Call Saul got off to a good start.

    Movie-wise I’m still playing catch up, but I’ll go with these:

    Mad Max: Fury Road
    Scientology: Going Clear
    Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation
    Star Wars
    Best of Enemies
    Bridge of Spies
    Still need to see a bunch.

    • “I can’t understand how anyone over the age of 18 would enjoy the Flash TV series. The casting is ridiculous–it hardly has anyone over the age of 40 in it, and the regular characters are around the age of 20-ish.”

      You have to be the same age — or younger — as the characters you’re watching(/reading/etc.) in order to enjoy a story?

      “What next a Power Pack TV show?”

      If it’s well done, sure, why not?

    • Keep in mind about the Flash (and Arrow) that it’s a CW show – the network knows its demographic and execs are going to cater to it. Also, younger actors gives the show legs; there’s more likelihood that it can be on for a while if the guy playing the Flash is in his 20’s rather than his 40’s. And, let’s be honest, one of the best things about that show is the father-child relationships, whether it’s of the biological nature (Joe and Iris, Barry and his dad), or of the adopted kind (Joe and Barry, Wells and Kaitlyn/Sisko, even Professor Stein is a father-figure). That only works with mostly younger actors.

      Also, a Power Pack show would be awesome, but not necessarily as a prime-time show. A cartoon would be better. Honestly, it would fit well on a channel like Disney Junior, giving Disney another place to showcase the Marvel Universe but in a way that gets to young kids. Also, as a cartoon, I think they can still use the Fantastic Four, so they could have Franklin and his sister show up every once in a while.

    • I enjoy the Flash tv show quite a bit. A strong criticism of it is the CW highschool style mellowdrama it someitmes slips into.
      I think it does help to be a teenager in order to tolerate that, and a bratty one at that.
      I get that is part of their demo for CW and I actually appluad the shows creators for not indulging in it as much as some other shows on the network, but I think his is maybe where BC1 is coming from. I don’t htink it’s the age of the actors but heir emotional level in scenes like that. It can be cringeworthy. An example would be pretty much Any scene with Iris in it. But she’s probably a hit with 14 yr old girls.

    • @BC1: “Also, younger actors gives the show legs; there’s more likelihood that it can be on for a while if the guy playing the Flash is in his 20′s rather than his 40′s.”

      Not to mention that that’s how old Barry Allen is *in the comics*. These characters that we read every week are in their 20s (and some in their 30s; hardly any are in their 40s or older).

    • @ The Flash–that’s all well and good, and like I said if it’s your thing or the CW programming is your thing that’s good too. Not everything has to be geared for an adult or mature mentality–you can make a show for teens or younger adults. It’s just not for me. Plus not everybody that watches TV reads the comics from where they comes from. I don’t read The Flash either.

      I just think from a believe-ability angle not having some older people in it is unbelievable (to me). Look at Christian Bale or the newer Ben Afflick in Batman, they are in their 40’s. Is Batman that old in comics? Who knows? But they also had cameos by Alfred (Michael Caine) and Morgan Freeman.

    • @skulldave: “Look at Christian Bale…they are in their 40′s”

      He was 31 in BATMAN BEGINS (29 when he was cast), 34 in THE DARK KNIGHT, and 38 in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

    • @skulldave

      ” But they also had cameos by Alfred (Michael Caine) and Morgan Freeman.”

      What are you even talking about?

      Flash series regulars season 1 current ages:

      Grant Gustin (The Flash) – Age 25
      Carlos Valdez (Cisco Ramon) – Age 26
      Candice Patton (Iris Allen) – Age 27
      Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow) – Age 28
      Rick Cosnett (Eddie Thawn) – Age 32
      Jesse L. Martin (Joe West) – Age 46
      Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Welles) – Age 52

      Not to mention the guest appearances and reoccurring characters played by Clancy Brown, John Wesley Shipp, Victor Garber, Stephen Ammel, David Ramsey, Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Matt Letscher and 64 YEAR OLD MARK HAMILL. I’m doing the math here and the average age of actors on this show is closer to 40 than it is 20.

      If you are going to hate on something, I’d hope you at least have an argument that makes sense.

    • Now that I think of it Victor Garber (66) had a whole mini arc where he was getting sick due to his powers and they just thought he was having symptoms of aging.

  6. The comments about “The Jinx” are very interesting, in the wake of Netflix releasing the crime documentary series “Making a Murderer”, which has actually generated a lot of critical buzz, as well as lathering up the masses to draw up petitions to have the featured cases re-examined, etc, etc.

    Of course, I think the brief Jinx talk touched on a bunch of different little points that maybe don’t contradict the MAM event, but I do think it serves as a decent counterpoint to this discussion. It’s a great series, in any case, and I’d recommend it to anyone who found “The Jinx” compelling.

    • I thought the same thing. But it still has the effect of, I’d better watch this as soon as possible, so the experience isn’t ruined. And I hate the rush of having to watch everything immediately.

  7. Hey Conor,
    Not sure if you every get a chance to listen to filmweek on kpcc in LA, but the three reviewers who were on last week talked about Anomalisa (who knows–they may have been in the same screening as you).


    It’s a funny segment because two of the reviewers absolutely hated the movie–one especially hated the animation–and one really loved it (Amy Nicholson, who tends to have interesting takes on movies)–and she describes it in such a way that the other two reviewers start to question their take. Personally I’m looking forward to it–one of my favorite movies is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

    • Yes. Charles Solomon can get so grumpy about things it’s so funny to listen to him grouse. (he actually put that film on his “worst of the year” list the following week!)

      Love Film Week.

      The only sad thing is that I’ve been listening to it for so long I miss the ol days like nine years ago, when the reviews took up the entire hour (you had Andy Klein talking about revival showings at LACMA for like 15 minutes) then the second hour was the horrible listener call in discussions.

      Larry Mantle is such a classy professional host.

      support kpcc!

      or just watch it die like KCET PBS
      (rip Huell Howser / Paper Dog forever!)

    • I loved that show when I was in LA.

    • I love KPCC but I’ve never heard Filmweek. My commute is only 6-10 minutes so I don’t get to hear that much of the radio on a daily basis.

    • Wow! That’s a good Angeleno lifestyle with a 10 minute commute.

      FilmWeek is on Fridays live, but I listen to it on podcast.

      unlike you i had the time:
      I commuted 9 miles from east side to west side and it’s 1 hour plus each way, everyday for 8 years.

    • I’m extremely lucky to work only a mile from where I live.

  8. Glad to hear the Grinder get some attention. None of my friends believe me when I talk about how good it is. Fred Savage is so good in it.

  9. Thanks for the music Ron!!!

  10. Thanks for a great wrap up.

    I checked out Spotlight ASAP after finishing the podcast and it was one of the best movies I have seen in at least the last 5 years. Thanks again for the great recommendation.

  11. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I see our greatest actor, Michael Stuhlbarg, will play Doctor Strange’s antagonist, Nicodemus West, in the feel-strange-movie-of-Christmas “Doctor Strange.” I only know this character because iFanboy hipped me to the Marcos Martin/Brian K. Vaughan comic book “The Oath.”

    I tried to make a list of my favorite TV shows from 2015, but it was just too long. I sure dig “House of Cards.” It really feels Fincher-y. And “Documentary Now,” “Rick and Morty,” “Nathan for You,” “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “Louie” were all really off beat and funny. I thought “Sense8” was really fearless, and I marveled at the global diversity of its cast and shooting locations.

    Happy New Year!

  12. I saw THE BIG SHORT over the break. It was excellent and depressing and hilarious and depressing.

  13. Just watched:

    The Big Short:
    Really bizarre. Would almost funny if it wasn’t so alarming. Loved the cast, especially Steve Carell.

    Wow, Bryan Cranston. And how I love the old, classic Hollywood!

    This one really got me for some reason. Beautiful and emotional.

  14. Re: UFO: Fargo: Spoiler–I read somewhere on the web that supposedly that area, similar to Nevada, Pacific Coast Highway, etc. was just a hotspot for sightings. So they stuck it in the show, but more than anything just some weirdness from the Coens. I loved it anyway.

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