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Pick of the Week #215 – Forgetless #1

Show Notes

We’re close to the end of the year and iFanboy is running on fumes. Listen in horror as Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards try to keep it together to make it through one last Pick of the Week before the holidays set in, and good thing it was a controversy free week of comics at iFanboy… oh, wait a minute… d’oh! We cover up the controversy with 14 year old pop culture references. Happy Holidays!

Running Time: 01:04:31

Pick of the Week:
00:03:03 – Ron is excited about the new creators on Forgetless #1.

00:11:53 – The best issue of the series so far, Underground #4 was a close second.
00:14:12 – Something’s not “right” about Captain America: Reborn #5 and Conor thinks it may be a mismatched pair of creators.
00:18:11 – The milestone 200th issue of X-Factor has the guys conflicted.
00:23:30 – The Last Resort #5 ended the series with a bang, and the rightful fate for Staten Island.
00:30:23 – Josh is loving the latest art direction of Ex Machina #47.
00:32:15 – Batman 80 Page Giant had some… unexpected tales in it. Alfred gets “lucky.”
00:35:04 – Mark Waid’s at it again with Incorruptible #1.
00:36:02 – Someone returns in Green Lantern Corps #30!
00:38:01 – Ron loves The Amazing Spider-Man #615 cause it’s got Sandman.

User Reviews:
00:39:06 – cubman987 is all about Power Girl #7.
00:41:53 – comicBOOKchris is way down on Dark Avengers #12.

00:45:40 – Robert wants to know if Marvel (and DC) should be making Manga.

00:48:05 – Brian from Texas wants to know why no love for Jeph Loeb?
00:51:34 – Brodie from Reno, Nevada is curious about the fate of Captain America: White and War Heroes.

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“Do They Know It’s Christmas?”
Fucked Up (featuring Andrew W.K., Bob Mould, David Cross, Ezra Koenig, GZA, Kevin Drew, Kyp Malone, Tegan & Sara & Yo La Tengo)


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  1. Sentry? Marvelman? I feel dumb for not making the connection lol.

  2. Where’s the Bryan Hitch love? HUH?

  3. Oh, and Conor. have you been totally snowed in? It’s sunny and 80 degrees Fahrenheit here, mate

  4. @edward: I prefer snow to sunny and 80 degrees, myself.

  5. @conor: i’m going to be spend christmas and new year’s at the coast… but hey, differient strokes. 

     and by the way, with the sentry thing, can you at least see that the concept or idea is good? i think it’s the execution just sucks


  6. As always, its a huge honor to have you guys feature my review! While I do find the character moments intriguing (except when they feature Marvel Boy & The Sentry) and I do get that the Dark Avengers are pretty much being set up to fail, I dont feel thats enough of an excuse to not really have any Avengers adventures featured. Despite being characters you ultimately rooted against, I feel that most incarnations of the Thunderbolts had some cool stories that werent just solo character studies, so I don’t really buy that we couldn’t have had that for Dark Avengers. I guess that’s a common hurdle to get around for most books that star villains.


    My pick was X-Factor #200, as even though this is pretty much my all time favorite book and have always stuck by it, I do agree that there has been a major shift from the original idea of this series that appealed to us all. Its good to see that PAD is making this book as great as it previously was again.


    Bob Mould rules!!

  7. well now I have to keep in mind that I can’t even read the show notes w/o reading my books first.  oh well

  8. I didn’t read any of those books! waa.

  9. Now I’m disappointed that I didn’t pick up the 80-page BATMAN GIANT comic.

    Oh, Alfred. 

  10. @ABirdseyesView – Are you saying there’s a spoiler there, because I don’t see it.


  12. Does it count as a spoiler when everyone knows it’s going to happen?


  13. I suppose not.  how soon it happens is the only mystery with the comic death.

  14. I think that this particular "death" wasn’t so much a death as it was a story beat that was inflated in importance because of the monthly format.

  15. "The monkeys are mean!" – Thank you Conor. This podcast is helping me make it through finals.

  16. I loved how when conor read the manga question and he said "Bleach?". Bleach is almost as big as naruto to manga readers.

  17. 00:32:15 – Batman 80 Page Giant had some…unexpected tales in it for Conor. Alfred gets "lucky."

    Show note spoiler of the decade.

  18. Hey, where there weird photo’s in both Cap and Dark Avengers this week?  That weirded me out…

  19. I propose a spinoff podcast discussing the advantages/disadvantages of being attacked by various groups on animals. Outstanding discussion.

    (oh and the comic stuff was good too i guess.)

  20. With all the dead lanterns, this may be the only time Ron can say Green Lantern "Corpse" and get away with it.

  21. "Two of Hearts" was by Stacy Q.

    And I’m super embarrased that I knew that without looking it up…

  22. How you feelin’ Josh?

  23. @s1lentslayer: That’s true actually; maybe they should have it called Green Lantern "Corpse" since the beginning of the event.

  24. Hell yeah! Gotta love Fucked Up’s indie all-star Do They Know its Christmas!!!

  25. Yeah, they need more 80-page giant comics. Those things were always great. Hopefully with the Batman one last week this will be a comeback trend. There’s something so satisfying about picking up a hunk of 64-100 comic pages…that you don’t mind if you look down and it says it’s $5. It’s all about giving the reader a good, hearty experience that seems like it has more than one "part" to it. Besides the story, you used to get different types of content with letters pages and "bullpen bulletin"-type pages, which you don’t really get anymore. Instead it’s like: 22 pages of one thing–one story–for $3. Fuck, I’d pay 50 cents extra JUST for a letters page. It’s a more varied experience, you know?

    I think I remember that Conor dropped X-Factor during Messiah Complex, but I still think it’s way unfair to pin X-Factor’s decline over the past three years on "too many X-overs". There was only one: three issues of Messiah Complex, which was the best X-Men crossover in like 15 years. There were no X-overs after that involving X-Factor. Granted that some people have continued to like X-Factor a ton over the past few years, but of the people who have not liked it and who have dropped it (myself included), I’ve never before heard the problem mentioned as being "too many crossovers". Instead it was an aimless amorphous status quo–the move from Mutant Town to Detroit–the departure of Rahne, and the addition of D-listers like Darwin and Longshot.

    Good to know that creators are finding ways of making Twitter-boxes in comics a less gimmicky experience. I gotta say, though, I think they should just drop trying to use that altogether. It really dates the comic. Today flickr and twitter are considered cool by some people, but if you saw myspace or friendster in a comic you’d find it really dated. Then again, I find attempts at being trendy inherently annoying.

    Good show, gents.

  26. LOL, as the end of the year approaches you guys lose it more and more throughout the podcast! Hysterical! ;D

     I get the feeling that Josh would rather make funny than talk abou the books!  But you guys have some great reviews, i just wish you would actually review some of those 20 or so books, rather than just the usuals…

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