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Pick of the Week #214 – Daytripper #1

Show Notes

Another late night recording brings another wacky show! The holidays are fast approaching and on everyone’s mind this week as each of the iFanboys reveals something about himself and it gets progressively more disturbing. Were there any penises in Josh’s Book of the Month selection? There’s only one way to find out, True Believers!

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:05 – Conor’s Pick of the Week was the surprising and moving Daytripper #1.

00:11:18 – The New Avengers Annual #3 pulls off a couple of miracles.
00:16:33 – Conor was disappointed by Phonogram: The Singles Club #6.
00:19:16 – Top Cow’s Pilot Season returned with Dext— um, Murderer #1.
00:22:24 – Paul Cornell had a big week with Black Widow: Deadly Origin #2 and Dark X-Men #1.
00:23:43 – Nation X was all about showcasing Iceman.
00:27:27 – Josh’s favorite book of the week was B.P.R.D.: War on Frogs #4.
00:29:21 – The DC offices got trashed in Adventure Comics #5 and one guy was really calm about it.
00:30:52 – Punisher MAX #2 was fucked up.
00:32:52 – Viggo Mortenson may or may not have been in The Walking Dead #68.
00:33:36 – Hearts were warmed by the DC Holiday Special 2009.

User Reviews:
00:35:48 – leonard loved Batgirl #5 (misidentified as Batgirl #4 on the show).
00:36:57 – cubman987 loved the story in The Amazing Spider-Man #614, not so much the art.

Book of the Month:
00:39:37 – Josh’s choice for December — A Kidnapped Santa Claus — is entirely penis free.

00:45:30 – Neal wants to pair up movie directors with comic book characters.

00:52:41 – December is a big holiday giveaway month for iFanboy members, this week, the winner of the FUNimation prize pack is Luke Whelan! Make sure you’re a member to be eligible for the next giveaway, a Funimation Prize Pack — if you’re not a member, become one today!

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“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”

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  1. The advertisement on the side of the page is a such hilarious failure on the part of google ads, it deserves comment.

    A financial website mentioning "trades" with a quote by a guy named "Mike Turner" who, and I’m sure this is unrelated, bears a vague and unflattering resemblance to Mark Waid (bald, round face, glasses).

    Thanks as always, gentlemen.

  2. I’m having a little trouble downloading this right now. Not to worry I’ll try again later. 

  3. wow, I think this is the first episode I’ve listened to since I started listening to Ifanboy where of all the comics discussed I only read one myself(Daytripper).

  4. I understood what Ron was trying to say about what made him laugh with Punisher MAX #2.

    The look on Fisk’s face is just hilarious in a very very grim way. Other then that, the issue was fucked up and depressing as hell.

  5. Guillermo del Toro would of made a kick ass Doctor Strange movie.

  6. Not really a director pairing but I’ve been saying how much I want to see Pixar Presents: Little Nemo In Slumberland

     Other than that I’d love to see Matthew Weiner tackle Superman

     And I think I’m gonna hve Rainn Wilson’s voie as Damien from now on

  7. Quentin Tarantino on Punisher actually sounds fucking awesome. That’s a character he could totally write and direct a movie on. It would be even sweeter if they did get permission to do an Ennis story.

    If he was alive today, I would love to see Stanley Kubrick do a Silver Surfer movie.

  8. I loved murderer, and it really made me want more, so that’s good.

  9. As a librarian and avid audiobook listener, I would say that I ‘read’ a book that I had actually listened to, as long as what I listened to was unabridged. In fact, as I tend to skim certain passages when reading, I’d say that I ‘read’ a text closer when I’m listening to it. I know that I’m misusing the word ‘read’ here, but I’ve found it to be the most appropriate when discussing the books I’ve experienced in the manner.

    Aside from all that, great podcast once again, fellas. Keep it up!

  10. as an australian, i would just like to say that Baz Luhrmann is a SUPER-HACK. he’s up there with Joel Schumaker

  11. aronovski’s gotham central would be awesome.  Make it so universe, make it so

  12. As an Australian I love Baz Luhrmann (except for Australia). Strictly Ballroom was great.

  13. Live action New Frontier movie — or just a 50s/60s period GL movie — by Steven Spielberg.

  14. As a Canadian I’m better than the rest of you.

    Wait– is this not how the game works?

  15. Way to break the mold Charles!

  16. The Dec. 30 comic from DC is Blackest Night #6. It’s listed on their web site.

  17. @devinclancy: Yep, they announced it after we recorded the show.

  18. @conor: I thought that was announced waaay back in November. Or maybe I’m just thinking of those special old school issues of comics in January.

  19. @TNC: You might be thinking of those. My retailer didn’t find out about what the issue was going to be until Saturday. Now, granted, everyone assumed that the special issue was going to be BLACKEST NIGHT and DC dropped a lot of hints that it would be, but it wasn’t officially confirmed, as far as I know, until this weekend.

  20. @TNC-I think the rumors started back then, but there was no confirmation by DC (at least that is what my LCS told me)

  21. No, they announced it forever ago. Well over a month ago.

  22. @gOofnewt: Bas Luhrman wrote ‘the sunscreen song’ do you remember tha painfull pretentious piece of rubbish? like i said – SUPER-HACK

  23. @Desaad: I’d love to see a link for that because no store I talked to had official word on it until this weekend.

  24. @edward – well, this may not make a difference, but he didn’t actually "write" it. You could say he "produced" it, I suppose…

  25. if "produced" is an euphemism for "pulled out of asre" than yes

  26. Fun stuff guys!  Great reviews, thanks again! 🙂

  27. "The afromentioned Erik Larsen"?

  28. @Conor-My shop told me on Thursday when I picked up my comics. That more or less supports your stance that they found out this weekend.

  29. @Drake: Like I said, it’s been more or less obvious that that was the book. On Wednesday my retailer said he wasn’t sure but was pretty sure, and then on Saturday he told me it was confirmed.

  30. Christopher Nolan/ Iron Fist?

  31. The more I think about it the more I want a Pitt/Clooney Green Lantern/Green Arrow movie. Pitt is even rocking green arrowesque facial hair lately.

  32. I got to this one a little late, but thanks for another great episode. . .

    And since I’ve been watching a lot of   ‘The Office’ lately, Josh’s comparison of Damian Wayne to Dwight was the greatest thing.

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