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Pick of the Week #162 – X-Men: Noir #1

Show Notes

This week, we talk about a book that either makes a lot of sense for Ron to pick, or no sense at all. Plus, we get into an Almost Famous mood. Please accept our apologies.

Running time: 00:55:46

Pick of the Week:
00:02:10 – Ron actually did go out on a limb with his Pick of the Week, X-Men: Noir #1.

00:10:46 – Secret Invasion #8 has ended the endless, and we still can’t stop complaining.
00:17:48 – The New Avengers #47 was like going back home; a wonderful wonderful home.
00:22:56 – “R.I.P.” is being cleared away the future is starting in Batman #682.
00:27:11 – X-Infernus #1 happened. It was okay. There’s a lot of explanation.
00:30:20 – Nope, Alex Ross didn’t have a thing to do with Marvels: Eye of the Camera.
00:33:00 – Huntin’ giants is a good time in Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #1.

User Reviews:
00:35:48 – jstump gives us the goods on Justice Society of America #1.
00:39:28 – cammyknoxville is down with The Immortal Iron Fist #20.

Book of the Month:
00:42:24 – Punk Rock and Trailer Parks.

“Check the Rhyme”
A Tribe Called Quest


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  1. Great stuff as always, thanks guys.

  2. @PCC – Thanks, but… you can’t possibly have listened to the show already, it’s only been out for five minutes!

  3. You know Alan Scott’s worn the armor earlier in this volume of Justice Society of America, right?  I want to say it was around 14?  It’s during that attack on the JSA headquarters.  That fight out in the streets?  We see Alan Scott in the armor with his son Obsidian.  So this isn’t the first appearance.  

  4. great into song!!!

  5. Maybe PCC got a bootleg copy of the broadcast.  It’s like Chinese Democracy.  People just got tired of waiting!

  6. And Josh is probably right about being able to pick up Hellboy with this issue, but I do think there’s a lot of carry-over from Darkness Calls (same artist too) and they do work very well together.  So, if you have a good idea of what Hellboy is all about and just want to pick up one trade in addition to Wild Hunt #1, Darkness Calls would be a good choice.  

  7. Thanks for the plugs guys!  I noticed you picked my reivew that didn’t shame everyone.

  8. @Conor– PCC is really Hiro Nakamura.

  9. Josh, that recap about the Wasp had me scratching my head too.  I didn’t realize that was what "happened" before and then in the issue itself it appeared to "happen". It seemed like a spoiler to me.

  10. I will comment as I listen:

    – Yah! Down with endless events! I say we boycott the next one! Fight the power!
    – Boo! Quit knockin’ Manhunter!
    – Good job pronouncing SWIERCZYNSKI!
    – Ha! You reviewed War Zone! Cool!
    – Ha! Retro iFanboy coming on Wednesday!
    – Oooh! New designs! 

    (that’s thirteen, thirteen unapologetic exclamation marks)

  11. mmm finally. but alas i will listen to it tomorrow after my exam

  12. Top 5 list idea: "Top ‘Why?’ Moments in Comics"

  13. You know, I love ‘Inferno’ for all the soap opera stuff that’s going on with the X-Men and X-Factor. I read past the demons as quickly as possible (though I do seem to recall sentient fire hydrants), and I’m not even sure whether I’ve read the New Mutants issues with Magik in them.  Anyway. . .I’m trying to imagine Josh as a (pre?)teen boy having that series as his first exposure to the X-Men.    I mean — lots of bondage gear, sentient fire hydrants and possibly one or two forced marriages between demons and adolescent girls?  You may be able to sue Chris Claremont for the trauma.

    Re: New Avengers, there was a problem with that cover because I would have grabbed the issue in a minute if I’d realized it was ‘Alias’-related, but I don’t regularly buy NA so I didn’t give it a second look.  Back to the store for me.

    And glad to see Swierczynski’s "Iron Fist" getting the love.  I think I also prefer it to the previous run — which was solid and deserves a lot of credit for re-establishing the character.  But this feels different, not quite like anything else I’m reading.  (Including "Cable", which was actually my pick this week, but which has been uneven.  Though it is, I’m pretty sure, the only book in which an 8-foot tall cockroach person may or may not be the President of the United States).

  14. Totally surprised by X-Men:Noir. I was not looking forward to this whole event. The ads brought back bad memories of Marvel manga and other such misguided events. But, after reading it i was more than happy with the result. I loved the twists on characters like Quicksilver as the trackstar turned rookie detective and I love the introduction of the Brotherhood. I like the use of eugenics to cover the racism parallel in the regular X-Men books. The tone, dialogue, and look of the book throughout was spot-on. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  15. Good episode, dont know what was going on the last ten seconds of the episode…but pretty good. Cant wait for this ‘retro’ 100th episode your doing this wednesday.

    If I can add on to the hatred (or at least my hatred) for ‘Biggest Waste of Time #8’….It was a big waste of time. All of the story in this could’ve been compressed into a good 3-4 issue mini-series and maybe I wouldnt have been too upset over this. Benis is a much better person and writer, and this felt nothing like anything else I’ve read by him. If this was his master plan and he thought of this storyline for years….god knows how he thought ending this series with a non-ending was a good move.

    Just so many pacing problems, so many plot holes (especially in this issue), so many confusing moments, just…..god too much to really complain here. For anyone who is new to comics, or to this site listen well: This is a series you shouldnt read as your first event. There is just too many problems with this to find something worth while in here. Events like Civil War, or even Annihilation have had better moments and better plots then Secret Invasion. If you like Michael Bay films, you’ll love Secret Invasion….if not….will then jusr forget about this. This might’ve been the easist comic I had to rank 1 on the site.

  16. I just don’t see Powers as a noir book.

  17. So Ron says hes only buying the "core" X books, but bought two X miniseries’ this week …. words < actions haha

  18. Oh Connor you’re such a sucker for Grant Morrisons Batman

     I just wish he would do a more straightforward timeline, dont get me wrong i get it all and am not confused but i could just imagine someone getting a headache if explained to them

  19. X men Noir was a fun romp i agree. and can some stop the marvel event train please? I want off!!! i would love to not roll my eyes while reading Avenger for a while. sigh but al always a fun show!

  20. @DarkKnightDetective: Maybe it’s just me but I heard a swoon gloss over Conor’s voice as he spoke of Batman 682. It was… entertaining. 🙂

  21. didn’t the Kingdom Come Alan Scott show up a few issues ago for half a second? I thought that’s where the armor came from

  22. Wait… isn’t The Kingdom graphic novel a (very shitty) sequel to Kingdom Come?

  23. @wellthatsalright – Yeah, and I didn’t buy that either.

  24. fun show guys.

  25. I am bitterly disappointed in Secret Invasion as an independent 8-part story, but I will say that I assumed everyone’s relaxed attitude towards the released prisoners on the Skrull ship was due to Reed’s fantabulous grabzabulous alien detector ray. Granted, it would have been better to see him actually use the ray, but then, it would have been better to see a lot of things, wouldn’t it?

  26. Finished the show, good as always. Also I’m glad I’m not the only one that had a problem with Tam’s Jessica Jones.

  27. Who’s idea was it to rock ATCQ? Whoever they are, they are a pimp.

  28. this is the first time i’ve had more than one book that you talked about.  I had no idea that was the blob in noir.  Good show

  29. I honestly wanna know who chose Tribe Called Quest for the song. My heart was warmed both when this episode started and the episode that started with wu-tang. just curious to see which of you is the hip hop fan cause (and i know its terrible to generalize) none of you  stand out to me as "the guy that likes hiphop. maybe josh…….?maybe……………..?

  30. We can’t call the Dark Illuminato, Dark Illuminati, that’s far too obvious. As they’re the opposites of the meaning-well Illuminati, how about the Obscurities?

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