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Pick of the Week #213 – The Mighty #11

Show Notes

A late night recording bring more wackiness and insanity as Josh Flanagan tries to talk about his Pick of the Week and Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick have a hard time maintaining their composure, while navigating the spoilers thrown at us by the publishers. Any show with Liberace references and when you hear “Two of Us,” you know you’re in for quite a ride

Running Time: 01:07:42

Pick of the Week:
00:02:28 – Josh is finally able to bestow the Pick of the Week to The Mighty #11, a book well deserving of the honor.

00:10:24 – Conor’s Pick hands down was Jonah Hex #50 and the rest of the guys are quick to agree.
00:16:09 – Siege: Cabal gives us the first taste of the big Avengers event, Josh isn’t sold on the art.
00:20:30 – Meanwhile, Dark Avengers Annual looked great but is our first taste of a spoiler.
00:23:01 – We get some more spoilers (maybe) with Blackest Night: The Flash #1, but we get some more Captain Cold, which is always good.
00:25:06 – The combination of Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott on Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1 was great (even with 5 inkers!).
00:30:52 – Surprise! Josh and Conor liked Scalped #33, but now they wonder where it goes from here.
00:32:31 – Ron was psyched to read the Empowered Special, but it left him and Conor scratching their heads.
00:34:15 – Echo #17 blew Ron’s mind, but might have been one of the best issues yet, as well as giving tons of answers.
00:35:56 – Sweet Tooth #4 was probably the best issue of this series yet as Jeff Lemire’s art got even better.
00:37:23 – How good is Bendis and David LaFuente on Ultimate Spider-Man #5? They’re amazing!
00:40:07 – Ron complains about the What If…? comics.

User Reviews:
00:40:57 – JoseRivera83 sang the praises of Superman: World of New Krypton #10.
00:42:36 – TheNextChampion is loving Kieron Gillen on Thor #604.

00:46:52 – Miro wants some comics that are about real life, any suggestions?

00:51:13 – Kevin’s got an astute observation about Magog.
00:52:40 – Ryan wants to know what Conor thinks of Superman: Birthright.

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“Snoopy’s Christmas”
The Royal Guardsmen


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  1. For all the crap you guys took for Christmas music last week, this week’s song is awesome.  It has brightened a dreary winter day.

  2. Best. Song. Ever.

  3. Haha, oh Ron. Drah boxes?

  4. Also, Josh’s Thor joke wins for subtly funny wry comment of the year.

  5. Hey Whats wrong with Dr. Who ron?


    and I agree about that whole Jeph Loeb thing.

  6. Hey, I won! I think. Unless there are 2 D B Coopers.

    Thanks guys! This is the second competition I have won in the last month or so. I am going to buy me some lottery tickets!

    Also: I already knew about that D B Cooper and he is honestly not me. And HYPOTHETICALLY if he were that ransom money would be paying for his iFanboy membership, so don’t knock it.

  7. Uh… Superman: Rebirth is Superman: Birthright, right?

    Anyway, another great show guys. It’s always fun when things go flying off the rails. And, yup, that was a great Thor joke!

  8. I’ve got a quick question for the Ifanbase. What stadium was blown up in the Siege preview? What teams were playing? Could anyone tell? If my vague understanding of NFl is correct, The NY Giants are pretty much hated, right? they could be blown up, yeah?

  9. Why does it say Mighty #5 ?

    so there’ll be a four-peat of #5 POTWs?

  10. I have a bigger problem with the recent WHAT IF…? series that have been coming out recently, and maybe this is also a problem with the older ones as well. In one issue, they try to tell an alternate story to one that took 5-8 issues to tell. Therefore, the story feels cluttered, rushed, and overall sloppy. And while I didnt look at the art for the SECRET INVASION WHAT IF…?, I know for a fact that they always put a real Z-list artist on the book, so the interiors look like real turd. The CIVIL WAR WHAT IF…? art is a prime example of this.

  11. @edward: yeah, pretty much. LOL. Also who are those ghost like figures on top of the screen of the arena and appeared in front of Volstagg? The blue and the red ones.. Thanks!

    That was huge.

  12. Birthright not rebirth

  13. If Whitey Bulger wins the next contest, I’m calling shenanigans!

  14. @edward – it was Soldier Field, in Chicago – thus supporting my anti-Chicag/anti-Around Comics stance 😉

    so it was the Bears vs. some other team.

  15. Ha ha. Suck it Bears. And i hear the Green bay packers had it coming too

  16. OMG, D.B. Cooper won the Criminal pack!

  17. OH, and i loved Jonah Hex too. Seriously, absolutely brilliant.

    However, if i could nitpick the story for one second. The house building page was meant to show time and the seasons passing, right? It also means Tallulah must have been pregnant for about 14 months because she looked  heavy before the construction even began.

    is Drawyn Cooke just such a man he fundamentally cannot understand “ladies”

  18. great show guys


  19. @Ron, Chris Samnee (along with Christos Gage on writing) has a 184-page GN coming out from Vertigo called "Area 10" in April.  The preview art looks great.

  20. The Zoom in BN: Flash is the one that Barry killed all those years ago. Somehow he is resurrected for reals after Blackest Night, or during, and goes back in time to fight Barry in Flash: Rebirth. That is why the black lantern Zoom does not talk about their recent fight, it wasn’t the same one.

  21. @drake: Yep, that’s what Josh and I said. 🙂

  22. @Ron – You’re not alone! I was a bit confused by the beginning to BN: FLASH too. I must have read it too fast, because I took away from it that Barry had killed Zoom at the end of REBIRTH as well. Rereading it just a few minutes ago, I see that I was mistaken. It’s that pesky ‘could’ve’ that I missed. All that text threw me off.

    Reading is hard. 

  23. @Conor-Ron confused everyone. I lost track of who thought what when it was all over. 🙂 

  24. I was royally dissapointed by blackest night wonder woman…

  25. It was probably the strongest single issue of the event so far. Really top notch. 

  26. also for every day books, ghost world and local.

  27. so if you’re wondering "the Road" is a heart warming story about a boy and his father camping in the americian wilderness. If you have young kids take them along, they’ll love it

  28. I had a weird Sixth Sense about being on the podcast.

    Thanks for showcasting my review guys! Of course I haven’t heard the podcast yet but still, thanks.

  29. If I couldn’t win the prize package, it’s only appropriate that it would go to a famous outlaw.  (Don’t we have a Butch Cassidy on the site, too?  Will he win the inevitable Jonah Hex prize??)

  30. haha!  great podcast guys! Esp with everyone ‘losing it’ at the end there! ;D

     Offensive, adult humor, but very fun! 🙂

  31. Forgot to mention this earlier, but great musical choice. I grew up on this album and it still makes me happy just to hear it. Nice choice!

  32. ‘Dark Avengers’ really felt like an old-school Bendis comic to me. I’m not reading ‘Ultimate Spider-Man,’ so I can’t compare, but I’m seeing a lot more that feels like what I want a Bendis book to be in New Avengers and Dark Avengers, recently, than I have for a while. Still a happy event reader, here.

    Also, I don’t know if we can say for sure that ‘Dark Avengers’ spoils ‘Who Will Wield the Shield?’  It might, but it’s possible that it represents the status quo post Reborn and going into the one-shot.  (It spoils Reborn, but the title of Reborn kind of spoils Reborn so I’m not that worked up about that.

    As for the other potentially spoiled book, I read my brother’s copy of BN:Flash and (while I was confused at first) it seems to leave the ending of the Rebirth series open.  I’m pretty sure the killing depicted was from the past (as Conor said).  What the issue does seem to indicate is that the not-a-retcon-retcon about Barry’s parents will stick, which I’d been hoping they’d undue.  I understand the impulse to give Barry a more psychological post-Crisis type origin, I just kind of wish it wasn’t "Make him more like Batman."  If you’re going to change a character’s origin, I’d like to see it be something more in keeping with the way he’s always been depicted rather than adding a new element.

    (I accidentally posted this comment on the wrong thread earlier, sorry!)

  33. I may be in the minority, but I am just not enjoying the art on Ultimate Spiderman, I feel like I’m looking at some Manga version of Marvel Adventures. The book is skewing too teen-agnst-y for me, and with prices being what they are now, this one will probably be dropped.

  34.  I believe that:

    BN Flash showed Barry NOT killing Zoom, deciding against it, which is the spoiled ending of Rebirth. BL Zoom is from when Barry killed him way back, living Zoom is the same Zoom in Rebirth, and Barry wonders if this is how Zoom is alive again, via his own rebirth. 

    Kitty is not staying at the Parker home, I think it’s just Bobby. (this continues with the "I believe", which eliminates the device of saying it w/ a colon, but it sounded like I was being unflinchingly certain, which I almost never am, except in the following case)

    Peter’s hair is ridiculous, and I Twittered LaFuente about it, citing that he looks like Cortana from Halo. He said he didn’t play Halo. I felt like an idiot. 

    I thought that the last issue of Rebirth showed how Barry was unlike Bruce. I’d cite an example, but I can’t remember specifically what made me think that, and it’s 4am and I just want to post this comment and sleep. I shall skim the last issue if I get a chance and return with something more concrete.

  35. For another normalcy comic book, was ARCHIE mentioned?


  37. I don’t think kitty lives with Peter either. I dint know why I didn’t say that on the show.

  38. @captbastard  I don’t mean to suggest that Johns isn’t making an effort to develop Barry’s character.  It’s just that giving him ‘My parents are dead!’ angst out of nowhere doesn’t seem like personality refinement or development so much as a transplant.  It’s not the biggest thing in the world, it just seems unnecessary. 

  39. Josh,

    Was that supposed to be a Scottish accent. ROFLMAO

  40. Good show, guys.

    Glad to hear Conor (and Ron, I think?) are starting to come around on Bachalo’s art. If I can make a suggestion, for me once I "got" Bachalo I was able to go back and appreciate all of his other stuff. I didn’t like his stuff on Generation X at first…but then after I loved his work on the Death mini-series I could go back and sort of track his progression as an artist and that in itself opened up a lot of new appreciation. So if you finally liked his stuff as of the Dark Avengers annual, go back and look at what he was doing on X-Men with Mike Carey a few years ago. As far as the "wtf is going on?"-panels: yes, sometimes they absolutely take away from the story, but on the other hand you can sort of appreciate them from the standpoint of how the particular skewed perspective plays into Bachalo’s progression as an artist, if that makes sense. He’s always trying to slightly revise his style.

    As for Marvel Boy, he was introduced in a 2000 mini by Morrison and JG Jones. It was rad and I think Conor would dig it.

    Debating over whether Blackest Night Wonder Woman was 5-stars?!?! C’mon, guys. I know you’ve all read things like Sandman, Watchmen, Marvels, Maus, etc etc etc. Those are 5-star books. The best issues of Bendis’s Daredevil–those are what 5-star books are. Neal Adams Batman stories with Ra’s al Ghul–that’s what 5-star material is. Not just another spin-off tie-in comic that was whipped up on the spur of the moment to maximize sales. And…I know that every comic can’t be judged on the same scale as Watchmen #6 or whatever–because in that case 90% of comics would be considered 1-star–but…c’mon. Round where I’m from, saying that Blackest Night Wonder Woman is 5-stars kind of discredits y’all. You guys didn’t even give any examples of WHY is was so great! Just sayin’. 😉

  41. @ohcaroline
    That’s what I meant, though perhaps poorly phrased (again it was late when I wrote that), that Barry has the dead parent(s) but it didn’t effect him like it did Bruce or even Hal. Perhaps it is most similar to Spider-Man’s dead parents (all three of them) whose deaths shaped him for the better (mostly Ben’s death, but I’d say that having lost his parents makes him appreciate his adopted ones all the more). We have a reason for Barry’s strong sense of justice and need to solve crimes, but it didn’t make him angsty (or rather it did until he met Iris, which is all sweet and whatnot).

    Perhaps you knew how stubborn Conor would be and how hard Ron takes it when you correct him.

    @Ron & Conor
    I hear Josh considers you unintelligent and pig-headed, respectively. Such a know-it-all, am I right? 

    (With my master plan in place, you’ll all be distracted by in-fighting while I steal the Podcastonotron! Soon I shall be king of iFanboy! King, I say! Mwahahaha!! I just hope they don’t decide to band together and fight their common enemy… Chris Neseman)

  42. @ The Bastrd – Looks like you’ll have to fight off "Edward."  He seems to be taking over the site entirely.

    I still am not a fan of the Marvel bashing on the podcast.  I’m so tired of the "I’m so tired" comments from Josh.

  43. @KickAss

    Marvel bias? You know for all of TNC’s talking out of his ass and Edward being full of shit, they at least contribute some decent commentary not just blind allegiance to a publicly owned corporation.

  44. @captbastard   I guess I can see that it’s different in that becoming a hero supposedly made Barry less angsty, instead of more.   It still seems pretty unoriginal to me, though.  You’re right that a lot of superheroes have issues about losing parent figures, but that’s exactly why, if they’re going to go to all this trouble to change Barry’s backstory, I wish it was something that felt a little different or new in some way.

  45. @KickAss – Please read miyamotofreak’s comment 10 times, then return to this post.

    "Marvel Bashing?" Where? Making a criticism of a story element is by no means bashing a whole company. Please start selecting books on quality or creative teams instead of who publishes them, then continue posting. That is all. 

  46. OK, that’s enough bagging on each other.  You can feel free to talk about our opinions. You don’t have to agree, but we’ll moderate the site. You want to go after each other, do it somewhere else please.

  47. I think Josh is suggesting a battle royal.

  48. My money is on you, Cap.

    I picked up Jonah Hex #50 and loved it. Like most people, I came for the Cooke art and plan on staying around for at least another issue. That Darwyn, he’s going places.

  49. Just got my copy of Draw Star Wars. Thanks a lot! Here’s where I have to admit that I’m a couple of episodes behind on your podcast and when I saw the package on my front door I was really confused. Thanks again!

  50. I feel like the markers really put it over the top.  Thanks for being a member, Janna!

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