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Pick of the Week #263 – Baltimore: The Plague Ships #5

Show Notes

We’ll be honest, this is a wacky one. Ron Richard’s amped up, Josh Flanagan talks endlessly, and Conor Kilpatrick’s got a cloud over his head in this week where not too many books purchased by our heroic three. Can 8 books each provide enough fodder for an entire show? YOU DECIDE!

Running Time: 00:55:26

Pick of the Week:
00:02:03 – Josh revels in the Mignola-verse with Baltimore: The Plague Ships #5

00:11:23 – He also gave Heroes for Hire #1 a shot, but it was just alright.
00:14:35 – Ron was oddly surprised by what he enjoyed in What If… Iron Man: Demon In An Armor.
00:18:52 – Another Vertigo collection, Vertigo Resurrected: Winter’s Edge #1 was enjoyed by Josh.
00:21:36 – Conor continues to rave about Irredeemable #20.
00:23:31 – The great event comes to an end with Shadowland #5 and Daredevil #512 and Ron is left scratching his head.
00:28:39 – Conor and Ron are struggling to get to the finish line with Buffy The Vampire Slayer #39.
00:30:01 – The Darkness #87 gave Josh a solid enjoyed read.
00:32:11 – Jonah Hex #62 didn’t really do it for Conor…
00:32:53 – …but She-Hulks #2 sure did.

User Reviews:
00:34:04 – DrCatclops might be poking fun with is review of Action Comics Annual #13.
00:36:56 – Zeppo raves about the latest from Jeff Lemire, Sweet Tooth #16.

00:41:31 – Pony Johnson wants to know what canceled books upset us.
00:43:44 – Justin is curious about what our favorite runs in comics were, with some conditions.

00:46:51 – Gabe wants to know what he should do with his old comics that he doesn’t want anymore. Maybe he should donate them to Comic Book Connection?

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“Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)”
Darlene Love


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  1. Gremlins!

  2. Man, miserable Conor is almost as funny as drunk Conor.

  3. best christmas song ever

  4. Wildcats 3.0…ah what could have been…

  5. Great show! Hilarious as always.

    BUT SERIOUSLY RON? You don’t think Busiek/Perez’s Avengers run is acclaimed? That’s like the premiere Avengers run that everyone always mentions. Marvel needs to omnibus that asap.

  6. Woo Hoo!  I finally get to listen to an up to date podcast after FINALLY catching up on all of my books this week and a marathon of podcast listening.  

    Incidentally I found out during an eight hour drive Wednesday that I won Conor’s Mystery Longbox! Awesome!

    Cant wait to listen when I get home.

  7. last year you guys used Death Cab’s version. Nice.

  8. There’s a reason why event comics get published: they sell. Diggle & Johnston are terrible on DD & Shadowland that’s why I jumped off that derailed train four issues into their DD run & two issues into Shadowland. You bought DD & Shadowland even though it sucks ninja Hand balls.

  9. I have to wait until wednesday to listen to this. I got Irredeemable #20 this week, but I need to wait until vol. 5 collectin up to #19 comes out next week before I read it.

  10. Baltimore has both hands 🙂

  11. @WTarkington  Details!

  12. GEEEZZ, what a sucky week.  I don’t even wanna bother listening this week…

  13. Conor, it’s not your fault.

  14. Listen to me, son.  It’s not your fault.

  15. It’s not your fault.

  16. Actually Ron, in febuary Marvel will be collecting the venom/deadpool back up into one issue for 2.99.  So you don’t need to buy all of those what ifs

  17. @RavagerWolf Really? That’s actually good to know. I didn’t pick up the Iron Man What If? (LCS didn’t have it). But I wouldn’t mind double dipping if the back-up is good. 

  18. Just to let everyone know, David Liss is writing the Black Panther: Man Without Fear comic.

    He did the ‘Daring Mystery Comic’ for Marvel when they were doing the 70th Anniversary one-shots. That was a great one shot if you get your hands on it. 

  19. Nice to see that The Darkness got a mentioned on the Podcast.

  20. I love this show, and I listen EVERY week, but what a downer episode.  I hope you appreciate the honesty.

  21. No love for Ant-Man & Wasp
  22. Yeah downer. Fun still, but downer. (aww)

  23. ANT-MAN and KingCity! GET ON THE BALL!

  24. nice podcast i read my first fantastic four book this week and loved it i think 587 is coming out what issue can i jump in from to read the end of this ff story eg 586 – 587 ?????? 

  25. I was looking right at my Gotham Central books when Josh mentioned them in the email question. Spooky!

    By the way, youse guys missed out American Vampire in the show notes. 🙂

  26. DrCatclops wins. Best review ever.

  27. As regards cancelled comics that I loved: Young Justice and Slingers were the first 2 that really hit me hard.

  28. @CaseyJustice  Awwwww…Slingers…haven’t thought about that comic in a while.

  29. Random question: Is there a way to join iFanboy without using paypal?

  30. @anthonyscribner  You can pay through paypal with a regular credit card, but that’s the best way for us to handle payments.

  31. If you have comic you don’t want connect me Ill take them.

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