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Pick of the Week #262 – Ultimate Spider-Man #150

Show Notes

This holiday season, Ron Richards, Josh Flanagan, and Conor Kilpatrick gather together to give thanks to comic books, solve the Iceman problem, and go down a Harry Potter slash fiction rabbit hole.

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:33 – An all star roster of artists helped Ron make Ultimate Spider-Man #150 the Pick of the Week.

00:11:32 – Meanwhile the clear choice for Josh and Conor was Detective Comics #871.
00:19:26 – Everyone loves J.H. Williams III on Batwoman #0.
00:21:01 – Uncanny X-Force #2 continues to be the best X-Book for non X-Fans.
00:23:54 – Savage Dragon #166 just shows that there is no predicting what Erik Larsen will do.
00:27:20 – After all the hoopla, Thor: The Mighty Avenger #6 might have been the least fun so far.
00:28:49 – Ron likes the story but can’t get past Greg Land on Uncanny X-Men #530.
00:29:27 – The Traveler #1 was the best of the Stan Lee BOOM! books.
00:30:40 – The Avengers actually showed up Avengers vs. Pet Avengers #2.
00:31:25 – A surprise artist on DMZ #59 delighted Ron.
00:31:47 – Action Comics #695 was sneaky good and very funny.

User Reviews:
00:34:09 – sakuuya liked all the Captain Atom in the future action in Justice League: Generation Lost #14.
00:36:15 – kingdomofevan says that Chaos War: Alpha Flight was great for Alpha Flight fans.

00:39:54 – Callum wants to know why Iceman is such an under developed character.
00:44:08 – John in Saskatchewan, Canada wants to organize his collection.

00:47:03 – Anonymous asks if iFanboy is excited for Abnett and Lanning’s Ghostbusters/Transformers special.
00:48:36 – Anonymous called back to say he dialed 1-800-FANBOYS instead of 1-888-FANBOYS.
00:49:35 – Chris wants a video show about Countdown.
00:52:04 – Jeff from Ohio asks if comic books are the next step for Harry Potter.

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  1. Crap. Every book I didn’t read…. ARGH!

  2. Savage Dragon’s been fantastic for so long now… that’s a book that eventually everybody will figure out it’s the "must read" book that they’ve been missing out on.

  3. Well, at least they talked about one book I read this week. And how can they say Traveler was the best of the Stan Lee books if the third didn’t come out yet.

  4. @Suicidalkangarooz: The best so far…?

  5. lolll^^

  6. My vote is Mike Carey for the Harry Potter comics and they do a crossover with Unwritten and things get weird….

  7. @cromulent

    “You know your story sounds an awful lot like mine….”-Harry

  8. Ron’s frustration about Greg Land mirrors my own…he’s not a bad artist soley for the fact that he traces. He’s a bad artist because not only do we get the feathered Cyclops feathered hair, but also characters doing Sears catalog posing and characters who all smile the same smile and grimace the same grimace.


    And despite attempting (and failing) to draw sexy women, none of his drawn women hold a candle to Jerome Opena’s gorgeous and utterly beautiful Psylocke in Uncanny X-Force. As a matter of fact, this book and X-Men Legacy is really usurping UXM as the best flagship title.

  9. First review read on the podcast! Thanks, you guys, you’re the best.

    I, for one, would be thrilled to see an Alpha Flight video show, or if not that, even just a general “Canada in comics” show. Not just because I’m Canadian, though that helps. There’s always been a fascinating debate about Canada’s national identity in superhero comics (and what constitutes a “Canadian” hero in a genre invented and sustained by Americans), and inevitably, that debate gravitates toward Alpha Flight.

    That’s why I go back to read a lot of those 80s Alpha Flight issues. To a modern Canadian audience, they’re hilarious. They play up stereotypes about Canada with such a straight face (the Alpha Flight member for the Maritimes is named Marrina. Seriously.) and for whatever reason, we absolutely love it when American pop culture does that. I’ve always been curious about why Alpha Flight was one of the longest-lasting Marvel titles set in a real place outside the United States, right up there with Excalibur. What did American audiences see in Alpha Flight that they liked? Maybe McCann’s going to stir the pot on that debate again by bringing back the old spirit of the book.

  10. That was an interesting was last few minutes.

  11. I didn’t think that my Harry Potter question would lead down such an entertaining rabbit hole. My favorite has the Slash slash fiction. Really made me laugh. Thanks!

  12. @comicBOOKchris  Sears catalogs?  You’re being far too kind, sir!


    Much as I enjoyed this week’s Bru-fest, I gotta agree with Josh and Conor.  Detective was freaking fantastic, definitely my POTW.

  13. Hmmm. It might be time to impliment a “disturbing rating” for each episode. Ron may have reached an 8 out of 10 this week.

  14. wonder how long it will take Ron to find the inevitable slash fiction that has been written about this website…

  15. Looking for photo reference is very time consuming. One wonders what the outcome would be if all that time were spent actually drawing.

  16. I though “They GOT to talk about Savage Dragon this time”. And you do. Great.

  17. If you guys are into Pichelli’s art you should check out the awesome Namora one shot Jeff Parker and her did earlier in the year. It’s got a lot of spectacular underwater seamonsters and compositions and things.



  18. Oh also for some good Iceman stories check out the X-Men: First Class thing Parker did. There’s a pretty good one of Iceman vs. a Frost Giant that is pretty awesome. They develop him a lot.

  19. Never mind Countdown, you guys should do a video show about slashfic.

  20. Damn, this was hilarious. I love the wierd stuff that always happens towards the end of these podcasts.

  21. gayest episode ever!

  22. Ok, so who’s the She & Him fan? You guys said that whoever edits the ep chooses the music, and the first time you put a song by them up I became non-threateningly obsessed.

  23. Somewhere, I’m sure, there are a group of fanfiction writers saying, “Really?  Some guys get together to babble about superheroes for an hour every week, and people actually listen to it?  That’s so weird.”

    Fandom is fandom.

  24. I’d be shocked if there hadn’t been some effort to get JK Rowling to agree to a comic book tie in.

  25. To keep the cover to Savage Dragon #166 unde w raps wasn’t just a marketing stunt. It spoils that the issue solves a dangling plotline from 14 years ago.

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