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Pick of the Week #312 – Comic Book Comics #6

Show Notes

It’s a post Thanksgiving comics extravaganza as Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards are joined by Jim Mroczkowski in the celebration of the past week’s worth of comics. It’s a podcast of amazingness as there’s very little controversy, just a good time comic bookin’ for all.

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:44 – Josh gives the nod to the educational Comic Book Comics #6.

00:15:01 – 100 pages of action and amazing art makes Fantastic Four #600 the pick for Ron.
00:21:35 – If you like art explosions, then you’ll want to check out The Unwritten #31.5.
00:24:16 – Jason Aaron delivers again with Wolverine and the X-Men #2.
00:28:40 – Jim dares to discuss The Invincible Iron Man #510 and hilarity ensues.
00:31:28 – Ron’s worship of Francis Manapul continues with The Flash #3.
00:35:07 – Man, does The Shade #2 deliver on every level!
00:36:08 – If you’re enjoying Irredeemable and not reading Incorruptible #24, then you’re missing out!
00:37:43 – Challenging expectations and surprising Jim in new ways,  I, Vampire #3 is quite enjoyable.
00:38:55 – Comic book gold in Rasl #12 with more Nikola Tesla.
00:39:25 – Michael Lark and Warren Ellis continue the streak of quality with Secret Avengers #19.
00:40:37 – Josh’s worship of Chris Samnee continues with Captain America and Bucky #624.
00:41:35 – It’s great to see Cory Walker back on Invincible #85.
00:42:01 – Josh got some hearty laughs from All-Star Western #3.

User Reviews:
00:43:05 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:44:15 – Kingdomofevan is raving about the work of Ivan Reis on Aquaman #3.
00:45:26 – Metamorphic is down on Alpha Flight #6.

00:46:38 – Paul needs Christmas shopping advice for his sister.
00:49:05 – Andrew is curious if digital can help “save” comics from cancellation?

00:53:38 – John wants to know what our favorite era of our favorite characters is?

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  1. Zooey Deschanel has the voice of an angel. one of those untalented ones though

  2. All I know about FF is the Hickman run, and I love it.

    So, what other Fantastic Four runs should I be picking up? I know this is a massive question w/600 issues and all, but I figured I’d give it a shot. . .

    • Lee-Kirby, John Byrne, ‘Ringo

    • I think Millar’s run before Hickman’s was very good too. 554-569. I remember liking Tom Defalco’s run in the late 300s early 400s. Most of Ultimate FF is very good as well. Hickman’s is one of the best ever though in my opinion.

    • John Byrne has the most acclaimed run since the original Lee/Kirby run. My personal favorite FF run is the Waid/Ringo run. Walter Simonson also had a pretty cool run (and an often overlooked one) that had a lot of high points for me.

  3. Zooey is Zooey. And poor Ben Gibbard.

  4. Judd Winick – Green Lantern. There I said.

  5. I like it when JImski or Paul are on the show.

  6. Kinda surprised that you guys didn’t recommend The New York Four and Five for Paul to buy his sister.

  7. Power girl should be included on the list of gifts for the guys sister.

  8. Good to hear someone else LOVES Hawkeye with The Thunderbolts like I do. Also a big fan of the X-Men down under as well. Gateway, Havok….good times.

  9. I know it won’t happen because Warren Ellis is a bit (a bit!?) of a crumudegeon….But somehow get him to stick to a mainstream book just this once. His run on Secret Avengers is so good, sooooo good. His issues have been some of the most fun issues I’ve been reading at Marvel for a long time.

    Make it out of continuity, make it an alternate reality, do SOMETHING! I don’t want to see Ellis, and his seemingly uncanny ability to get the best artists available, leave Secret Avengers. I know I’m in the minority on this site and I have nothing against Hardman but….Screw Remender!

  10. Avatar photo lr4life (@brettthemonster) says:

    Jesus Christ, Zooey Deschanel is the worst.

  11. Here’s what I think about Zooey Deschanel… OH WAIT! It’s a comic book discussion website.

    I hope you guys highlight the trade of Comic Book Comics when it comes out, what with it changing its title. I wouldn’t know to look out for it otherwise, and it sounds damned interesting.

    I will give another shout-out to Power Girl for that Paul guy. For good female books, it’s a must.

  12. Gotta defend my harshness on Eaglesham for Alpha Flight.

    I have LOVED his art on previous books. And it’s because of that love that I was especially hard on him for this particular issue of Alpha Flight. I just didn’t feel the same sense of action and flow I’ve felt from his previous work. The characters – particularly toward the end of the book – really reminded me of mannequins. And that’s dissapointing.

    I feel he’s a great artist – but I don’t feel this is by any stretch his best work. I rated him low because he’s better than that issue.

  13. Gotta give big props to you guys. Thanks to your glowing recommendation of “Comic Book Comics” I picked up all 6 issues and read the first one. It was fantastic. It was so packed that it took me over an hour to read, but the time went by fast and it felt like I’d just read a long meaty GN. So, once again, iFanboy says: “Read this!” and I do, and am very glad that I did. Thanks! 🙂

  14. Great show guys, Jim is always a fun addition to the lineup. The discussion about Comic Book Comics has convinced me to go pick this up digitally. Should be a really fascinating historical read.

    Also a very interesting discussion about the pre-ordering problem. I’ve never enjoyed doing it, and for the most part don’t. Even though i’m a paying customer, my purchasing habits are often called “part of the problem” by many creators and people in the industry…as if my money isn’t good enough because i didn’t hand it to you the right way. I dunno…i just don’t see it as smart business to keep blaming your customers for all of your internal problems.

    Its a 30+ yr old system that was created before the internet. It needs to evolve and adapt for the 21st century. Its not your customers fault that your system is broken.

  15. Thanks for pointing out the digital copies of Comic book comics, Sold, I have to check those out.

  16. CBC#6 was without a doubt the best comic i’ve read all year. Such a fantastic series overall.
    Jimski: do you have a link to that Erik Larson letter you mentioned on the podcast? i’d be interested in reading it

  17. Knight & Squire has a great female character AND touches on English History. Paul, THIS is the book you want

  18. Fun episode as ever. Some good suggestions for Paul’s sister, especially Dan Slott and Juan Bobillo’s She-Hulk – I’m sure a future librarian will appreciate how Jen turns to books to solve cases. OK, so they’re bound editions of Earth 616 Marvel Comics, but they’re still books …

    I must’ve missed something, I don’t remember where Zooey Deschanel came in, but she gets points for being in the saddest film ever, Bridge to Terabithia >choke<.

  19. Im glad that jim talked about the tony stark/ josh hallway thing again. Now I encourage everyone to look at the dwarf and try to not see Tommy lee jones

  20. In the pre-ordering discussion, I was very glad to hear Josh make the point that even large groups of people online pre-ordering low selling comics is may not have much of an impact. I understand why creators say to their fanbase that they must pre-order their books, because they have a chance of influencing large numbers of people to the extent it could actually matter. But I, as a long consumer, can do virtually nothing to make a difference with my own pre-ordering. Hell, even if me and 1,000 of my closest friends all pre-ordered the same books, I don’t imagine it having a ton of impact–if Marvel knew that the Victor Von Doom series were going to sell another 1,000 copies over their projections, would the prospect of another $3000 worth of sales (of which they only recoup a percentage) actually make a difference?

    At best, my pre-orders of a title like Captain Britain and MI-13 guaranteed that I would get a copy of a book that was hard to find. At worst, my pre-orders of the first 3 issues of books that I thought I was going to like but ultimately did not care for at all were a waste of $10-12.

    Now I buy digital whenever possible, basically only pre-ordering trades and the handful of titles that are not yet available same day digital. I lose out on the discounts I got from pre-ordering, but I’m more than making up for it in my ability to jump on and off of books whenever I want, now that I no longer have to fear books selling out. I understand why creators want me to pre-order, but by refusing to pretend that I have any control over whether or not my favorite books get put out, I’m saving money and only getting the stuff I truly want to read. Seems to me like the way to go, but to each their own.

    (I can now rest assured that, given the length of my comment and the fact that it’s on the thread for a week old podcast, no one will ever read this. Hooray.)

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