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Pick of the Week #309 – Fear Agent #32

Show Notes

Do you like sci-fi? How about Image Comics? If so, this is the episode for you! Also, there may be a gas leak in Conor’s apartment, Ron gives his mouth a nickname and Josh makes a stunning confession!

Running Time: 00:56:45

Pick of the Week:
00:01:18 – Josh says that Fear Agent #32 put a satisfying cap on one of iFanboy’s favorite series and thus it is the Pick of the Week!

00:10:42 – Fear Itself lives! But Fear Itself #7.1 was good. Or was it?
00:14:07 – Our Love is Real was absurdest, wacky, sci-fi fun!
00:17:23 – Everyone agrees that Stormwatch #3 was the best issue yet.
00:19:28 – Josh proclaims that The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #2 marks the series as the best new book from Image Comics.
00:20:50 – One person really liked Uncanny X-Men #1. Guess who!
00:24:24 – Ron says that New Mutants #33 is a great non-renumbered starting point.
00:27:30 – How close was Betrayal of The Planet of the Apes #1 to being the Pick of the Week? Very close.
00:30:54 – The Amazing Spider-Man #673 is on the show… for a reason Ron can’t quite remember.
00:32:00 – Is Invincible #84 the beginning of the end for Mark Grayson?
00:33:16 – Josh got suckered into buying Six Guns #1.
00:34:11 – The Last of the Greats #2 was better than issue one. There were sharks!
00:35:01 – Someone important returns in Savage Dragon #175.
00:35:57 – Was that Daken in Heart #1?
00:37:27 – Was the long wait for The Infinite Vacation #3 worth it?

User Reviews:
00:38:24 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:39:25 – RecksDeud says that Animal Man #3 has sold him on the series.
00:40:35 – RobotZombie says you must read Witch Doctor #4.

00:41:24 – Evan L. from Boston, MA asks about the current state of Vertigo.
00:46:11 – Jonathan S. from Boys Ranch, TX wants to know about the iFanboy star rating system.

00:50:33 – Tim says that Super Gods has changed the way he looks at the world. Has iFanboy read any books like that?

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  1. You know if you’re stuck on a Book of the Month idea josh, there’s that Hellboy GN that just came out this week.

    *wink wink*

  2. Um, Conor, how could Uncanny X-men 1 be inaccessible when it had a front page with character names and a map at the back?!

  3. I had the same feelings as conor towards Uncanny…just felt like i was dropped into the middle of a conversation instead of it being a fresh start.

  4. Evan L: If you don’t have them, pick up the entire current Peter Milligan run on Hellblazer.

  5. good to see Last of the Greats get a minute, i feel like Luther Strode has kind of overshadowed it.

  6. Supergods had a transformative effect on me as well.

    • I’m right in the middle of the book now. Morrison has his views, that’s great, he’s super-interesting and entertaining. I;ve never thought to myself “these are lessons I need to base my life on”

      However, it’s like Ron said with On The Road, I found Chuck Palahniuk’s novels at exactly the right age, 16-18 years old. Looking back I can see how their values and meanings are a little empty but at the time I LOVED those books. I still ask myself What Would Tyler Durden Do?

    • I found Morrison’s discussion of his self-willed transformation from alienation to the brightly-colored, charismatic figure we’ve seen in recent years quite inspiring. He writes of self-transformation not in the language of self-help books, or the guru’s pose, but of superhero comics. It makes the idea a lot easier to swallow, and much more appealing. Maybe it didn’t change the way I view the world, exactly, but it definitely gave me a lot to think about regarding who I want to be, who I can be, and how I might go about making those things happen.

      If only I’d read it ten years ago…
      p.s. a bit of related self-promotion, here’s a link to my review of Supergods on Chamberfour.com: http://chamberfour.com/2011/07/20/review-supergods/

  7. Yes! Finally some non-marvel/dc comics! Go Image!!

  8. Thanks for using my review guys.

  9. I think the 5 star rating system works well, because its easier to use than a scale from 1-10. I use to be active in a german comicforum where they used to rate with 10 points, and no one used the lower numbers. De facto a 5/10 was a very, very bad rating an the 10/10 was overused.
    You got me interested in “our love is real” (even though i will feel awkward afterwards) and the mentioning of Transmetropolitan reminded me of finally finishing this series.

  10. I was little shocked to hear that there haven’t been any comics that had changed your world view. Maus, Chicken with Plums, and Persepolis are some books that come to mind that are just as powerful as any written texts.

  11. Hellblazer will always be Vertigo’s flagship. It is the only continuing comic that predates Vetigo’s inception. So say Fables belongs in that category is nothing short of heresy.

  12. I’ve noticed that whenever you talk about Vertigo you seem to overlook my current favorite Vertigo title – The Unwritten (which I’ve been buying in issues since it came out and honestly is one of the titles that got me into buying comics weekly). Really great, creative and interesting and one book I read first on my stack in the weeks it is published.

    iZombie is another series that you don’t talk about much at all – I bought it for the first arc but gave up – though it seems to still be building.

  13. OK, third week in a row… What gives with grey box with “X” in it? I used to be able to stream direct from this page.

  14. Preacher changed the way I saw the world for a while. I still think of that series more often than a lot of others, but for a while it changed my entire perspective. Whatever that says about me as a human being, feel free to speculate.

    @Conor: I share your view on ratings (ratings). It can be based on whatever speaks to the rater (rater). Also, Reign of Fire is most definitely six stars.

  15. Hmm I think, with regards to fear agent, “guaranteed enjoyment” is maybe a bit far reaching. I never read past issue 15, the art was gorgeous but I never got into the story. Not to disparage the pick of course, but I don’t think the writing in the first half of the series is for everyone. That final sequence does sound like an awesome end though I must say!

  16. First mention of “how long someone is thinking about it.”

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