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Pick of the Week #258 – Fantastic Four #584

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick returns to the show but not even he and Josh Flanagan can convince Ron Richards to get past his irrational dislike of Superman to read a book that doesn’t even feature Superman. Confused? So were they.

Running Time: 01:02:35

Pick of the Week:
00:02:00 – Ron says that his Pick of the Week, Fantastic Four #584, is a perfect one-shot Marvel comic book.

00:11:10 – New artist Sara Pichelli brings the awesome to Ultimate Spider-Man #15.
00:16:47 – Scalped #42 broke two iFanboy hearts.
00:20:14 – Ron and Conor both agree and disagree about Captain America #611.
00:23:14 – Ron and Conor also agree and disagree about Secret Avengers #6.
00:25:39 – Incognito: Bad Influences #1 likes big butts and it cannot lie.
00:29:08 – Josh and Conor try to convince Ron to read Action Comics #894.
00:34:08 – Superman #704 made Conor miss J. Michael Straczynski.
00:36:03 – Hellblazer: City of Demons #2 proves that there are some things worse than dinner with your in-laws.
00:37:45 – Dynamo 5: Sins of the Father #5 ends another great mini-series.
00:38:15 – There was something missing from Avengers vs. Pet Avengers #1.
00:39:11 – Thunderbolts #149 was a showcase for Crossbones.

User Reviews:
00:40:50 – Evangelion11 was all about Teen Titans #88.
00:42:38 – ckl enjoyed Justice Society of America #44… with reservations.

00:45:40 – Ben from Austin, TX asks how far character loyalty goes.

Voice Mail:
00:50:14 – Jackie from Queen, NY wants to know if iFanboy still thinks that Geoff Johns can’t write Hal Jordan.
00:52:02 – Tom from Tennessee wants to know who the best comedy/satire writer in comics is.

Giveaway Winner:
00:56:22 – Congratulations, Adam LeBlanc! You win the Walking Dead Prize Pack!

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“Re: Your Brains”
Jonathan Coulton



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  1. Loving the music choice this week!

  2. The one book my store left out of my pull stack is the pick of the week.  Damn.  If I don’t get Fantastic Four 584 this week, I’m going to be mad.  Captain America and Action Comics were good this week.

  3. Nice save there Josh about the Evangelion pronouncation. I would’ve given you guys such a problem with you didn’t correct that….just kiddin.

  4. First off thanks for answering my question of character loyalty, and after hearing what yall I think I realized that I have bought 121 issues of Amazing Spider-Man for my 4 years of reading comics.

  5. No superman:earth one chat? Was it that bad?

  6. @homeboy2000: We don’t usually talk about trades on the show unless it’s the Book of the Month segment. There was a review posted earlier in the week.

  7. You guys always talk about Marvel more than DC!!  ALWAYS!!  What is with that?

  8. @robbydzwonar~  If you count the books, they have 6 DC and 7 Marvel.  Seems pretty even to me.  I would assume any publisher heavy weeks would be the result of one of the companies having a more interesting publishing week.  This week was about even.

  9. I gotta say; I don’t know if Johns really has any better handle on Jordan then he did before. I’m noticing how, even with Sinestro Corp War, Hal is really not even the focus….Right now with 7 other main characters to deal with; Hal is low on that totem pole. Which is ironic since it’s called GREEN LANTERN.

  10. did u guys ever talk about the book of the month (parker) on a podcast this month?

  11. @wangman31888: Not yet.

  12. Thanks for answering my voicemail guys.

    Josh…Queens Represent! SON!

  13. Yeah my call made it into the show!

  14. @robby–law of averages…Marvel DOES flood the market with more books so…

  15. Just catching up with my books having just got back from NYC at the weekend (first visit…would go back tomorrow!).  I didn’t think an FF book could possibly hit me that effectively, but it really did.  Mind you, Cap also caught me completely off guard with it’s awesomeness.  Great week all around.

  16. Man, even hearing you guys talk about Scalped choked me up.

  17. Doesn’t everyone like big butts?  Round things in faces are also acceptable.

  18. I agree FF was my POTW as well. I’ve been a long standing FF fan and followed this book even when the writing wasn’t as grand. Hickman has had a few bland issues but over his run so far has been good and this issue was the best FF he has done.

  19. @stuclach-I know I get sprung.

  20. @MisterJ – I wanna take a picture.

  21. the quote about the master of horror is from project greenlight when Matt Damon was telling Ben Affleck that Wes Craven thought the movie sucked!


  22. Impressive. Most impressive.

  23. so i hear people ask y theres no web comics mention…mabye some of us should start a web comics podcast!! im in if others are too!!

  24. I was kind of hoping for a Soldier Zero review, and hear the Ifanboy thoughts on it…oh well..

  25. @Xeno: SOLDIER ZERO came out two weeks ago.

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