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Pick of the Week #156 – Superman: New Krypton Special #1

Show Notes

Beam us up, Scotty!

Running Time: 00:55:25

Pick of the Week:
00:01:35 – Much to his surprise, Josh chose Superman: New Krypton Special #1 as the Pick of the Week.

00:11:42 – Batroc the Leaper! Captain America #43!
00:14:53 – You want creepy and awesome all in one? Final Crisis #4.
00:19:19 – Secret Invasion #7 made Josh giddy like a school girl.
00:23:14 – Even though he fell asleep while reading it, Josh quite enjoyed Aetheric Mechanics.
00:24:59 – Unknown Soldier #1 was very ambitious.
00:26:35 – Josh and Ron were slightly divided on Invincible #54.
00:28:50 – Fear Agent #24 was almost the Pick of the Week.
00:30:44 – So many comic book companies led to G.I. Joe #0.
00:33:49 – A whole new art style in DMZ #35 threw Ron for a loop.

User Reviews:
00:35:47 – Tork had a major problem with Daredevil #112.
00:39:00 – ericwilder really dug Echo #7.

00:41:39 – Jaime from Leeds, UK wants to know if we know too much about creators.

00:44:46 – Ben from St. Louis, MO says thanks.
00:46:47 – Matt from Madison, WI wants to know if there are any licensed property books iFanboy would enjoy.
00:48:51 – He’s back!

“Bad Reputation”
Death Cab for Cutie



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  1. Hey guys!  Thanks for playing my voicemail on the show.  And don’t worry…Kirk was very, very gentle. Although Spock made it very, very awkward.

    That noise at the end was the bell ringing for class.  That’s right.  Our school bell sounds like a tractor beam warning. 

  2. Great music choice.

  3. Hey, I got picked again!  Huzzah!

  4. how do people not like superman


  5. A comment you guys made "you know who you are–be nice" made me think, what about an ‘angry email/voice mail show’–that would be funny.

    Great show. 

  6. I know it sounds like BS, but we honestly don’t get enough of them to do a show.  And when we do, they’re largely incoherent.

  7. @Steve M What would be funny is Josh doing accented angry calls. I miss workin in an office; Nothing is more liberating than deleting an angry voicemail.

    @Ron Your reluctance to read All-Star Superman makes me think another "Tote Bag" episode is in order. 

    I think we’ve seen proof positive that FC impact will be negligible. Every book seems so far ahead of the events in FC that I can’t imagine it having a true impact.

    I wonder if Chris Kent will factor into NEW KRYPTON. OR Mon-el for that matter.

  8. Seems like I’m in the minority, but I’m really digging Daredevil.  Matt’s characterization rings true to me, and in fact I was just thinking of how well this issue echoed off of Bendis’s run — with the cops talking about the identity scandal, which hasn’t been referenced for a while.  While I agree that Bendis’ Daredevil had a lot of nobility to him, he could also be incredibly infuriating and made a lot of bad decisions.  He feels very much like the same character to me, and the interactions with Dakota feel very real and human. 

    Of course, some times I like jerks & cheaters, so take this with a grain of salt.

    Also, re: Jaime’s email about letter columns — I certainly enjoy being able to see creators on message boards and social networks (and seriously, as Josh’s very entertaining rant suggested, Twitter has really made me appreciate how long and hard some of these guys work).  But I do think there’s something to be said for letter columns being included as part of the issue.  I think it’s great that I can go back to a comic from the 70s and find out what people were writing in about then.  It’s a shame to realize that if I look at the comics I have now, in a decade, I won’t be able to have that same experience.  I don’t know if they’re getting fewer letters, or if they’ve just decided that it’s better business to use that space for more ads or promos.  But it’s definitely something I miss.

  9. @DaveCarr

    The word from DC a bit back was that DCU books are all currently taking place before Final Crisis and that after it’s done everything will catch up almost like OYL. 



  10. Alright I know I am a huge troll when it comes to Secret Invasion. I find it pointless, not worth the time of reading and money, and just overall it has been one of the most disappointing events ever written. But I admited it in my review and I’ll state it here: Issue 7 was fun. Yes that’s all it was, fun. The analogy works so perfectly but Secret Invasion is Independence Day. Screw the story, let’s just have some entertaining battles and people will be happy.

    That is basically the only reason I see people liking this. Now guys on this site or outside the INation loving this event is fine in my book. If I was alittle younger and not the huge comic critic I like to think I am today, I would probably love this entire event. But the fact of the matter is, is that I think overall in a pacing and impact wise part of this Invasion…it has fallen flat. Ron said it that this could’ve been issue 3 or 4, and I totally agree. There has been no reason why issues 1-6 had to be so stretched out like it was. If those first six were condensed into one or two issues and this was the third issue coming out: It could’ve been my POTW.

    Also, the idea that this overall Avengers run in both New Avengers and here in SI is for the fact that Hawkeye will finally be back the way he was is pissing me off. I’m sorry, that is a terrible excuse to say why this event or run by Bendis is worth the time. Hey I’m not a uber fan of Hawkeye, but I like him…but not enough to have a major event somewhat revolve around him. This whole Invasion, to me, was suppose to be yet another status quo changer. But instead, even you guys said it on the podcast, that this is just a set up for yet another event (Dark Reign) makes me want to find Bendis and gauge his eyes out. That is just sucky writing and makes me pissed off that in the grande scheme of things: This is a set up to an even bigger event.


    But yea….great podcast as always ^^:

  11. "But instead, even you guys said it on the podcast, that this is just a set up for yet another event (Dark Reign) makes me want to find Bendis and gauge his eyes out."

    Or, you could just stop reading his comics.


  12. @ohcaroline: Well other then sticking to USM (which has nothing to do with anything else he is writing right now), I am not reading any more of Bendis’s work. So no New/Dark Avengers, no big event written by him, nothing….I’m still okay with him on the Ultimate Universe but 616? Forget it.

    (makes me a hypocrite doesnt it? lol)

  13. It’s not hypocritical.  It’s sensible, if you don’t like what he’s doing or how Marvel is handling events.

    I’m about to the ‘dropping all Avengers-related titles’ point myself, which is why I brought it up.  

  14. @ohcaroline: It just seems like the sensible thing to do….for people who arent fans of the Avengers stuff right now.

    I’ll point it out again, it doesnt seem like the great Avengers team up will happen after this Invasion. Which, I know Bendis never proclaimed it would happen, but they were certainly hinting that through out this event. But with the fact that New and Mighty are still seperate (or not teaming up) and a third avengers team is in the making….It looks like this was a waste of time if you were expecting that to happen.

  15. Podcast not work in firefox (Mac os x) but work in safari.

  16. I agree, Superman hasn’t been good since the early 90’s…. which is what originally drew me into comics (superhero comics). 

    This is very exciting that Superman may once again be a compelling read.

  17. Too bad the Superman special didn’t suck, otherwise we might finally have a phrase to replace "jumping the shark":  "punching the blue whale."

  18. @TheNextChampion: Dark Reign is not another event series, it’s just a banner for the new status quo you say you wanted out of SI.

     Much like "Decimation"  or "The Initiative" banners that were used on a number of books after House of M and Civil War.

  19. I wish all the Marvel series that had a banner that said "Stands Alone."

  20. @Ultimatehoratio-hahahah, "punching the blue whale"  Priceless!!!  I will totally say that from now on, thank you for that great new catch phrase.

    So yeah, fun show guys.  Ron, as always, loves to laugh.  Half the funs I get out of this is Ron’s long laughs.  Totally adds to the enjoyment.  And I am totally with you Ron about not having an interest in Superman…until I picked up All-Star Superman.  Since then I have read up quite a few of the elseworlds Sups books, as well as picking up the New Krypton stuff.  He is more relatable now than he ever was to me.  Pick it up you Fables-hating crazy man!!

    And that caller (Darryl?) sounds like a super creepy stalker.  I would NOT want to run into him ever.


  22. Oh and Ron, how the hell did you not get an Alan Davis Thor issue on the podcast? For a guy who acts like he wants to marry him, I was shocked you never even mentioned that…cause it sounds like it was a really fun one shot.

    @Balefuego: My problem with ‘Dark Reign’ is that it sounds to me (just by looking at solicts or hints at this banner series) that this Invasion isnt over after the main event. I would like to think a big time event would have a status quo changer without the need of continuting in other major titles. House of M suffered from that because we still had to have aftereffects of the event outside the X-Men titles (I’m not judging the X-Titles cause the impact of House of M effected all of the mutants) Civil War going into the Initative was fine because the status quo changed at the last issue of the event. Plus the only real big change was having a Mighty Avengers and a Initiative title….Unlike this Dark Reign nonsense which will effect practically every single title for the next year…that’s just stupid.

  23. @NextChampion: Your complaints are contradictory though, on one hand you are saying a big event should lead to a big status quo change, and then you complain because it looks like the end of SI will have fallout across the entire Marvel Universe.

     Thats what a status quo change is, if that’s NOT what you want thats fine and totally understandable, but you’re asking for one thing in one sentence and then complaining that we are getting it in the next.

    Not that we even know exactly what Dark Reign is yet anyway, it’s a little premature to slam it/praise it at this point.

  24. You saved my bacon yet again; I completely missed Invincible on the list last week, which I suppose is only natural since it now comes out every 45 minutes. Oop, there goes another one!

    Mind you, I’m not about to start complaining that a book I like comes out too often.

    I hope it’s not too late to pitch my Snow Job story to G.I. Joe Origins.

  25. @Balefuego: I’m sorry I tend to confuse myself when I get in long tirades. Let me put this in another way.

    It just sounds like to me, Dark Reign is a continuation of Secret Invasion. Stuff from the actual event will still carry into these issues that the banner will run across. To me that’s just sounds like ‘Well Secret Invasion is too big of an event to have all of these things in it, let’s just have another banner running across the issues to say there’s stuff still going on"

    On one hand it’s advertsing the issues and the other hand it just seems like: Why am I wasting time with this Invasion when something else big is going to happen in these seperate titles? What they should’ve done, is sadly the Final Crisis route. Have the first four issues be the invasion and battle of the Skrulls with the heroes losing. Then have the Dark Reign crossovers happen, then finally have the last four issues of the SI come out to have the conclusion.

    It just seems like we arent done with this after this Invasion and that’s what I’m more pissed about then anything else.

  26. I dont think thats what Dark Reign is going to be at all, but I guess we’ll find out next month.

  27. Daredevil’s infidelity is nothing new.  Karen Page left him because he cheated with Typhoid Mary.  I don’t see this as a major personality change for the character at all.  The shocking thing is that Matt actually slept with a girl that’s not crazy.  He knows how to pick ’em, that Matt.

  28. Typhoid had subtle mind manipulation powers though and pushed him into it, that wasn’t Matt acting out of free will. 

  29. Oh come on.  All women have those subtle powers.  That excuse never worked for me.

     When they call DD "The Man Without Fear" ™, that apparently includes the ‘tang.

  30. Matt only married Milla because of his nervous breakdown over Karen’s death anyway. He loves her in his way, but it’s much more of a dutiful marriage than anything else.

  31. @Tork – Yay, I’m not the only one who says "huzzah!"

  32. I don’t want to be a hard-on here, but for the love of God, let’s get the numbering on Captain America correct. Last month, you guys (podcast guys, not posters) said it was issue #34. This month, it’s issue #41. Both, of course, are wrong. Cap #34 came out in, what, January? And #41 was just a couple of months back. It’s Captain America #43 this month. And I can assure you, provided the book ships next month, it will be #44. I wouldn’t be such a turd about this if it wasn’t written ON THE GODDAMNED COVER!! OF EVERY MOTHER TOUCHING ISSUE!!! Once again, I apologize for my nerd fit.

  33. Someone needs a drink.

  34. Or some Dakota North action.   Wink wink.

  35. *looks at Dredevil Vol. 10 trade and sighs*

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I wish Bendis would come back and replace Brubaker.

  36. @Tork  Hey, I *like* Brubaker’s DD and I’d still be happy to see Bendis back on the book. 

  37. I like Brubaker’s DD too.  Matt’s not perfect, and that’s what separates him from most ‘classic’ superheroes.  He’s like that guy in the 30s you know that can never get his shit together.

  38. Only if that guy is a huge asshole.

  39. Matt will redeem himself in the end, I hope.  Interesting little pickle he’s in.  That’s why I’ve always loved DD.  Always effin’ up.

  40. I packed in DD cos I couldn’t put up with him anymore. I dumped Matt Murdock.

     But yeah, Thor by Alan Davis is the bee’s knees.

  41. I can’t believe people are dumping on Brubaker’s DD, I love that book.

  42. I’m baffled as well.

  43. @Balefuego I was appreciating the book more than enjoying it, it was depressing.

    But I’m the guy who prefers Karl Kesel’s run to Brian Bendis’.

  44. Re: Echo #7


    You say the monkey got messed up, but it sure looks like theres a boot with part of a foot in it.  Since when did the monkey were shoes?

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