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Pick of the Week #207 – The Invincible Iron Man #19

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick resurfaces (or was released by the authorities) back to the fold as he joins Ron Richards and Josh Flanagan for a rousing discussion of the world of comics including unexpected surprises, over-thinking realism in comics and even some Halloween fun.

Running Time: 01:00:22

Pick of the Week:
00:02:55 – Josh explains his surprising choice, The Invincible Iron Man #19.

00:14:07 – A great ending to the first story arc in Chew #5.
00:18:06 – Everyone except Conor was disappointed with Justice League of America #38.
00:24:16 – Josh and Conor dug the whimsical one-shot of The Brave and the Bold #28.
00:27:45 – The emotional roller coaster continues for Conor with Archie #602.
00:34:50 – Ron enjoyed Rick Remender’s take on Norman Osborn in Thunderbolts #137.
00:35:49 – Conor, totally on a lark, bought Azrael #1.
00:37:22 – The final part of the crossover in Supergirl #46 was enjoyed by Conor.
00:38:30 – So much fun being had in The Last Resort #3.
00:39:58 – The holiday tradition continues with the DC Universe Halloween Special 2009.
00:42:48 – Ron swoons over the Alex Maleev art in Spider-Woman #2.

User Reviews:
00:44:09 – Aliciacrall loved Cowboy Ninja Viking #1 and so does Ron!

00:48:07 – Russ T. wants to know about the ages of characters in comic books.

00:51:16 – Carl calls in asking about the criteria for picking up a new book.
00:54:02 – Aaron wants a clarification on pronouncing “Constantine.”

00:56:22 – Congrats to Robert Adamson who is the iFanboy Member winner for the Inhumans Comics Price Pack!
00:57:35 – Don’t for get to check our Murmur.com where the 10th episode of the Murmur Podcast will be out on Tuesday!

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  1. Jose and Conor dug the whimsical oneshot of The Brave and the Bold #28

    They can’t even get your name right, Josh. Are you just going to let them get away with that?

  2. Great to see the show up relatively early. However, I have just one question: Who’s Jose and when did he join the show?

  3. you guys mentioned don blake with his stick and stuff and thought it was a good end but none of you mentioned Thor sitting next to tony stark in the hospital? That was my ‘oh shit’ moment.

  4. Apparently Josh has become mexican?

  5. awww, you change it.


    great opening song, by the way

  6. Wait, why is it so hard to accept that Bruce could still fight crime at 40? If you were to ask me I’d say presently Bruce is 40 and Dick is 25. On the other hand, I agree with Frank Miller that Supes should always be 30, even in Kingdom Come it was a bit strange seeing him old.

    Also, I do think a lot about how I remember growing up I always felt like Tim Drake and I were the same age but now Im in my twenties and he’s still 16, its not fair.

  7. alan moore sais constantiiiiine.  rymes with slime.  

  8. The cowboy ninja viking word balloons were the best part of the week.

  9. I’m looking forward to listening to this on the way to work tomorrow.

    I too was disappointed by JLA

  10. Low number of Marvel books reviewed. Sad week.

  11. @WonderManFan: Its not like Iron Man is POTW or anything…

  12. Looking forward to listening to this tomorrow (sadly!). I’m interested to hear your thoughts on Iron Man, Spider-Woman and B&B.

    @WMF: "Low number of people complaining about low number of Marvel books reviewed. Sad week," he said sarcastically. 

  13. I would’ve been happy if you made Brave and the Bold the pick!


  14. Low number of Dark Horse books reviewed. Sad week.

  15. There has to be a week where Archie and X-Men Forever are released at the same time.

    That could be the potential of being the greatest podcast ever. Oh and more anti-super group discussions.

  16. Bruce Wayne is in his mid-30s. This was referenced twice in the Morrison run.

    As far as Marvel characters, Joe Q has said that the company has a policy of just deferring to Ron Richards for questions like that.

    I’m starting to enjoy the Archie segments almost as much as the X-Men Forevers, and I don’t even read Archie. If the surreal framing keeps up through the story, I might actually check it out in trade. If they make Archie trades.

  17. his name was robert adamson

  18. i laughed at Ron being like "wtf" on the kingdom hearts ad, "Did you see this anime disney thing?!" haha

  19. This site’s bullspit, man! Hasn’t been a Charleston Comics pick in like, ever!! (Well, 52, I guess?)

    As much of a fan fo Final Fantasy/Squaresoft RPGs as I am, I could just never get into a game that has Mickey Mouse as an RPG character or a giant key as a weapon. On the other hand, I refuse to play in spite of the concept of a customizable Gummy Ship.

  20. Oh, the Brits are wrong about pronouncing Bowie with an "Ow!" sound. David Jones chose his stage name because of the "bowie knife". So it really is "Boe-ee". I think the Brits just like to be different and choose pronunciations to clash with American English. But that doesn’t work when Bowie chose his name from an American concept.

  21. yep. it’s BOWIE as in bowie knife. Totally. no question.

  22. Great episode. I think I’m going to buy Archie now.

  23. So in Ifanboy once a member wins a gift he then has a name, and his name was robert adamson

  24. @captbastrd-I loved the Gummy Ship, but only because Chip ‘n Dale piloted it.

    Good show guys.  Glad to hear Josh will be sticking with Iron Man for at least another issue, but Ron didn’t say whether he would be staying on or not.  Hope so. 

    And count me as one of the tens of fans that enjoy Conor’s Archie recap. 

  25. the ifanboys should give us ‘homework’ assignments too

  26. The other podcast Josh mentions in Dan Carlins hardcore history and it’s the bomb.

  27. @drakedangerz
    Oh fuck, now I kinda want to play.

  28. I remember being so hyped up for the first Kingdom Hearts game… in sixth grade! Goddamn, Ron is 7 years late! 

  29. Monday morning saved by another iFanboy podcast. I have to ask tho, what’s with the terrible music? Didn’t we learn from the 80’s? Wasn’t ten years of it enough?

  30. I don’t know how anyone can concentrate on comics after Morrissey’s collapse onstage.

  31. Love the Archie recaps.  I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

  32. Isn’t Fables Josh’s X-men Forever/Archie?

    We need an episode that is just Fables, X-men Forever, and Archie.  You would hear snoring in the background of each segment.  Oddly, these three books are my favorite ones to hear you guys discuss.

  33. @stuclach: I think the different there is that there’s actual quality with Fables. lol

  34. @TNC – I know this says nothing about quality, but X-men Forever and Archie probably both outsell Fables by a healthy margin, so they may be of more interest to the listening public.  I agree that Fables is a quality book, but Ron and Conor apparently aren’t into it, so I think it fits the "One iFanboy talking while the others listen, but don’t really care" category.

  35. @stuclach: I get what your saying, I just think Willingham/Sturges won’t appreciate that Archie and X-Men Forever are in the same category as Fables. 🙂

  36. @TNC – I certainly meant no offense to either gentleman.

  37. @stuclach: Or did you?….*strokes chin*

  38. @stuclach: I think you misinterpret our silence during those segments. It’s not disinterest (except in the case of FABLES) so much as rapt attention.

  39. @conor – Ah, my bad.  Would I be assuming too much if I assumed the rapt attention paid to X-men Forever was due to Claremont induced shock/terror and that the rapt attention paid to Archie was due to rage stemming from Betty lust related jealousy?

  40. Zowie is Bowie’s SON not daughter, and yes, he is called Zowie Bowie (pronounced as in the knife)

  41. Apparently Zowie is a boy.

    That’s gotta be worse than Apple.  There should be a law.

  42. @Josh, Tony built Pepper that armor before this whole worlds most wanted arc started, pre Secret Invasion. Pepper was in an explosing and nearly killed so Tony put a generator in her chest like he had and then created the Armor for her, she found it when he ran away. The armor then accompanied her into Avenger Tower when she broke and and started uploading that Stark-tech Virius.

  43. Did anyone actually know who David Bowie’s kid was before ‘Moon’ came out?

    I’ll answer that for you. Nope

  44. I reckon, Peter Parker WAS between 28–30 years of age. But since Brand New Day, he’s back to the age he was pre-marriage in the 80s (between 24-25).

    That’s how I think Pete is written now… they’ve de-aged him (and maybe the rest of the Marvel U have been de-aged approx. 5 years in the OMD/BND rewiring.


  45. @edward: ‘Did anyone actually know who David Bowie’s kid was before ‘Moon’ came out?’ What’s your point? It sounds as if you’re being mean for no reason at all; is there any reason we should have heard of the guy? Give him some credit for making his own way.

     British and gay here, so yeah, Constantine (sounds like the river). The pronunciation difference that most intrigues me is the way lots of Americans sound ‘mirrors’ and ‘warriors’, as ‘miws’ and ‘woys’.

  46. I think we would call that a speech impediment. Or speaking too fast.

  47. I say "sammich" because I’m lazy and too hungry to say it any other way.

  48. @Mart – I have heard "mirrors" pronounced "miwas" and "warriors" pronounced "woyas", but I’ve never heard them without the "a" sound thrown in.  I’m willing to wager Ron has thrown out a few "woyas" in his day.

    However, I live in the South, so I hear other interesting mispronunciations.  It’s like people down here are allergic to pronouncing the "g" at the end of a word.  For example, "I’m fixin’ to go hikin’ in the woods."  Admittedly it can be charming if the right southern lady (or gentleman, if you prefer) is saying it, but it’s generally just annoying.

  49. Pet peeve — having an accent isn’t the same as not knowing how to pronounce a word ‘correctly.’  Nobody on the planet pronounces every English word the way it’s written, it’s just that some accents are looked down on and mocks and others are considered acceptable.


  50. @ohcaroline – Acknowledged.  Some of these individuals are mispronouncing words they know due to an accent.  However, some of the people I interact with (for example, students in our Early College program for underprivileged kids) don’t actually know how to pronounce it correctly.  They write the word(s) incorrectly and may not have communicated with anyone who spoke "properly" until recently.  

  51. I love accents, they’re almost all charming, in their way. Mine is a County Durham twang (like Geordie, but classier!).

  52. I’m guilty of letting my Kentucky accent slip out when I say the word "wash".  It comes out like this: "warsh".  It is nearly uncontrollable.  You should hear my sister-in-law say "oil".  It takes her about 15 seconds to finish.

  53. @Mart: how is that mean? slow clap for the rich kid, huh?

  54. I wish Ron had less of a life, so he had time to do a Tom Katers style podcast about the X-Men books. Hearing him talk about the insanity that is X-Men Forever. So here is my OFFICIAL request that Ron start with the formation of the "all-new all-different" X-Men in Giant Size X-Men and just run with it!

  55. Hey, great show as always. On the Constantine issue, he is English and it should rhyme with time.

    How do you colonial upstarts pronounce time eh? teem!!?  
    You pronounce quite  a few things in a funny way (thorough, route and Xavier. I think the X is  pronounced with a Z, pronounced Zed not Zee!) 
    The language we speak is English after all, but we forgive you young pups.
    Seriously though, I love the show especially when Ron gets his panties all up in a bunch over, well whatever it is.
    And Conner, sorry you are that guy!

  56. @edward – it just sounded a bit off. And surely we’d all heard of Zowie Bowie due to the Moonunitness of his name.

    I’ve little idea what ‘slow clap for the rich kid, huh?’ means!

  57. @Mart: dude, literally don’t care anymore

  58. Moving on!

  59. i listened to the latest murmur podcast on my run this morning, Josh, what were you guys talking about when you said after a while only the douche bags are left in online community?

    But seriously, i’ll try to tone it down in future

  60. You guys joke about the bitterness of Betty fans, but —


  61. I wasn’t joking! If you recall I was pissed about it in the last issue discussion.

  62. Point.  Also, I don’t really know that selling a comic book that you paid a dime for for $40,000 is really *revenge*.

  63. I’d love to take that kind of revenge on someone.

  64. You know, I wish I had the same amout of passion as that guy did.  I tip my hat to him.  Well, I would if I wore hats.

  65. I wish I had $40,000.

  66. I wish i had a dime.

  67. it feels as though Ron’s love for the x-men has become like that of an old jewish aunt.  

    Oh the glee he has in his voice as he reads aloud the exploits of his dysfunctional family of freaks. 


    you boys crack me up every time. 

  68. Did we talk about any X-Men books in this episode?

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