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Pick of the Week #257 – Hulk #26

Show Notes

It’s an extra special, extended edition of the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast, as Conor’s absence gives Josh and Ron an excuse to have Evie Nagy of the Awesomed by Comics podcast onto the show, and boy did she bring the goods.

Running Time: 01:12:42

Pick of the Week:
00:02:42 – High fives all around for Josh’s pick of Hulk #26 by Jeff Parker and Gabe Hardman.

00:15:39 – Ron thought that Morning Glories #3 was a closer runner up to Pick of the Week.
00:19:08 – Evie is back to make the masses upset, again, over Batman and Robin #15.
00:22:04 – More Millar with slightly less art from Romita Jr., with Kick-Ass 2 #1, but Ron enjoyed it nonetheless.
00:26:20 – Josh and Evie enjoyed the guest artist on Fables #99.
00:29:04 – A lot of good comics stories, including the banned Ellis Hellblazer story in Vertigo Resurrected #1.
00:35:36 – Josh thinks that The Sixth Gun #5 was the best issue to date.
00:36:52 – Evie really likes what Marvel has been doing with Loki, and thusly enjoyed Loki #1.
00:39:15 – Josh gave Top Cow’s Pilot Season: 7 Days From Hell a shot and had a lot of fun.
00:40:52 – Evie points out to Ron that he missed out on Shadowland: Power Man #3.
00:42:46 – Ron thinks that everyone should be reading Sweets #3.
00:44:00 – Josh recommends a good one and done with Superman/Batman #77.
00:46:16 – Utter disappointment is the only way to describe Ron’s reaction to CBGB #4.

User Reviews:
00:48:14 – Neb thought the finale was satisfying in Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #4.
00:49:30 – ActualButt was thrilled by The Walking Dead #78.

00:52:46 – Chris has a bunch of questions about the impact of the $2.99 price point for DC, Marvel and the other comics publishers

00:57:48 – John has a really good question about digital comics and the possibility of print on demand.

Giveaway Winner:
01:03:30 – Congratulations to Alan Robertson who won Conor’s Mystery Longbox!

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  1. Thanks for having me back guys, it was a blast! But come on, I wasn’t remotely as bad this time re: Batman & Robin ;).

  2. I had never even heard of Awesomed by Comics before this but with a name like that how could I not love it!

  3. Will now be checking out Awesomed by comics.

    Walking Dead is just awesome. Love, love, love it.

  4. Forgetters! Anyway, I’ve been in to the Hulk big time since your video cast. I think it read great in trades and it’s back on my pull. Good pick and great show!

  5. This time around Evie didn’t make me mad at all regarding Batman & Robin. I share her annoyance about the scheduling, but like she implied…that’s kinda a separate consideration from the story. This issue was flipping fantastic. If anyone like her felt lost in the previous arc, hopefully a reread of it in light of what we’ve seen since will make those issues seem better. I did think Evie was semi-trollish and unfair last time regarding B&R, but this time she seemed like such a sweet nice lady. 🙂

    Great show overall, guys. Your influence still works on me. I’m one more positive review away from jumping back on Hulk.

  6. So i don’t know where else to post this link. But i came home on firday night and saw the new My Chemical Romance film clip with Grant Morrison playing a large role. It’s pretty cool.



  7. "Walking Dead" and "X-Factor" were both good.  Still tracking down "Morning Glories".  Will try to grab "Hulk" and "Superman/Batman" if they’re still on the shelf.

  8. isn’t Alex Robinson’s brother called Alan Robinson?  

    Oh, wait a second Robertson. I almost got you Josh 

  9. FABLES #99! Loved it! Loved every issue so far and cannot WAIT until #100!

    This issue was almost the calm before the storm

  10. I thought Business 101 was Production cost x price x units sold = profit or loss.

  11. Aren’t comics printed from a digital format already?

    No scanning neccesary.  Yes there might be some format issues to be decided.

    But it Is Not like there would be an army of employees needed to open endless rows of flat bed scanners

    and press buttons all day.

     Come on. 

  12. …I’m pretty sure Josh was talking about all those many years of comics that were printed before there was such a thing as "digitally".

  13. I’ve listened to ABCP and Evie is great.  I’m looking forward to hearing her here.

  14. I know it’s been said a few times on other episodes that even new digital comics are somehow comparable to physical produciton and distribution costs

    And speaking as someone who has worked for a business that has both a print and a online presence- that is just not true.

    Yeah there are some unseen costs – but they are just not comparable.


  15. @ericmci: You strike me as someone who has not looked at the major digital comics applications. I don’t know what business you’re in and so I won’t presume to speak to it, but as an employee of a digital comics distribution company I can speak to that. It’s not like the comics publishers are just putting PDFs of their issues out there. Each comic has to be formatted to the specific distirbutor and each one if different. And each of the major distributors have their own features and viewing modes. ComiXology and Graphic.ly each provide various viewing modes like panel by panel views. All of these modes have to be created. Graphic.ly is statring to offer bonus content like being able to wipe away the color from a page to viewing the original pencils. That feature has to be created. All of these things require work and time and most importantly, money. And that doesn’t even take into account that when a digital comic is sold that part of that price goes to the distributor, part of it goes to the comics company (which is then split up even further if there are digital deals in place with creators, which not all companies have) and if you are using your iPad or iPhone to buy a comic, a hefty portion of the price goes to Apple.

    There are costs to making digital comics and right now they are fairly considerable. Continue to deny it all you want, but that’s the reality at this early stage of the game.

  16. This podcast has triggered a Blake Schwarzenbach binge that shows no signs of abatement.

  17. I’m with Josh. I read all the Walking Dead trades within the last two weeks and I could never tell when one issue ended and another began. Never!

  18. "…iron man" hahahah

  19. very good episode guys. Evie is funny.

  20. @B – they’re designed that way. We’re not alone.

  21. The Walking Dead has a tendency to end on full page "cliff hanger" style issue endings. But I still can’t tell an end of an issue when I’m reading it in collected edition and I don’t really care.

    Good episode.

  22. Great episode, glad to hear from Evie again. I do agree with you on the lateness and problems occurring from it w/Return of Bruce Wayne. So someone has your back, since clearly no one else cared in the podcast about the problem.

    Also, and I’m sorry to rag on you Ron but……I seriously have no idea why Morning Glories #3 was great in your eyes with that review. Seriously, no idea. 

  23. Damned excellent question in the voicemail there. I’d love something like that, but it’s a shame reality had to let me down.

  24. wish i could find "Sweets" no stores near me seem to carry it. Too bad. Hopefully the trade will be easier to find.

    @ericmci– in the case of digital comics you’d have to add an extra job or two at least to the production team. Good rule of thumb for calculating the cost of a new employee is their salary times 2. You’re basically asking each publisher to take on $100k+ in extra costs to go full on into digital day and date. Thats a lot for a troubled industry.

  25. Dark Horse’s digital initiative is great. They offer single issues for $1.49 and bundled issues for a great price. They’re eliminating the middleman so they can offer their product at a lower price point. And, more money goes to the creator. I forgot what convention they announced this at.

  26. @ron, I’m sorry to be "that guy," but in Kick-Ass 2, Hit Girl’s dad isn’t the same from the movie. He’s made to look more like him, and they made him know who she was in the comic, but he  was the investigating officer of her dissapearance. He was in the last issue of the first series, and he married Mindy’s mom, who died in the movie.

    Also, did you guys like Soldier Zero? My shop didn’t get it so I have to wait until they get a newly ordered copy.

  27. Great show, guys!  Evie was a welcome presence.  I kind of hope one of the artists in the iFanbase draws "Bucky Spice."

    I’m also interested in the conversation you guys had about the comics industry and the prominence of the Big Two.  You brought up a comparison to the music industry, but I think I’m more interested in how the industry can be compared to television.  Even now, low ratings on network television are equivalent to very high ratings on cable; the dominance of the big 3 (and maybe 4, sometimes, with Fox) continues.  But the rise of cable, in addition to home video, the internet, video games, and a million other things that have come since, fragmented the network audience, making shows with ratings as high as, say, the Cosby Show once had completely impossible in today’s marketplace.  I wonder, then, if the rise of companies like Image, IDW, and Dark Horse, not to mention manga publishers and non-comics-based superhero media, has contributed to the decline in sales at the Big Two as the guaranteed audience branched out.  The other companies still have little of the market share, but I have to wonder if the audience-siphoning they did accomplish has changed economic and storytelling practices at Marvel and DC, particularly in the wake of the popping of the speculator bubble.  DC and Marvel aren’t going anywhere, and the other companies aren’t going to overtake them, but I wouldn’t be surprise if their influence is still felt in the Big Two offices.

  28. I never get creeped out by stuff in comics. NEVER. But the Morrison/Quietly story/page in Vertigo Resurrected creeped me out like nothing else. *shivers*

  29. Kind of an interesting double standard, Josh, where you warn us all you’re gonna spoil books, but when you haven’t read one, you tell Ron not to spoil you. Hmmm…

  30. Yeah, but it’s my show. That’s one of the benefits of ownership.

  31. I get that, but you can kind of see what I was getting at, right?

  32. @neums No… Josh has no choice but to be on the show. You can tune out or skip that segment.

  33. @gobo: Indeed.

    This would be far from the first time this happens. Listen to any time Josh tries to talk about THE WALKING DEAD. And honestly, we can say whatever we want on the show. It’s our show.

  34. Okay, so what I said was meant to be in jest, but as is often the case, humor doesn’t translate well in message comment form. The last thing I was trying to do was start something, and if that was what people took from it, apologies.

    And I’ve only been listening for maybe 3-4 months now. I’m working my way through the archives.

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