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Pick of the Week #155 – Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge #1

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Ron Richards is in New York City!

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:11 – Pick of the Week Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge #1 reminded Ron of the Flash glory days.

00:11:08 – A brief discussion of The Flash #245 rears its ugly head.
00:11:55 – Ron was astonished to find that he loved Astonishing X-Men #27.
00:15:12 – Conor and Ron discuss whether or not The Amazing Spider-Man #573 wraps up the best “Brand New Day” arc.
00:18:03 – Josh had some minor problems with The Roberts #2.
00:22:51 – Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2 might have been too confusing by half.
00:23:51 – Josh and Ron pour more love on Guardians of the Galaxy #6.
00:25:11 – Everyone loved Captain Midlands in Captain Britain and MI:13 #6.
00:26:59 – The Mighty Avengers #19
00:29:36 – Dynamo 5 #17 brought the book back to greatness.
00:30:30 – Josh gives up on the series in issues with Rasl #3. Ron can’t blame him.
00:32:22 – Fables #77 starts a new era.

Book of the Month:
00:34:25 – Ron says American Flagg: The Definitive Collection, Vol. 1 is right up there with the other big works of 1986.

00:43:45 – Bridget from Pittsburgh, PA is new to comics.
00:47:20 – Tad S. from California wants to know about Project X: Challengers books beyond Cup Noodle.

00:49:40 – George from San Francisco, CA has a problem with comics that use two artists in the same issue.

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  1. I respectfully disgree with abandoning Rasl in its single issue form. As comic readers, we seem to have arbitrary expectations ingrained into ourselves simply by virute of the vestigal practices of publishing comics from the the precious metal Ages of comics. I see a lot of people in the Rasl comments section frustrated with the long waits and similarly givining it up in favor of the trade. But it doesn’t seem to me like that would solve anything. Proportionately you would still have to waiy as long for a new trade against the amount of time it takes to readthe material as you would in Single Issue format.

  2. Yeah, dag nasty!

  3. @Muady – The difference being you get the whole story in the trade rather than having to wait half a year for a chapter of it.  It’s a kind of a crucial difference.

  4. ‘Comic books sites we will not mention’

    Oh yeah? Well I can mention them then! Ig…




  5. Yay! I’m not alone in enjoying Astonishing! 🙂

  6. Count me as another who is thoroughly enjoying this arc of ‘Astonishing X-Men.’ 

    Nice show, as always, though I have to say. . .when I looked and saw there were 5 minutes left of show and you guys seemed to have worked through everything, I was wondering, "What are they going to do for the last 5 minutes?"  I listened and I’m still not sure.  (This is in lieu of sending an e-mail ;)).   I did find myself thinking that it’s been too long since I’ve seen "Jaws," though, so you guys accomplished something in that time!



  7. @Conor

    I guess I am imagining Rasl will be quite like Bone. The individual trades of the series read as much like "chapters" of the whole story as any single issue is. So I’m not sure i see the difference. 

    ps – Another example is the first Echo trade.  Waiting for the trade like that offers no payoff that following the single issues dont, you know?

  8. @Muady – Except that ECHO comes out with regularity.

  9. @Conor-OOOOOOH SNAP!!!

  10. Pretty sure Rasl was solicited as being bi-monthly or even 4 times a year.  If that is the case it has been coming out as scheduled.  I am enjoying the book and will still read it in issues.  But I can see the argument of waiting for the trade, even though the trades will be extremely long waits!

  11. A book that comes out quarterly comes out four times a year, not three.

  12. As long as the quality is proportionate to the delay, it’s cool.

  13. Astonishing X-Men:  I’m glad others are enjoying this as much as I am.  Retains that witty dialogue that Whedon’s run had, but has the feel of a tv procedural.  Also, kudos to Marvel for simulating cursing without having to destroy a whole print run.

    Howard Chaykin:  Truly an innovator in comics.  Pioneer in using naturalistic dialogue.  I’d recommend his excellent DC series Blackhawk and Shadow (particularly the latter).  Also, if you’re in the mood, check out his black-and-white noir book Black Kiss (collected as Big Black Kiss).  Very controversial for its time and Chaykin’s method of publishing the series is very interesting if anyone cares to look it up on the net.  It’s been out of print for years, I’m afraid but trades are floating around.

  14. Wow, I can’t believe Black Kiss has its own wiki:


  15. @Maundy – you seem to be ignoring, or not getting, the fact that everyone’s experience of reading a comic isn’t the same. For you, the individual issues of RASL are worth the wait, for others they’re not satisfying as drawn-out, speedy reads, but they would likely enjoy the story in a big lump. That’s it, there’s no point arguing personal taste.

    @Josh – the Briddish accent was much improved – but why did you not visit me in Scotland?
  16. What I dont understand is, is that if this is a quarterly book, then why is it taking til March 09 for the 4th to come out.

    The first issue came out in March this year (spring), second in June (summer), this one in October (fall), and now we have to wait til next spring for the next issue? What happen to winter? It should be coming out in December or early January (at most) for the next issue. Now Smith is doing all the works here; lettering, art, and writing. I’m not saying he’s lazy, cause obviously one man doing all the work is a great effort in itself. But if he’s taking 5 months to do one issue, that is a problem…Maybe he should get someone to do art just this once in a series.

  17. I’ve never been to Scotland.

  18. Ron…will you sign my ripped abs?

  19. So.. who was the over friendly British dude? It wasn’t me, I swear.

  20. Ron…will you sign my chizzled quads?

     P.S. I am looking for Projet X stuff online right now!!  

  21. I liked the very quiet acknowledgement that you (if one of you said it, you all said it) liked Ivan Reis better than Ethan Van Sciver. I agree completely, but it is odd how I too feel that it must be said in hushed tones, as if Sciver himself is always listening, and will come after us if we voice our dissent too loudly…

  22. I have to agree about the Reis/Van Sciver thing.  I’m a big Neal Adams fan, and Reis appears to have been heavily influenced by him.

  23. Possibly the best ending to any ifanboy podcast ever.

  24. Why are you recommending Dynamo 5 so much?!  I got on board with the first issue but dumped it around 12.  It just seems to me that all the characters are paper thin, a mishmash of stereotypes that just seem completely artificial.  The whole book feels artificial.

    I really wanted to like Dynamo 5, I like to support independants, and this is a solid writing and art team that seems committed and delivers on time.  But sorry, the book is a miss…you should recommend Criminal, Captain America, Madame Xanadu, the Twelve, Fell (thanks, that was a book I bought because of you iFanboys),…and maybe Bomb Queen if the reader has been naughty.

    Enjoying your podcasts, keep it up.

  25. Maybe because Ron really likes DYNAMO 5?

  26. Hi Guys,

    RE: Captain Britain & MI13 – And Spitfire.

    Spitfire first appeared in the Invaders series from Marvel in the mid 70s. In her very first appearance she was bitten by a vampire. A close relative no less. Jacqueline is part of the Falsworth-Crichton family. In Marvel terms they’re kind of Britain’s first superhero family. She is related to both of the first two incarnations of Union Jack (The one from WW1 and WW2). But that’s only one half of the family. The other side contains several incarnations of Union Jack’s original nemesis – the Nazi collaborator and vampire known as ‘Baron Blood’ and his legacy inheritors.

    Jacqueline was thought to have been cured of her vampirism when she was given a blood transfusion from the original Human Torch (The synthezoid from the Invaders, and not Johnny Storm). That transfusion also gave her her powers. A second transfusion was necessary in the the 1990s, but it seems the actual still being a vampire is new to this series.

    I suspect that rather than cure her outright the blood transfusion from the Torch actually did something more interesting to her biology – mutated it in some way. She’s clearly still vampire, but does not suffer from any reaction to sunlight. Maybe she, like Blade, is a day-walker or some other kind of new breed of vampire.

  27. A wag of the finger to you two who didn’t read the Colbert back-up story even though you paid good money for the comic and it’s sitting right in your homes.

    Eight pages? You don’t have a minute for eight pages of Mark Waid?

    I’m pretty sure you’re On Notice.


  28. Neither of them watch Colbert.  Sad.  Me, I don’t buy ASM, so there’s that.

  29. @Jimski – I reead the first two pages of it.

  30. @Conor – I can’t help but wonder if Ron is like me…wants badly to like Dynamo 5 because it all adds up like it should be great (The XMen all shiny and new again!)…but may someday wake up with a hangover.  Plus he may have met the creator and had a more personal tie?

    Do you know what this book reminds me of?  Do you remember "Justice Machine"?  That book was one I collected for a long time and then one day looked at my collection and saw I was collecting a series based on what I was hoping it would be, not what it was.

    Again, keep up the great podcasts and enjoying comics, …its more fun to comment on where I differ than where I agree.  Like most listeners, I get most passionate when I hear these 3 guys I like and respect say something I disagree with.  I think "How could THEY say that?!?!!"

  31. Oh yeah, re: end of podcast…yes.

  32. @ Mart

    I quite get that. 😉 I’m not questioning the size of lump, whether it be issue or trade sized, people prefer to read. People were taking issue if the duration between installments, not the size of the installment. I’m not trying to get in anyones face, I just think its a legitimate point that the proportionate time spent waiting doesn’t change at all.


    har har. :-p 

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