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Pick of the Week #154 – Action Comics #870

Show Notes

Ron Richards is off to swinging London, so we bring in staff writer Mike Romo to fill the empty space on the show… and in our hearts.

Running Time: 00:56:30

Pick of the Week:
00:02:03 – All hail Conor’s Pick of the Week, Action Comics #870, which was all a Superman story should be.

00:14:40 – Apparently, everyone should be reading Magneto: Testament #2, because it’s some amazing storytelling.
00:19:42 – What? Geoff Johns had another book out this week? Well, let’s kiss the ass of Green Lantern #35 as well.
00:24:20 – And if you like Green Lantern so much, why didn’t you read Green Lantern Corps #25?
00:27:00 – Josh and Mike were pretty much thumbs up for Ender’s Game: Battle School #1, if you’ve read the novel.
00:32:17 – More novel adaptation? Looks like The Stand: Captain Trips #2 is pretty good as well.
00:35:08 – No one is surprised that Josh is digging Secret Invasion: Inhumans #3.
00:37:53 – Eric Canete makes The End League #5 shine.
00:39:38 – Final Crisis: Revelations #3 is maybe taking a bit too much flak.
00:40:28 – Yes, that was us in Green Arrow/Black Canary #13, but more importantly, it was a good issue. Coincidence?

00:43:42 – Jeff from New Jersey is Supes-curious.

00:47:33 – Ryan from Chicago, IL is too cool for Watchmen. Josh is not okay with that. Also, what to name the cat?

Vampire Weekend



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  1. The "Pink Lanterns" are the Star Sapphires, right?  So, they have a history in the mythos, just never as an actual "corps" until now.

  2. And a big pink lantern.

  3. Any word on whether the GL & Green Lantern Corps books are going to be tied together in ‘Blackest Night’?  Am I going to need to pick up both to get the whole story?  In that case, I may have to start picking up GLCorps.   But I’m not that keen on the ‘Pink Lantern’ idea, honestly.

    Re: Final Crisis-Revelation — the people I know who are dropping this (including me) are people who picked it up because they have liked Greg Rucka’s writing of Montoya in the past and were interested in reading a book about her.  She’s not in the book enough for me, and as I’m not following FC otherwise, I have no idea what’s going on.  It doesn’t mean I think the book would be bad to somebody following FC, I just have no context for Final Crisis and therefore I’m not enjoying it, therefore it’s dropped.        

    To end on a postive note, this was a great show, and Mike did a great job filling in.  You guys also made me realize that I’d meant to read the ‘Magneto’ book but had missed it.  I’ll be sure to either go back and pick it up, or look for the trade. 

  4. The only thing that would have made this episode better is a YOGA FLAME!!!

  5. Great show and nice shout out to this new Magneto comic, it is really incredible.  Grabbed the first issue on a whim and so glad I did, well done, important historical fiction. 

  6. WTF was that Street Fighter ? in the background I miss that game. Also WHAT THE HELL Ryan Watchmen is one is not the best book of all times. 

  7. @Tork-Yes

    @ohcaroline- Corps has been the book that has been the real prelude to Blackest Night the entire Secret Origins arc.  So pick up the trade especially the Mongul one.

  8. Great job Romo! Love hearing ya on the podcasts, hope we hear from ya again soon.

    The Captain Trips mini series is only the beginning of Marvel’s adaptation of The Stand. Apparently another 5-6 mini series will come out to adapt the book fully. I seriously cant wait, these first two issues have been really great.

    Oh and I’m disappointing in you Josh. Not because of that attempt at the british accept but the FC: Revelations moment. No mention of that very awkward and somewhat inapporpriate cover? For Shame, that could’ve been comedy gold there. 🙂

  9. I’ll admit, I don’t pay much attention to covers.  But I know there were two, and I got the Final Crisis trade dress, so maybe it was something on the other.

    It’s funny with the accent, I wasn’t planning on it, but I guess instinct kicked in, and I did the very slightest attempt on the first syllable or two, and that’s what came out.  I can do better! 

  10. @josh  I believe thenextchampion is referring to the fact that, on the variant cover, flames seemed to be coming out of Batwoman’s crotch.  It is your job to notice and comment on such things.  You are indie-British-accent-doing-cover-innuendo-guy.  Didn’t you get the memo?


  11. I misread the notes and was at first disappointed that it wasn’t Tony Romo but Mike is probably more knowledgeable about comics and ended up doing a great job!  What an appropriate choice!

  12. @ohcaroline: I mean it’s in the fine print of his contract, he has to dance for us!

    Dance Josh! Dance!

  13. Johns.

  14. I’m glad you called that guy out on the whole WATCHMEN thing.  I can’t be upset for people enjoying it because it’s incredible!  I want more people to read comics!

  15. Cats:

    Felix the cat,

    Fritz the cat (Crumb),  

    Maxwell the magic cat (Alan Moore),

    Big Nose (the cat with the big nose – that is the name I found searching the internet. can’t find the name in the book),

    Spot – the cat from the cartoon Hong Kong Phooey (1974),

    M.A.D. Cat – Inspector gadget (there is also a dog called Brain),

    Cool-Kitty & She-Lion & Fat Cat – all from the cartoon Kidd Video

  16. no edit button – Big Nose is from the comic book Box Office Poison

  17. Forget someone important – Ch’p the green lantern squirrel

  18. Guy and Ice have been dating for 20 years? Good Lord, that’s disgusting – she was comics-dead for about 15 of ’em.

  19. Post the image of you guys from GA/BC!

  20. Another cat name: Tawky Tawny. I think thats how the name is spelt. Personally, my cats names are Bruce Wayne & Clark Kent.

  21. Vampire Weekend!



  22. More people should definitely give GLC a chance, I didn’t think it was even that bad before Tomasi came onto the title, especially back then when the main GL book was struggling pre-Sinestro Corps War.

    I’m not reading any of the SI minis but hearing what you guys said about the Inhumans one has me eagerly anticipating when the real Black Bolt gets his revenge. 

  23. Apparently The Wire’s a pretty good show. Guess I can’t watch it now.

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