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Special Edition – Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

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Conor Kilpatrick, Around Comics‘ Chris Neseman, and iFanboy staff writers Paul Montgomery and Ryan Haupt break down the latest DC Universe Animated Original film — Superman/Batman: Apocalypse! Did the first DC Universe Animated Original sequel continue the high level of quality established by the last two films? Did it match up to the first Superman/Batman film? Plus, the latest Showcase short film: Green Arrow!

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  1. Hmm…I don’t see a download link?

  2. Minor technical snafu.  Fixed in a minute.

  3. I enjoyed this movie a lot!!

  4. The play/pause button also seems to be broken both on this page and the homepage.

    I enjoyed the movie myself. It wasn’t amazing but was a hell of a lot better than the Public Enemies one. 

  5. I thought the fight scene between Supergirl and Darkseid was awesome, very well done.

  6. FIXED.

  7. Got it. Thanks guys!

  8. This had some of my favorite characters, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and now Big Barda.

    It had very cool scenes and character moments. Some of the dialog was retarded, but iverall I think I liked this a lot!

    looking forward to listening to the podcast. 🙂

  9. This was AWESOME. How can they keep raising the bar on these? I thought Under the Red Hood was the best yet, but this one was even better. Love how it’s a direct follow-up to Public Enemies. Granted, I know these both came directly from the comics, but this just proves how good source material can really make these shine.

    The fight scenes were amazingly good. I like how everyone has a style, especially the women. The fight between WW/Barda and the Furies was great. If CGI was used for vehicles, I couldn’t tell as much – it was much less jarring than in UtRH. Good voice work, loved that they got Conroy and Daley for Batman and Superman again. Those will always be their voices for me.

    If I could rate it, I’d give it 5 stars. the GA short was decent, but not as amazing as the last short. Nice surprise appearance at the end fight.

    How about a Martian Manhunter short? Or even just a whole disc of new shorts like these?

  10. I really didn’t like the movie. The action scenes were great(Except the Doomsday crap HATED that.) but the story was less than paper thin and I couldn’t understand any of the logic that these characters were using.

    This is just opinion though my friend I was watching the movie with loved the movie. 

  11. Really liked the movie, only thing I wasen’t so keen on was the voice actor for Darkseid. I wanted him to be more ominous. Aside from that I thought it was a really solid movie. 

  12. I’m pissed I didn’t buy the blu ray and get the extras on Kirby and the New Gods. I love those documentaries. Anyone know the run time of those documentaries on the blu ray? 

  13.  I really enjoyed this one. Not as much as the last 2, but still worth buying (too bad my Best Buy didn’t have anymore of the Superman figurines)Wish WW got equal billing but oh well. Glad I never read the comic because it was better not knowing what was going to happen (especially the last fight!)  Glad Susie Eisenberg was back as WW too, and also Big Barda was a cool surprise! (although I’m not up to date with my continuity, where was Mr.Miracle?) 

    Also i read in an interview with Lauren Montgomery that the next 3 releases will be All Star Supes, then a GL anthology ala the Batman Gotham Knight dvd (although not in the anime style) and then Batman Year 1. So a pretty good slate…

  14. DC Showcase Presents: Green Arrow (11:14) – the latest DC Showcase animated short feature finds Green Arrow at the airport to pickup Dinah Lance and stumbles upon Merlyn the Magnificent and the League of Assassins who are trying to kill the 12 year-old Queen of Vlatava. Features the voices of Neil McDonough as Green Arrow, and Malcolm McDowell as Merlyn. This is another strong entry in the DC Showcase series.

    The Fourth World: The New Gods (22:10) A look at Jack Kirby and his creation of the Fourth World mythology. Features interviews with Dan Didio, Paul Levitz, and Walt Simonson. Covers each of the four titles that Kirby both wrote and drew when he came to DC in 1970.

    New Gods Profile Mr. Miracle (5:00) A history of Scott Free, AKA Mr. Miracle in the comics and his being raised on Apokalips.

    New Gods profile: Orion (4:37) a history of Orion, the son of Darkseid.

    Supergirl: The Last Daughter of Krypton (18:00) An in-depth history of Supergirl character from her introduction in Action Comics in 1959 to the present. Looks at the changing roles of female superheroes in comics.

    Sneak Peek: All Star Superman (10:00) A preview of the next animated film from DC adapting the popular series written by Grant Morrison and his re-envisioning of classic Superman stories.

    Bruce Timm Presents Four Bonus Cartoons Featuring Darkseid from Superman: The Animated Series.


  15. The Supergirl documentary was ported over from the release of Smallville: The Complete 7th Season, so there’s no discussion with Summer Glau about her portrayal of Kara.  It culminates with the Kara of Smallville, which is fine since a lot of her characterization was taken from the modern Supergirl introduction, wihich Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is adapting.

     All the New Gods stuff was great.  Looking forward to All Star Superman.

  16. The wonderwoman/Barda fight was AMAZING

  17. thanks @srh1son. I’m contemplating whether or not to buy the blu ray edition and sell off/trade in my standard 2 disc copy. One things for sure, I will be buying all future dcu movies in blu ray format.

  18. @ Art1318 – Now that you mention it, the Darkseid voice could have been better.

  19. Awesome flick.   Was it Clayton Crain who did the cover on the Blu-ray?  

  20. What was up with Superman wearing eyeliner the entire movie? Does Clark Kent enjoy being a pretty-boy?

  21. My only real question that brought me out of this a bit was: how powerful are Darkseid’s Omega Beams. He kept saying they would turn everyone to ash, but I was expecting Superman or Supergirl to ask him to quit it.

  22. Conor, Chris, Paul and Ryan,

    Thanks for this! Well done and super entertaining.


  23. *Sigh* Fantastic animation. Poor Trailer. It doesn’t do the style justice. I hope people don’t get discouraged by it because the idea for these movies is to get more fans and I honestly don’t see this trailer helping all that much just because of its poor execution. I’m actually disappointed by DC for even showing "this" particular one. They should look at how the Akira Committee did theirs or 
    Or Shochiku/Manga Entertainment America’s Ghost in the Shell
    Maybe I appeal more to nuanced messages in trailers.
    Maybe it’s the amount of text used. Maybe it’s the soundtrack. I don’t know "exactly" but I do know the two components don’t mix well with the chosen clips.

  24. I agree with you guys in that  I generally enjoyed this movie (especially the fight scenes which were phenomenally choreographed) but that the shopping sequence was by far the weakest scene. But you didn’t mention the reason I thought it was so "awkward" which is that it’s unbelievably – and so unnecessarily – sexist. Why would a Kryptonian girl who just arrived on Earth have any interest in/familiarity with conemporary Earth fashion? The whole weird, boring sequence is founded on the assumption that any female, from any planet, obviously has an inborn obsession with shoes.

  25. I thought it was okay.

  26. Hated: Darkseid’s voice

    Disliked: The faces of both Superman & Batman

    Liked: The Story, Seeing Miracle Man’s suit

    LOVED: The fight scenes were amazzazing!!! 

  27. Downloa.. Er purchasing as we speak…

  28. SO yeah, here;s what I snagged on.

    #1: The movie opens with an interesting scene question the ethics of the "unmaned eye in the sky" blimps. But that’s never used. It was just there so they could blow up a blimp without killing someone. Total misdirection right off  the bat. Error.

    #2: They go see Big Barda and she says basically, shove it I like my boring life. Then she shows leg, comes out in costume and now she’s all badass, let’s go get ’em. No reason is ever given for the change of mind. Error.

    #3: There is never any resolution between Supergirl and Batman. Batman does have a change of heart about her but Supergirl never knows that and they never come to an understanding. Eroor.

    #4: Superman says: "This ends now". Ew, that’s gross dialog. Error.

    #5: Wonder Woman got a boob job apparently because those things are globes. Weird.

    Now, some of the stuff that the reviewers had issues with I had no problem with. Wonder Woman’s attack on Supergirl in the park made sense to me. It was a surprise test of how Kara handles her powers. An ambush to see what she’s made of.

    Darkseid’s voice. I loved it. I don’t know why. I just did.

    The shopping scene, I liked it. It was in-character for both Clark and Kara. Clark wants her 17 year old cousin to be happy, so he takes her shopping.

    Granny Goodness’ androgynous looks and voice. I loved it. It made the character more creepy crawly for me.

    Anyway, 6 out of 10 for me. The good edges out the bad in my opinion. It had interesting themes but it was a cool action flick.

  29. Much like many others I hated darkseids voice,like conner said its just the guy(can’t remember his name)talking normaly. it should of been more sinister and darker than that. I dont know why they didnt use michael ironside but this movie would of been better with him in it. Also is that darksied flying/hovering at the end? darkseid cant fly or hover and it looks like he was in that final fight.  Those are the two big problems for me, all revolving around darkseid unfortunately but what can you do. Overall though I did enjoy this movie but I still like puplic enemies better. This was a 7 out of 10 for me. BRING ON ALL STAR SUPERMAN! 

    P.S.  I noticed at the begining of the movie before the opening credits it was really dark animation wise,it was hard to see sometimes. I have good HD T.V. and dvd player so it’s not that my equipment is bad I just found it to be dark,did anyone else notice that at all?

  30. I really liked this movie.  Made me miss the fourth world characters.  How come DC is no longer using them?

  31. Did Conor say that they were going to release a DVD with all the shorts on it?

  32. @ScorpionMasada: Yes.

  33. 7/10 Entertaining along the lines of Public Enemies, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, but not great like Red Hood and Crisis.

  34. The Green Arrow short was great, but this one was not as good as the Red Hood, but I still bought this because I love the DC animated movies.

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