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Pick of the Week #152 – Marvel: 1985 #5

Show Notes

Ron Richards makes his triumphant return to the podcast, and just in time for a packed week of quality comic books.

Running Time: 01:02:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:38 – Marvel: 1985 #5 was the Pick and, really, did any other book stand a chance?

00:12:12 – Mark Millar was on a roll this week, with Fantastic Four #560 being a ton of fun.
00:16:00 – Conor’s Pick of the Week stress was relieved by Powers #30, which was a strong end to volume 2.
00:22:07 – Hellboy: The Crooked Man #3 ended stronger than it started and Josh was extremely satisfied by it.
00:24:40 – All the iFanboys are going Back to Brooklyn #1 with Palmiotti and Ennis.
00:30:15 – Proof #12 made not only Ron, but surprisingly Josh, squeal with glee.
00:33:40 – The New Avengers #45 had awesome art. The story? Not so much.
00:34:55 – Conor continued to enjoy Superman/Batman with issue #52.
00:36:33 – Daredevil #111 introduced Lady Bullseye and Matt Murdock finally gets some.
00:39:00 – Nova #17 brings Darkhawk back to the fold and Ron couldn’t be happier.
00:41:39 – Captain America #34 closed the chapter to act 3 pretty quickly.
00:43:24 – Conor loves Superman, specifically, Superman #680.

User Reviews:
00:47:07 – TheNextChampion is a big fan of Deadpool #2.

00:48:15 – Jesse writes in asking what big reveals in comics got us emotionally.

00:51:00 – Mike from Queens, NY has a lettering observation and wants a live show.

“An Eluardian Instance”
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  1. Shouldn’t it say: 00:01:38 – Marvel: 1985 #5 was the Pick and really, did any other book stand a chance?

  2. Hooray I got mentioned on the show again! Thank you guys very much again! Cant wait for itunes to load the episode….Come on itunes!!!! I hope I didnt confuse you guys like I did for my Action Comics review. ^^;

  3. @Ron: Boo! You didnt even read the issue and you still judged it boo!! I understand if you dont like Daniel Way overall, but you should give it a chance. Looking at his career (on wiki) I can see not a whole lot jumps out to me, probably because they are forgettable. But my only experience with Way is the Wolverine Origins ‘Deadpool arc and now this series….So yeah I guess I’m a little bias when it comes to Deadpool. He’s a great character, again if written well, and I think this is a very soild book. I didnt make it my POTW but it is a series you should at least give a try Ron…Come on our economy needs that extra couple of bucks!

    Oh and I’ve pretty much avoided anything Deadpool related for years now. Most of the stuff he’s been in is god awful and it’s only now that I’m feeling the rush for the guy again. How about this Ron…..you got X-Men and I got Deadpool….I guess we can keep it that way for now. Oh and btw, I just dont see what was so great about Superman this week. If you loved it, hey that’s great, but I honestly didnt see anything good with the issue what so ever.

  4. On Proof #12, Proof was hallucinated the whole issue because of the flu. ie the Shotgun turning into a snake. So I’m pretty sure that it was normal agent that got of the helicopter and he’s just hallucinating its the dragon………….

    Also no mention of the Ink Monkey Fairy fight?

  5. Look forward to downloading this later – anyone do an English accent?

  6. @Ron

    I’m glad your back from vacation.  Maybe I’ll take up the "BE NICE TO RON" cause.  Seriously, I appreciate your genuine unabashed love of comics, good and bad.

    No mention of Rulk though…

  7. I’m definitely not a Daniel Way fan, but I’m such a big Deadpool fan I had resigned myself to having to be pained every month when he butchered my favorite charcter.

    I was wrong. He is doing a great job so far, and the fact the first two issue have sold out and are getting second printings means a lot of people agree with me. 

  8. @bentheo   I guess I’m in a minority here, b/c I picked up the first issue of Deadpool, flipped through it, and wasn’t very impressed.  ‘Cable & Deadpool’ was one of my favorite books, and I’m finding it really hard to enjoy anybody else’s take on the character.  Weirdly, not keeping me from buying the ‘Cable’ book; probably b/c they’re so dissimilar, while ‘Deadpool’ feels like a rehash, minus all the stuff that made C&D interesting to me.

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