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Pick of the Week #200 – Sweet Tooth #1 (Live from Jim Hanley’s Universe!)

Show Notes

It’s our big 200th episode, recorded live in front of a comic book audience on September 4th at Jim Hanley’s Universe! We talk the books of the week and take lots of audience questions. If you were there, you might have even gotten a prize. You should have been there. It was a lot of fun!

Running Time: 01:09:19

Pick of the Week:
00:01:42 – Josh’s Pick of the Week, Sweet Tooth #1, is a hell of a start to a new series, and bargain priced at $1.

00:10:39 – Mark Waid has his stride going in full with Irredeemable #6.
00:13:58 – Chew #4 serves up another plate of awesome, in a completely different way this time.
00:16:38 – Josh and Ron thought Incognito #6 was the best of the bunch. Conor, not so much.
00:19:14 – 2 out of 3 were entranced by Strange Tales #1. Guess which wasn’t?!
00:23:42 – The title and haircut are both back for Ultimate Spider-Man #2.
00:26:05 – This Resurrection #3 book from Oni Press sounds pretty interesting!
00:28:20 – Sven is back in Northlanders #20. Still badass.
00:29:19 – Creepy and eery, The Mighty #8 moves slowly forward in the best way.
00:30:48 – Josh and Conor take a powder while Ron talks about Cable #18.
00:32:08 – Did you like The Damned? Check out Immortal Weapons #2! Or vice versa.

User Reviews:
00:33:28 – Owlyfan is loving Invincible Iron Man #17 and how crazy Tony is going.
00:34:55 – Stuclach is solving the mystery of Witchfinder in the Service of Angels #3.

Audience Questions:
00:37:40 – Gabe incites Mayhem, and asks about the progress of podcasting.
00:40:35 – The guys are found by Darrell, who wants to know who the next crop of indie stars to make it in the mainstream.
00:43:00 – Steve wants to know who else we want to interview and where iFanboy comes from.
00:47:12 – Stephen is thinking about paper stock.
00:48:33 – Brian asks about a Marvel answer to Wednesday Comics.
00:49:45 – Chris asks what three things we’d remove from comic-dom.
00:52:54 – Ali follows up her top 5 series questions from the BBQ show that Josh didn’t answer, and checks our corps status.
00:54:40 – Jennifer asks which creators still got it after all these years.
00:56:34 – Chris asks about our favorite comic book video games.
00:59:27 – Excalipoor tries to rope us back into more manga shows.
01:02:12 – David asks who should do new anti-drug comics.
01:03:15 – Michael asks about building community on iFanboy.

Thanks to everyone for 200 really great shows! Well, there were probably a few clunkers, but who remembers those?

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  1. Awww I could’ve met Darrell! 🙁

  2. This link doesn’t work.  Lame.

  3. It works fine for me.

  4. Congrats on 200 episodes. You guys did it the HARD way–the RIGHT WAY. (Not sure exactly what that would mean, but it rings true.) You could, however, count up all the video podcasts, mini-podcasts, and movie specials you’ve done, and then re-number the podcast every time you’re about to hit a milestone… You’d be way ahead of Comic Geek Speak if you did that…

    @robby: Sunday afternoon I just start trying http://media.libsyn.com/media/ifanboy/iFanboy_podcastXXX.mp3 in my browser every now and then, and whenever they get the next episode uploaded it’ll show up, even before they get the show notes page done and post the proper links (replace "XXX" with the next episode number). If this access secret is too dangerous to be shared, feel free to delete my post. Information like this could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands.

    Congrats again, fellas.

  5. what link? i feel so embarrass to ask those manga questions. i’m glad i was looking at the manga books next to coor instead of the crowd. lol.

    @thenextchampion how come you didnt come?

  6. @excalipoor: Cause I had work….and I forgot to call off for that day. I’ve cried a bunch of times knowing I could get drunk with my fellow ifanmates.

    Well at least see them drunk. Sorry what we’re we talking about?….

  7. Finished the show and what a show it was. Congrads to your 200th podcast and I can’t believe we’re halfway to 400. Sounds like you all had fun and hopefully the next time this happens and I can join in on the fun.

    No way did that last sentence sounds dirty…

  8. Mayhem to you, iFanboys!

  9. Just finished up.  Great show, congrats for hitting 200.  Next big live show better be in SF.  If it is, first round is on me.

    I bid you all MAYHEM! 

  10. Really great episode, this was fun!

    Sorry I couldn’t be there but this was great to listen to, and I enjoyed hearing voices from people whose names I know around the site.

  11. First of all, congrats to all you guys on reaching 200, and this was a great show. Wasn’t it said in there that this episode would also be released as video? If so, then when is that gonna be released?

  12. Congrats again on reaching 200!  I had a fabulous time at the podcast and at the bar, and I look forward to the experience of listening to a podcast I saw live.  Thanks again for a great evening!

  13. Big congrats on 200 episodes of the best comics podcast out there. Do you have ANY IDEA how great of a job you guys have to do to be my favorite podcast in a world where Tom VS The Flash exists? Good job all around!

  14. I feel lame for not getting the reclaim the term fanboy joke.  Explain? 

  15. Woo! I got a shout-out! Thanks Steve AKA cyberauron!

  16. I have always imagined Prax to speak with an english accent. Did anyone at the show notice if he at least wore a monocle?

  17. I had a great time at this and after this…though I never realized how goofy my voice sounds!

  18. Thank you for mentioning my review.  I can’t believe I gave Stenbeck credit for Stewart’s colors. 

    Click on my username to get an explanation of why it sucks so much.

  19. Enjoyed the show, but what was the laughter around Cable and a phone?
    This gives me a chance to ask – what exactly does ‘represent’ mean in the context of meeting a person? Represent your local area? Are you making a joke about old style slang, as you do with all the ‘dudes’?
  20. Congrats on 200 and another great show.  And thanks for mentioning my review as well.


    As for the Cable laughter, I assume it was Josh and Conor zoning out while Ron talked about the Xmen universe.

  21. @Mart – When Ron started talking about Cable, Josh pulled out his iPhone and Conor grabbed a manga from the shelf to his left. 

  22. Thanks Paul. I may have a look in the video version. Sorry I never got . . .

  23. De La <3.

    Thanks for the ‘cast, guys!

  24. Congrats on 200, guys.  And, more importantly, THANKS for 200.

  25. Hurm… sounds like Jim Hanley’s Universe is the kind of shop I need in my city.

  26. Congratulations guys! Great show as usaul.

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