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Pick of the Week #199 – Batman and Robin #3

Show Notes

With Josh off fishing for urchins… sea urchins (it’s a hell of a way to earn a livin’, don’tcha know), Conor and Ron trolled the bars for a guest host and found Jason Wood from 11 O’Clock Comics! This week, Ron admits he has a problem, Conor gets bamboozled, and Jason reveals the secrets behind his show!

Running Time: 01:00:40

Pick of the Week:
00:01:53 – Conor’s Pick of the Week, Batman and Robin #3, raises the stakes for all super hero comics.

00:10:13 – Ron and Conor, two old time Flash fans, really loved The Flash: Rebirth #4.
00:16:03 – Jason, an old time Fantastic Four fan, really loved Fantastic Four #570.
00:21:41 – Dark Avengers #8 only hit Ron because it loves him so much.
00:26:04 – J.H. Williams continues to dazzle with Detective Comics #856.
00:29:30 – The ol’ bait and switch was pulled in Gotham City Sirens #3.
00:30:48 – The sleeper book of the week? Dark X-Men: The Beginning #3!
00:34:32 – Green Lantern #45 proves that Carol Ferris is the toughest of the JLA significant others.
00:35:44 – Sherlock Holmes #4 is a classic Holmes tale that would make Doyle proud.
00:37:12 – Jason and Ron enjoyed the hell out of the one-two cosmic punch that was Nova #28 and Guardians of the Galaxy #17!

User Reviews:
00:40:28 – akamuu really didn’t like The New Avengers #56.
00:42:47 – changingshades really did like X-Force #18.

00:45:58 – Eric from Oshkosh, WI is still bitter about Dr. Frederic Wertham.

• Make sure you check out Jason Wood on 11 O’Clock Comics and check out their forums!

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  1. What? No X-men Forever story time from Ron. Major bummer.

  2. Oh man!  It wasn’t Wood’s anniversary!  He was stepping out for some strange! 

  3. I was wondering when you guys are ever going to mention Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy again. So "madd propzz" to you!

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  5. just a quick comment about new avengers. i think Clint was effected by the anti-power machine thing because he was once Goliath…. he may have weird residual powers so that might be messing him up

  6. For anyone who wants to know even more about Wertham and his effects pick The 10 Cent Plague

  7. Good show, guys. I agree on Dark X-Men #3 being a great sleeper. Cornell & Kirk should be commissioned to write an Emma and Namor mini. And I wasn’t even a big fan of "Get Mystique", but turning the page to find a Jason Aaron story was a wonderful surprise.

  8. Got this ready for the morning commute tomorrow. I’m really interested in the new team on Fantastic Four, particularly since I’m getting a little worn out with New Avengers.  May be time to exchange one for the other.

  9. Yay, talking about me

     I like that the replacement slipped in the wrestling terminology. 

     I’ve got an hour and a half lay over in SF Saturday. That has nothing to do with anything, but I felt like sharing. 

  10. Can’t go wrong with Wood on a podcast.  Great choice!

    I might have to go pick up the Dark Reing: FF trade when it comes out.  I didn’t really enjoy the first issue of that, but I’ve heard nothing but great things since.  Figure I should give Hickman’s Marvel work another shot.  Great show guys

  11. thanks for rocking some Cat Power!

  12. I think there’s some kind of law of physics where the more Ron likes an X-book, the less I do.  I don’t mean that as a criticism, I just think it’s funny :).

    I liked the Hickman FF issue, though I’m a little apprehensive about how he’s going to handle Susan.  He seems to have a really good grasp on all the other characters, but it’s hard to tell about her so far.  

    Detective was easily my favorite part of the week, though.  That dance scene was spectularly drawn, and as an old ‘Gotham Central’ fan, I was very pleased to see Maggie Sawyer.


  13. "Jockmania" sounds sexy.

  14. I’d like to know why you guys think Nova is fun. It’s been stuck in this War of Kings nonsense for months now and the story (at least to me) as grinded to a halt. The current issue was just so frustrating to read for the most part. The big fight was a joke, with Richard taking out that lady in a matter of panels. The banter was weak and I just don’t care about these members of the Corps now. Oh and what also infuriated me was that they took away all but eight members of the Corps with just a sentence!  You got all of these people stuck into the Corps, thanks to Worldmind/Ego, and they are just gone within an instant.

    I understand it’s all subjective but if you compare this issue to lets say 10 issues ago….there’s no comparison when this was a good comic. I think the Nova curse is hitting this title, most people just haven’t noticed yet.

  15. Would it be wise to read these 3 issues when it comes to trade, without reading the bat books ongoing?

  16. Referring to PoTW for the above comment.

  17. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever been more unhappy with a comic purchase than this latest Fantastic Four. I love the concept and you’re right, there were some nice character moments scattered about, but I just thought it was sloppily written and nearly incoherent (not incoherent form a "continuity" standpoint, just from a storytelling standpoint).  And I couldn’t abide the art at all. Not just Beefy Reed, but just the composition and layouts and everything.

    Just writing this it occurs to me that I’ve never really complained about a comic before. At most I’ve thought "eh." Something about this issue really hit a nerve with me. 

  18. @LukusLuke  I really haven’t been following RIP or Battle for the Cowl or any of that stuff, and I didn’t have any trouble getting up to speed with Batman & Robin.  At least for these 3 issues it stands on its own — though it seems people who read RIP are getting extra things out of it.

  19. Just to be clear,  O said in my review that the "1"for art was mostly because of the coloring on the issue.  That it was hard to really pinpoint Immonen’s pencils due to the horrific, horrific choice of coloring.  And that, generally, Immonen is a solid 3 or so, as far as art.


    I do give Bendis the two, though.  The Mockingbird with Cap shield would have been much cooler if it had the trademark Bendis panache.

  20. I think Lobdell did a good enough job on Sirens. Riddler was set up as a non-villian by Dini during his Detective run and this cemented it.

    Also, the player on this page is not playing the whole podcast.

  21. I didn’t think the story was that great in Batman and Robin this time. I picked Flash as my PotW. Also, I do not like buff Reed.

  22. RE: New Avengers – i think Hawkeye was affected by the device because he’s actually a creation of the Scarlet Witch. Remember, she brought him back during house of M after killing him in Avengers: Disassembled? Maybe Bendis will touch on this more later, it could be an interesting development as Clint’s relationship with Wanda hasn’t been touched upon since that great Maleev New Avengers issue

  23. @mikegraham6  In case you haven’t been following Mighty Avengers, the next issue of that series does seem set up to deal with the Clint/Wanda fallout at least a bit.  It’s actually Loki impersonating Wanda, but Clint thinks it’s her so I’m interested to see how that will turn out.  Personally, I remember being a bit skeeved out by the two of them hooking up in that issue (hi, Clint, she killed you and she seems to be delusional, is this a good idea?) but there’s certainly potential for followup.

  24. If you look into it, Wertham did not want censorship. He was hoping to establish a labeling system such as the G, PG, A, R system. He wasn’t a villain.

  25. Yay, Chan Marshall!!!

  26. Cat Power makes my crotch tingle.

  27. Really great job by Wood!  I actually enjoyed listening to the show this week. I see why you people like it.

  28. You know, for the longest time I thought his last name was Woo. Cause of the way Vince howls it on 11’O Clock. 

  29. @josh: If you hated it would you also see how we see it? 🙂

  30. @Jason Wood – Nice work on the podcast. You did an excellent job explaining how the link between comic books and adolescent thuggery is simiply spurious correlation.  The crime linked to google use example was apt.  It’s too bad no one pointed this out in the 1950’s.  Thank you for contributing.  I’m going to go check out 11 o’clock comics.

    @josh – I’m glad to hear you’ve come around to your own podcast.  We missed you this week.  I hope you enjoyed your vacation.


  31. Wait, what is the video show this week?

  32. @JumpingJupiter – Wertham was totally a villain.  The IFanboys got it right, he effectively shut EC down by making them bow to the comics code.  A censor is a censor is a censor in my book.   If someone came around and wanted to censor novels with a "code", would you think that is ok?  My guess is that one day the ratings for movies will also disappear and we’ll look back at these times as the Dark Ages.  Yes, I’m sure his motives were reasonable and he didn’t have horns or a tail, but his actions will always condemn him as a man who stood in the way of art and progress.  You should read some Miller diatribes from his Sin City days about the corrosive effects of censorship.  Yea, it’s over the top, but its basically right too.

    But the IFanboys got the specific question about Wertham and superhero comics a little wrong too.  The truth is that todays superhero comics have for the most part improved because they’ve gotten out from under the comics code.  Superhero and sundry books like Dark Knight, Watchmen, Scalped, Criminal, Miracleman, Swamp Thing, Kick-Ass, the Ultimates, all are the sorts of books that were impossible after Wertham got through with censoring of the industry.  So Wertham didn’t just hurt horror books, he slowed down the progress in superhero comics too.  When you think about the movies and music made in the 60s and 70s and then look at the comics, I don’t think you can even begin to argue that the genre suffered from being whitewashed by the Comics Code.

    We owe a debt to all the people who eventually overthrew that system, and we are all incredibly lucky it is gone.

    And, might I add, if Wertham were around today, he’d probably be trying to censor the IFanboys podcast due their occasional bad language and awkward sexual tensions.  🙂 I’m glad that the podcast doesn’t have to go through a board to get review, and I bet the IFanboys are too.

    Bravo to Ron, in particular, for bashing Wertham as hard as he did (he took the first shot and the best one!)

  33. I’ve never listened to 11 O’clock comics because of all the bad rap it get’s on around comics from the podcasters… someone sell it to me, are they good? Funnier than Tom Katers? (this is not a requirement but a bonus)

  34. Wow, thanks for all the kind words everyone. It was a pleasant surprise to get the chance to sit in for Josh while he was exploring the wonders of urchin life. Ron and Conor and Josh have a really top notch system that made this pretty much plug and play. It was evocative of when I got married and the priest kept whispering under his breath when we had to sit or stand or move or say something. These guys have their stuff down PAT. It also helped that the books on the docket were all things I a) read on a regular basis and b) feel comfortable discussing.

    @Mangaman — I laughed out loud at your comment about Around Comics. Not sure if you realize but Chris (of Around Comics) is the same Chris who co-hosts 11 O’C, and both Tom and Sal are regular fill in guests on our show when one of us can’t be there. Their bashing of 11 O’C on AC is tongue in cheek, we’re all really good friends and cohorts. It’s analogous to the way iFanboy and AC bash each other, but are buddies. As I said on the POTW episode, 11 O’C is the polar opposite of POTW in that we’re 100% unscripted with no formal structure. After the opening salvo and drink roll call, it’s a free for all discusison between the four of us until we hit the 2-hour-ish mark. I’ve been humbled by the audience we’ve built in such a short time. These days there are SO MANY comics podcasts that I figured any ‘new’ show would struggle to build any kind of scale, but for some ungodly reason, folks like to listen to us ramble. Go figure.

    Thanks again to Ron and Josh and Conor for the chance to sit in. Was a blast.



  35. Someone actually took our advice on Around Comics?

    First time for everything I guess…

  36. Hurm…

    *subscribes to 11 o’clock comics on Zune*

  37. Big fan of 11 o’clock Comics (and AC). So it was a pleasant surprise to see Wood on the roster this week. Great show all around. 

  38. Oh my…. this new podcast group is so refreshing… I … I do believe I know what I’ll be doing during the iFanboy break. *is eating up the 11 oclocks show*

    The best part is… they talk for two full hours all the time. That’s probably the only improvement I can think of for ifanboy. I could eat up the more minutes you folk talk. More Ron, Josh, Conor, Jimski, Paul, Sonya and Mike!! (but they’re probably sick of each other by hour 1 xD)

    I already have to replace my headphones due to wear n’ tear.

  39. Glad to hear my question on the show, thanks guys.

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