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Pick of the Week #248 – Chew #13

Show Notes

Ron Richards is off doing the galavanting so we brought in our man, Jim Mroczkowski to fill in for the be-Marveled one. We handle the comics of the week, and try to figure out how you can be as fast as three men. It’s always something, man.

Running Time: 01:07:45

Pick of the Week:
00:02:28 – Chew #13 keeps getting better, and adding layers, and how about that fricken?!

00:11:42 – Thunderbolts #147 was kind of great, and kind of muddled.
00:14:04 – Seriously, what is Hank Pym wearing in Avengers Academy #3?
00:18:21 – Josh weighs in on the ending in Ex Machina #50. Did it go thud or bang?
00:24:15 – Yes, Fables #97 proves that this is still an ongoing series.
00:27:54 – Some of us are a little fuzzy about which Avengers book is which. Apparently, The New Avengers #3 was a good one.
00:33:31 – Like Hank Pym’s outfit, who can explain Warren’s hair in Wolverine: Weapon X #16?
00:34:32 – Conor can’t figure out the aging in Batman Beyond #3. Other than that, super.
00:36:13 – Making the absurd into quality. That’s what G.I. Joe: Origins #18 does.
00:38:02 – They done git with the ‘splainin in The Sixth Gun #3. ‘Bout time too!
00:39:59 – Opinions are split on CBGB #2.

User Reviews:
00:42:29 – Akamuu says The Boys: Highland Laddie #1 is greet, ya ken?
00:44:18 – StorytellersSJK goes flap in the night with Darkwing Duck #3.

00:46:45 – Darryl asks what Absolutes he should buy on his limited budget.
00:43:49 – Ben requests that we name the lamest superpower.

00:54:12 – Dan wants comics for his dad, and they better be historically accurate!
00:57:21 – Sean from NY wants to come to NYCC, and should be bring his lady friend?

Giveaway Winners:
01:00:22 – Eric Lee Klingman wins the Time Bomb issue signed by Jimmy Palmiotti and Paul Gulacy! Don’t miss all the other great giveaways!

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“I’ll Be Your Man”
The Black Keys


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  1. Love the Keys.  Great choice!

  2. Theme song to King of the Con: Thomas Jane’s Hung! Yay! 


  3. skids is the girl with the force field power from x-factor

  4. Great show as always guys. Great review especially of Fables. This issue was excellent and easily my pick of the week but it does seem to be under even my radar at this point. Weird.

    I also loved your answer to the Absolute question. Definitely, reading more is way better an idea than going for a $100 single volume. Of those, my pick would be, actually thanks to recommendations from this very podcast, Strangers in Paradise. It’s brilliant and the pocket books are great value for money.

    One thing though, they do seem to be reissuing Alias and Daredevil in ultimate paperback editions, which seem to collect something like 20 issues in full colour for $30 or so so they’re good choices as well. 

  5. Oh and as for historical comics, how about Bendis and Andreyko’s superb Torso?

  6. What is Brian K Vaughn doing that they can’t talk about? I want to know just to support his work.

  7. @SummerSleep: Movies.

  8. Didn’t he say in that interview that you ran here last week that he had some comics in the works as well?

  9. @Ilash: Yes. I’ll believe them when I see them.

  10. @Conor: Sadly that does seem like the most reasonable response right now.

  11. I really appreciate anytime that despite the spoiler warning, you guys (really just Josh this time) try to swerve any actual reveals.  I still feel like there is a lot I can look forward to in the final Ex Machina trade.

  12. Certain books are largely consumed in trade form, and we try to keep that in mind. Regular Marvel/DC fare though? Spoileriffic.

  13. Rogue – "she cannot find love!"

    Except in the arms of The Sentry.

    Sorry, it had to be said. 😀

  14. Great ep, Jimski definitely piqued my interest in avengers academy with his little blurb, going to pick those 3 issues up (and maybe thunderbolts too)

    I also went and watched the History ep of the video show and wow how did I miss that the 1st time around it was a hilarious one. ALSO the one before that was a POOL EPISODE? WHAT?

  15. Lamest superpower is that dude from Heroes whose superpower was giving his wife cancer.

  16. You guys have finally convinced me to get into Chew. (Been ages since I "got into" something new. I’m giddy.)

  17. At 10:48 there’s an ESPN jingle… was someone running a mock draft during the podcast?

  18. Great show.  I would also recommend ‘Alias’ out of those books that Darryl was considering for catch-up.  There’s nothing else like it, it’s self-contained if you want it to be, but we’re still seeing the characters and storylines from the book being developed in current books (like Jessica’s part in ‘New Avengers’ and Luke’s fight with the Purple Man in T’bolts this week.)  I also second Jim about ‘Avengers Academy’ being worth a look for people who haven’t picked it up (and maybe aren’t grooving with the main Avengers books); it really is totally unique. 

  19. @Latimagic: That was the alert on my iPad that the Yankees games was over. I forgot to turn it off before we started recording.

  20. You’re fired!

  21. Finally.

  22. Great episode. I really enjoyed the discussion on Chew and Ex Machina.

    I also sympathize with Jim regarding New Avengers and particularly Bendis’s writing of Spider-Man. I dropped the title a while ago because the way Bendis wrote Peter Parker just seemed too ridiculous to me. It was entertaining the first fifty times I read the character, but after a while you just think: "No sane personality would be this silly and jokey ALL THE TIME." Seriously, we all know that Spidey’s a joker, but Bendis’s 616 Spidey seems to suffer from some sort of obnoxious personality disorder. Is he on mood-altering drugs? SHOULD he be? There’s something very wrong because the character’s dialogue doesn’t match any sort of reality that I can believe in. It totally takes me out of the book. It’s like Bendis is always just going for the punchline at the moment rather than thinking about the guy as a living cohesive personality. (/pssh sorry for the rant!)

  23. I agree with Jimski.  I really think that Avengers Academy is the surprise Avengers book in the market.  If it wasn’t for Mike Mckone’s art, I wouldn’t have given it a chance.  It’s a great book! 

  24. The "lame superpower" character that Jimski was referring to was Skids from X-Factor and is a she not a he.

  25. @Horatio – Answered 3 comments in. C’mon man. You’re better than that.

  26. If you listen closely to the crosstalk, I even correct myself. And if you play it backwards, I say "Beyonder, light my fire."

  27. It’s true. My mouse burst into flame as I was editing.

  28. Michel Hundred=Tommy Cardetti


    And it broke my fucking heart 

  29. @Jimski – I heard you begin to correct yourself, but you got cut off.  I knew there was NO WAY you didn’t know that!

    @Josh – I only read the even-numbered comments.  I learned it from Star Trek.  Yes, it’s infrequently useful on message boards, but old habits die hard.

  30. I was thinking, "Based on the art from that era, Skids probably could have been mistaken for a dude."

    Skids, incidentally, is a character badly in need of a Havok-Polaris-and-Rachel style search party.  She was involved in some foreshadowed-to-be-crucial Magneto related plot as a double agent for SHIELD, prior to Messiah Complex, and has NEVER BEEN SEEN AGAIN.

  31. I need that Alias omnibus . . . I’ve only read one trade of the run and it was awesome and it wasn’t the first trade.

  32. I think somebody mentioned, the Alias omnibus is out of print/hard to find but the whole thing is in two ‘Ultimate Collection’ TPB’s, which is a very good format.

  33. Yeah, I’ve seen it at crazy inflated price, which I won’t pay.

    I’ll probably wait for the reissue or try and have a shop track it down.

    I did just get a Fell hardcover for cover price that I hadn’t been able to track down for a year or so.

    I still have hope.

    ohcaroline, I have a hardcover problem . . .

  34. For lamest superpower you have to delve into the Legion of Super-Heroes rejects.

     Arm-Fall-Off Boy, who could pull his own arm off and beat you with it for example.  Or Color Kid, who could change the colour of objects.

  35. Coincidentally, I just finished listening to a podcast from "This American Life" called "Superpowers" and one of the segments addresses lame superheros. In fact, there’s apparently a whole website dedicated to them (http://gone-and-forgotten.blogspot.com/) and, just like the iFanboy guys, everyone seems to think 3-D man is possibly the lamest. Here’s a link to the full podcast that also includes an incredible segment with John Hodgeman waxing philosophically about flight vs invisability:


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