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Pick of the Week #298 – Flashpoint: The Outsider #3

Show Notes

This week Ron Richards reads a lot from Wikipedia, Josh Flanagan pitches a new book for Marvel, and Conor Kilpatrick reveals a bit too much about his reality television viewing habits!

Running Time: 00:57:25

Pick of the Week:
00:02:03 – Ron’s Pick of the Week, Flashpoint: The Outsider #3, wrapped up a great mini-series.

00:10:52 – Daredevil #2 was just as good as the first issue.
00:16:16 – After X-Men: Schism #3 Conor wonders where are the stakes that split the team? In Generation Hope #10, Ron says.
00:19:43 – Captain America #2 shows that this might not be the Cap series that Conor and Josh wanted.
00:22:34 – Conor took a nostalgia bath in DC Retroactive: Batman – The ’90s.
00:26:20 – There was awesome meta commentary in Justice League of America #60.
00:29:17 – Uncanny X-Men #542 was Kieron Gillen at his inventive best.
00:30:48 – There was more awesome meta commentary in Batman #713.
00:32:36 – Gabriel Hardman is back in Hulk #39 and it’s awesome.
00:35:12 – Ultimate Fallout #6… ended.
00:36:09 – Deadlands: Death Was Silent was Josh’s surprise favorite book of the week.
00:37:05 – With Hellblazer #282, Josh finally appreciates Simon Bisley.

User Reviews:
00:38:02 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:39:31 – midwinter thought that Legion of Super-Heroes #16 could have been better.
00:40:36 – Jdudley is done trying to implore people to read Journey Into Mystery #626.

00:41:56 – Eli has some really nerdy questions about the Infinity Gems.

Voice Mail:
00:46:03 – Jeff from Texas has some thoughts on female superhero costumes.
00:48:03 – Mike from Houston, TX wants to see the iFanboys on reality television.

00:51:11 – The new iFanboy.com is here!

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“Mine’s Not a High Horse”
The Shins



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  1. -“Ultimate Fallout #6… ended.”

    Yep, that sounds about right.

  2. The

    The Shins.

  3. Conor summed up every shred and fiber of sentiment I have on the female superhero costume issue in a sentence. I was rather stunned by the efficiency of his comment.

  4. Journey Into Mystery had Surtur and Destroyer this week.

    Why aren’t you guys reading this!? You love Kieron Gillen…

  5. Do you guys ever think about bringing out a new number 1 issue pick of the week podcast? Not a reboot, just a new number 1 for the buzz of it?

  6. I didn’t know who that X-Men girl was and her relationship to Wolverine so the “schism” with Cyclops lacked a punch for me. I still thought it was good, just not great.

  7. Gah!!
    What I meant to express—in my review of Journey Into Mystery—was that fans of Marvel’s Thor Mythos who are not reading Journey, are much like the folks who waited to see the aforementioned movies while their friends kept telling them how awesome they were.
    If Gillen keeps this quality up for another 10+ issues, JIM will absolutely be remembered as one of the greatest Thor runs ever—with barely any Thor, no less.
    Meanwhile, Fraction’s run on Thor… won’t.
    Just don’t be late on this bandwagon’s all I’m sayin’

  8. I may have to read that JLA issue because I love meta commentary. The ‘flashbacks to things we never saw’ concept was also used this year in one of my favorite episodes of “Community.”

    And speaking of television, Bentley may be the worst reality contestant ever. Let’s hope the Bachelor never goes Bad Girls style and makes a comic book.

  9. what’s goin on with red skull right now? he dead or whatever? why isn’t cap fighting him.

  10. Just wanna point out that the audio player still doesn’t seem to work in Safari.
    Sort of annoying. Other than that, digging the new site!

  11. As charming as a rude boy Foggy would be, I (along many other keen-eyed Marvelites) felt pretty certain that the fedora and shades were a nod to the supercool MIKE MURDOCK: http://www.theothermurdockpapers.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/ClothesDaredevil28.jpg

  12. Loved the conversation about “The Outsider”. I’ve loved the series and it seems to have gotten better with each issue. Great character and great POTW.

  13. ron undersells evil dick.

  14. great show, love the new site.

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