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Pick of the Week #348 – Saga #6

Show Notes

It’s iFanboy in the Morning! With a groggy Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards, Josh Flanagan extolls the virtue of near comics perfection with both the Pick of the Week and the book of the month. It’s so much good comics, that we’re running out of adjectives. PLUS! Conor put Ron out to dry in advance of the impending 350!

Total Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:02 – Josh is running out of things to say about Saga #6 and its greatness.

00:10:06 –  No one told Ron there would be DRAGONS in Avengers vs. X-Men #10.
00:12:29 –  Wonder Woman #12 brought Cliff Chiang and the awesome at the end.
00:15:02 – Does it get any better than Mike Allred on Daredevil #17? We don’t think so.
00:18:00 – Conor heralds the return of J.H. Williams III in Batwoman #12.
00:19:22 – There’s a nice art surprise for Ron in New Mutants #47.
00:21:19 – An artistic tour de force for the second to last issue in The Shade #11.
00:23:18 – A controversial end to Butcher Baker: The Righteous Maker in issue #8 and Josh loved the truck and the whole dang thing.
00:24:43 – Conor avoids his first Before Watchmen title with Before Watchmen: Rorschach #1.
00:26:38 – A creepy cover creeps out Josh with Hellblazer #294 and gives it a hootin’ and a hollerin’.
00:27:57 – The Walking Dead #101 brings a pleasant surprise to the next chapter after the horrifying incident.
00:29:33 – Conor welcomes the fill in artist on Saucer Country #6 .

User Reviews:
00:31:22 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:32:36 – Kipper2099 joins Conor in his celebration of  DC Universe Presents #12.
00:34:30 – Creyes247 provides a supportive blurb for Revival #2.

Book of the Month:
00:37:25 – The trifecta is complete as Josh picks Darwyn Cooke’s latest with Richard Stark’s Parker: The Score.

00:48:45 – Jonny moves to issues and laments the ads.
00:50:50 – Emmanual from Nigeria wants to know the best way for him to become a comic artist.

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  1. Allred made Stilt-man cool looking

  2. Allred’s art on Daredevil is such a godsend, he has such a different and rock n roll style that’s so entertaining. Quite frankly, anyone who doesn’t have fun seeing his art should have their taste questioned in…well…everything!

  3. I love how Ron pronounces “RAWR- SHACK”

  4. The first radio shows were invented to hold the audience’s interest in between the advertisements. So when you think about it, you’re actually paying for the ads when you buy the monthlies.

  5. Great podcast!Looking forward every Sunday for each show.However I’m missing the video comic book reviews!When are we gonna see those again?

  6. I randomly found a copy of Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter at my secondary LCS. I would never have given the book a second glance had it not been for the BOTM selection.

    Now, I am going to hand write a letter of apology to Darwyn Cooke. I finished the book so fast. I bought the next two hardcovers on Amazon.

    Also, my LCS had gotten in extra copies of Saga #1, so I broke down and got that as well (I was gonna wait for trades). I bought the remaining five issues the next day.

    iFanboy (community included), you’ve done your job well. (but man, I wish I had heard about “Parker” sooner.)

  7. What was the controversy over Butcher Baker? Was the issue a sudden finale or something?

  8. ##Artist###

  9. On the ads in comics thing that’s another awesome things about digital comics. I haven’t read an ad since I I made the switch to all digital and the occasional trade.

  10. Great show guys. I often gripe about the ads in comics, but then I remember that it was an ad that first got me to check out iFanboy, so they’re not all bad.

  11. Uncanny X-Force has been extra amazing for the last three issues. Ron???? Conor maybe??

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