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Pick of the Week #145 – Final Crisis #3

Show Notes

Running Time: 01:05:55

Pick of the Week:
00:01:52 – Final Crisis #3 had a hell of a sense of dread, and that’s what Conor wanted for his Pick of the Week.

00:14:00 – Let’s just get all this DC stuff out of the way with Nightwing #147, Robin #176, and finally…
00:16:47 – Detective Comics #847 was a bit weird.
00:18:00 – Everything’s coming up Criminal 2 #4.
00:23:23 – Josh goes out for a bathroom break while Conor and Ron talk about Buffy the Vampire Slayer #17.
00:25:44 – Who are those handsome devil’s in Chris Eliopoulos’ Franklin Richards Summer Smackdown?  Great for the kids too!
00:28:27 – Jonah Hex #34 causes strife among the iFanboy ranks. We get over it.
00:31:45 – It’s all coming together in Echo #5.
00:34:32 – Josh digs Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #1, and Conor’s read better. Ron wants to marry the cover.

User Reviews:
00:37:10 – cammyknoxville is digging Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas #2.
00:38:31 – ultimatehoratio likes the new The Authority #1. It happens to be by Abnett and Lanning, so that’s good, right?

Book of the Month:
00:42:43 – Ron gives Conor the slow clap for his Book of the Month Pick, Captain America: Operation Rebirth.

00:52:17 – John F. wants to know about ret-cons, and Ron and Conor get into some schooling.
00:56:02 – Ben in St. Louis is a teacher who wants to help kids read comics. Find out more here.

00:58:01 – Scott from St. Louis, MO says the current Wolverine arc is just The End League. Hey, what happened to that book?

Elvis Costello



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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the lending library plug!  So far, quite a few people have contacted me, which is a few more than I had ever anticipated!  If these books find their way here, this could be something pretty darn cool not only for the school, but the district itself.

  2. Pfft, I’m 19 I get the Rico Suave reference.  Don’t forget that teens reading comics are often quite pretentious.

  3. Questions for Echo readers. Is it sci-fi? Does it weave in the supernatural and/or the occult? What rating would you put on it? PG-13? R?

  4. Sci-Fi, PG-13.

  5. I’ll probably get into it then.

  6. Sounds like a good show, cant wait for the itunes to load it up…

    Although I’m surprised you guys didnt talk about Hulk #5 this week. I believe only Ron (even if it’s come to him by now) is only picking it up…but other then Conor’s pick, this was the only title constantly commented on threw the week. But then again it’s best maybe not to talk about it and hope it just disappears on the wayside…Like a tick biting at your ankles.

    Still great pick, and great show as always.

  7. My favorite ret-con? Alan Moore’s reinvention of Swamp Thing. He created a new direction for the character (far, far off from its origin as a horror archetype), but did *not* negate any previous Swamp Thing stories (including the classic Wein/Wrightson issues).

  8. Terry Moore is great at drawings people and everyday environments. But I feel his "Tech" rendering is still really lacking. But that’s just me.


  9. Great Show!

    I loved Final Crisis #3 last week, mainly for the same reasons as was mentioned on the podcast. I’m really dreading the whole deal about the art, the first two issues had absolutely fantastic art! While the third issue’s art wasn’t as good, I want to see Jones finish it out. I hope the new artist just does backup stories, as was mentioned on the podcast.

    What cover did you guys think was better? The Supergirl one or the one with the crazy Wonder Woman thing going on?

    By the way, great to hear an ad for Heavy Ink on here, I’ve been using them for quite a while, great store and saves me a ton of cash!

  10. About Heroes Reborn, beside the precursor to MK, wasn’t that also when Marvel was in actual danger of bankruptcy. And wasn’t this deal a bit of CPR for the company? I wasn’t a regular at this time, but from conversations and news bits I remember, it seemed like a real possibility then that Marvel could cease to be.

  11. _Great_ show! Josh was incredibly funny in this one. 🙂

  12. Aw, thanks you!

    I think the Supergirl cover was a better image, but I think the red final crisis bars with wonder woman is a better cover for the series as a whole.  They came up with great branding, and then diluted it.  Plus the Wonder Woman cover actually has something to do with what’s inside the book.

  13. Good point about the branding. I love when they pick a look and remain consistent throughout. Huntress Year One was like that. Batman RIP has that with the Ross covers. Johnathan Hickman of course has excellent brand awrareness and not just thoroughout one title but across many of his titles. And I do like the FC "Red Doorway" look. It stands out on the shelves as bold and strong.

    Graphic design! Yum!

  14. @patio – Reading the book COMIC WARS, which was all about Marvel’s period of near collapse, it would seem that what pulled Marvel our of bankruptcy were a lot of business deals and not Heroes Reborn.

  15. ah, well, that was how I perceived it at the time, or at least what I thought was their motivation for the stunt. I’ve heard of this book before. I’ll have to check it out. 

  16. @patio – I’m sure they wanted more sales, but it definitely wasn’t what saved them from bankruptcy.  Comic book sales themselves don’t have as much impact to the bottom line, not like licensing does.  We did a mini on Comics Wars.

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