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Pick of the Week #196 – Chew #3

Show Notes

It’s MAYHEM at iFanboy as Conor clocks in with the summer’s indie hit, Chew as the Pick of the Week amidst a wide array of comics this week. MAYHEM!

Running Time: 01:00:49

Pick of the Week:
00:02:08 – The best book Conor read this week was Chew #3 and it shows this series has got legs.

00:13:34 – Captain America Reborn #2 came close, again, to being the pick for Conor.
00:17:23 – Ron continues to be surprised and it happened again in Savage Dragon #151.
00:20:42 – Josh was pleasantly surprised by Doom Patrol #1.
00:25:23 – For 99 cents, how can you not give Irredeemable #5 a try? Now’s the time to jump on board!
00:27:50 – Josh probably would have gone with The Mighty #7 for his pick.
00:29:54 – Justice League: Cry For Justice #2 has some great character moments.
00:33:01 – The art is worth noting in The Amazing Spider-Man #601 and the story continues to kick ass as Mary Jane is back.
00:35:50 – Josh has a reason for Ron to like House of Mystery #16.

User Reviews:
00:37:20 – zombox is on the edge of his seat for Superman: World of New Krypton #6.
00:39:10 – TheNextChampion‘s dedication to Deadpool is waning with Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #2.

Book of the Month:
00:41:34 – The choice of Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter as Book of the Month was easy for Conor to make.

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  1. Your song choice in memory of John Hughes perhaps?

  2. "…and the story continues to kick ass as Mary Jane is back"

    As if Mary Jane being back is a good thing 🙂

  3. Here’s a b/w shot of that spread from House of Mystery #16.

  4. Oh man this podcast (the user review part) made me laugh out loud so hard that I almost spat all over my keyboard.

    Good work as always kiddies.

  5. Seriously, why don’t I never win anything? this is bull-dust!!

     I agree with Conor about Captain America: Reborn, really good. it’s funny that the story is just Steve having a massive flashback

  6. I always like in depth discussions of layouts. Keep those coming.

  7. I got ‘Irredeemable’ (the trade and the new issue) after hearing you guys talk it up, and it really is awesome.  Thanks for spreading the word.  I do agree with Josh that the ‘black electricity hero cliche’ talk was way overdone; if the writer thinks it’s dumb, nobody’s making hiim u, se it.  Still, a great trade and great issue, and the ‘evil santa claus’ observation is right on.  I like how this series is structured as a mystery, where we don’t really know what caused the Plutonian to go over the edge.

    I didn’t really enjoy the main Spider-Man story — just not to my taste, too much Peter and not enough supporting cast, which is fine — but the backup story really actively bugged me.  Considering how traumatic Jessica Jones’ experience as a superhero was, as ALIAS readers know — this conversation really seemed to trivialize it.  If we’re supposed to think that having a family and living with the Avengers has brought about a major shift in her attitude/set her on the road to recovering from her past, that’s fine, but there wasn’t even a hint of conflict in the way this was presented.  It just seemed like using the positive sides of Jessica’s story to stroke Peter’s ego without even acknowledging the downside of it.  Since I can’t imagine that’s what Bendis intended, it seems like something got lost in the translation. 

  8. Despite the anti-Marvel slant, you guys still put on a good show. Thanks for the podcast.

  9. Ron made a mention of the Doom Patrol cover but he forgot to mention the fact that Robot-Man is wearing a Question shirt.  Are they trying to make her into a kind of one-woman Robin Hood? Like a cross between what Oracle is and what they tried to make Batman with the whole "urban legend" angle?

  10. @WonderManFan

    Huh? If anything Ron and Josh are Marvel zombies. Just look at their pull lists each week. 


     Anyway, I’m surprised Ron didn’t mention Jersey Gods this week. It was fantastic and even beat out Chew for my PoTW. 

  11. I am just downloading the podcast, but:

    A) Thank you very much for putting my review on the podcast.

    B) Just by looking at the show notes I can’t say my dedication is waning. It’s just that Merc with a Mouth is a peice of garbage. The proper Deadpool title by Daniel Way is still one of the best Marvel books to come out month after month. Plus he’s becoming a pirate in the next arc so what’s not to love there?

  12. I’m just at the part with Savage Dragon…..What the hell is wrong with Larsen and does he has a weird sexual fantasy? Sure they might be fully related but still, might be the most fucked up thing I heard this week.

  13. @Miyamotofreak: Josh was never a Marvel Zombie. Ron “had” been a Marvel Zombie, but now loves the independent publishers. The ifanboys are still entertaining, but tend to be pretty anti-Marvel in their slants these days, compared to the love for DC and independent publishers. I still enjoy the podcasts, articles and everything else, which tends to be really good, but in my opinion I’m calling a spade a spade. Just my opinion after listening to the tone of the podcasts change over the last several months.

  14. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Why does liking other publishers equate to disliking Marvel? 

    The love is spread around.  

  15. @PaulMontgomery: … Says the guy who doesn’t even read anything Marvel. 8 pulls this week and none of them Marvel? I’m just saying… The slant is there.

  16. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I was talking about the guys on the show. 

    Jimski and I cancel each other out. 😉 

  17. … And the ifanboys passing up the opportunity to interview Stan Lee, because it wasn’t important to interview him again… It’s not a point in their favor.

  18. Ha!

    Sorry I just listened to my portion of the show, or I guess the user review section. Great timing with saying how I love Deadpool to my first lines of the review: ‘This title is dropped’. Laughed along with Ron on that.

    @conor: Yes I will drop Merc with a Mouth cause it is a bad title. In fact if I accidentally buy it, say my LCS guy didn’t write it off my pull bin, then I will personally burn it. I still have the proper Deadpool to read.

  19. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    There’s a whole Stan Lee video show!

    And an interview before that! I was there! I shook his hand!  

  20. Great review guys! Regarding Chew I agree with Ron about the cartoon-style of the art and normally I don’t care for it either, Humberto Ramos comes to mind with that style and I don’t enjoy his work at all. But here I think that it works because there is no point of refernce for these characters, the artist here is defining these characters.  It would be interesting to see if another artist did the book how it would look.

  21. @Paul: I got his leftovers from Denny’s last week!

  22. I think Josh, Conor, and Ron (or at least 2 of 3) should be required to change their opinions so that she show can be more balanced.  Give the people what they want!

    *This is a joke.

  23. Also I can’t spell.

  24. I remember that before Chew one came out, Bru tweeted that vertigo should have picked it up.  That sold me.

  25. Hey have you heard of this coming out called Mayhem?  Make sure to spread the word on twitter because I don’t think the word is getting out.

  26. If they Marvel allegations were true, and not terribly silly (which they are), the exact same comic books will come out for all to enjoy or not based on their merits and the readers’ particular tastes.

    In 6 months, we’ll be anti-DC, and somewhere, silently, someone will weep for our ignoring Dark Horse yet again.

    Trust me, if we weren’t fair to Marvel, Jim McCann would never speak to me again, and that’s something I simply cannot bear!

  27. Somewhere we’ve got all these shows with Darrell calling in leaving voicemails about how terrible Marvel comics are and how all the DC comics are superior. 

    That was silly as well.

  28. Also… may-HEM!

  29. I miss Darrell calling in. 

  30. I miss Darrell too, What happened? Did he die in a shot out or knife fight or something?

  31. @WonderMan The only "anti-Marvel slant" that I could even fathom from the iFanboys is that they often talk about how much they hate Marvel in-house coloring.

    Waiting to listen to this show at the dentist tomorrow. Also… talk about Jersey Gods, please. The book needs all the praise it can get. 

  32. ok, so here’s my Chew theory, keep in mind I haven’t read a bit of it.  But this is a day and age where "getting on board" is an issue (as in, a matter, not a floppy).  If we as readers miss something new, we have to go back and get the trade(s),  then there’s the point where we have to decide where to start picking it up in issues.  Josh basically wrote an article this week about just jumping in.  Isn’t the informal iFanboy mantra for 2009, "just jump on" or something?  How about the "where do I start with Green Lantern?" issue.

     So here’s a new Image #1.  We all keep hearing about great Image, or "Indy" in general, books that belong at the top of the heap.  Jersey Gods, Proof, Invincible, Walking Dead, who knows what else.  And many of us struggle to fit these new greats into our pull lists, possibly even blowing them off all together and just say, "Someday."  And here comes Chew #1.  It’s got a high concept.  It’s got just left-of-center cartoony art.  Stand-out title: CHEW.  It fits the bill, and we can all jump on from the beginning.  Those who bought it could say, "I was there from the start."

     Let’s assume the quality is as good as everybody has been saying.   The sizzle is to the newness as the steak is to the quality.  That only helps, and #2 sells better and #3 even more so.  Could that be why it was such a success from issue 1?

  33. I actually stopped reading Jersey Gods.  If it’s not in the notes, it’s not on the show.  I’m not sure any of us are still reading it.  At least not the week it comes out.

  34. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Josh – Now, remember, we named Dark Horse 2008’s publisher of the year. 

    And that was BEFORE Witchfinder Mania hit in a big, big way.  

  35. Yeah, back in 2008.  But what have we done for you lately, Dark Horse?

    Commence tearing.

  36. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Two good chances at a DH POW this week…

    Funny thing, horses.   

  37. I love that this site has its own continuity. I have a pet theory, which can be oversimplified as "your real life is full of plot holes," and from now on I’m going to use the "iFanboy is anti-_____" discussion as an illustration of it.

  38. I change my own canon constantly.  Sometimes, I like something, and then years later, I can feel differently.  Then, as quick as it happened.  I change my mind again.

    Human. This guy.

  39. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Incredibly inconsistent? 

    …or consistently incredible? 

  40. Re: Jim’s theory — I’ve spent possibly too much time this year on vacation with my family, and we’ve developed the concept of the ‘family wiki.’  For instance, my sister and I are both absolutely certain that, at some point in the early 90s, my father expressed the opinion that George was the best Beatle.  He now states that John was the best Beatle and furthermore that he never held such an opinion about George.  We can argue about this for hours.

    In short — do we really want a website where we voluntarily hang out to sound like a beach house with the family after it’s been raining for 3 days?  I’m just saying. 

  41. I have yet to listen to this, but I have to chime in and say that it would hardly be a good month at iFanboy if we didn’t get an outlandish accusation of being bias.  If anything, Wondermanfan is bias because he proclaims to love Wonderman!  Where’s the love for Jack of Hearts!?!?!

  42. Maybe if Mignola kept the Hellboy: Wild Hunt issues going then Dark Horse would get more coverage.

    Trust me when I say this; I did a shit load of research with ifanboy’s picks. It took me two days and the revelation that I am most likely a stalker but I do come bearing news favorable to ifanboy. Out of 287 reviews that is currently in archive on ifanboy.com; the top three comics for them are:



    Vertigo-19 (Or I guess Image at 17 if your gonna say Vertigo IS DC)

    So there you have it. As of right now for the entire history of ifanboy they have evenly picked the same amount of DC and Marvel for potw. So there! Now I’m off to turn myself in cause the restraining order set by Ron has been breached…

  43. I can’t speak for ifanboy, but for me Marvel isn’t getting as much coverage because they’re not really putting that much quality out right now.  Humorously enough, my lcs dealer says that regardless of writers, events, or hoopla the market share consistantly remains 40/40, with the rest of publishers picking up the dregs. 

  44. Industry wide, I think market share tends to favor Marvel, from what I understand. Not sure on the numbers, but Marvel’s held the high ground for quite some time.

  45. Geoff Johns writes Josh’s script on the show so his canon is constantly changing to make him more modern and cool.

  46. @josh

    That kinda sucks, I thought Jersey Gods really began with this issue. Sort of like how Invincible really got going after issue 7. It was actually my POTW over Chew. 

  47. I think…I can do without more "MAY-HEM" from now on.

  48. @drake: You crazy. I could use more MAY-HEM on this site. That should be the site’s new catchphrase.

    Out with "Is it Wednesday yet?" and into "iFanboy.com: MAY-HEM!"

  49. Also enjoyed Captain America, Reborn, and wondering what part he will play in the overall Dark Reign story.  However, I believe there is only one person that is destined to take down Osborn, and we all know who that is.

  50. Great show guys.

    Thanks to the pick and your San Diego ep you have turned me on to Chew…Thank you! Dug it the moment Chu bit into the serial cannibal in issue #1.

    I agree about the love for the art in it.  It made me think of the style used on characters in graffiti art which makes me think of Skottie Young’s art (love that stuff).

  51. I haven’t listened to the show yet and thus can only hope that all this talk of MAY-HEM is referring to Miles Mayhem and V.E.N.O.M. – Vicious Evil Network Of MAY-HEM! 
    That’s gotta be it, right?

  52. If people are missing Darrel calls they should stat listening to 11 O’clock comics. He’s on there several times an episode.

  53. Not sure if anyone’s seen the front page of the NY Daily News today, but all I have to say is: MAYHEM!

  54. Oh I saw it.

  55. I want this to be the new way we say hello.

    ‘MAY-HEM to you good sir.’

  56. "It’s like a dog who barks, it’s awesome!"

    That and the ‘klarion call’ line-Freakin’ great!!

  57. hello friends.

    I cannot stop laughing at this anti-Marvel notion.  Come over to my house someday and tell me to my face that I’m anti-Marvel and I’ll show you boxes and boxes and boxes and shelves and shelves of Marvel books and paraphenalia.  I drink out of a NOVA: the Human Rocket pint glass for christ’s sake.

    No where in our charter (if we had a charter) does it say that we can only like one publisher, and for the record, I’ve been reading Independents longer than I’ve read DC comics.  I started reading indies around 1995.

    RE: Darrell – he’s the man. He still calls in from time to time, but we haven’t played any voicemails recently as they haven’t really been his A-material – maybe one will get through soon…

    that is all.


    your friend in comics,

  58. MAYHEM!

  59. I would also like to add, in case it hasn’t been said enough…


  60. CHAOS!  No, no, wait, that’s not–I uh…I meant: MAYHEM!  Why do I screw everything up!  Stupid!  Stupid!

  61. Also, great show.  I sadly agree with Conner that marvel’s been in a bit of a creative slump since civil war.  I don’t think it’s anti-marvel to point this out. Sometimes to love is to expect more.

  62. I agree with Paul. Witchfinder was excellent.  It was my POTW. You guys should give it a shot. It is The Crooked Man quality.

    @WonderManFan – I once thought as you do (proof) ….and then I hung around the site for a year or so.  These guys (the core three) are about as unbiased a group as you can get.  Jimski is strongly Marvel biased and Paul is strongly Hellboy biased (they are both still excellent contributors to the site), but those three core guys are pretty consistently fair.

    Can we DE-MAY-HEM the site sometime in the near future? It just reminds me over and over that I didn’t get to go to SDCC.

  63. @ron: I don’t see you talking about Bongo comics or Avatar lately. So bam; this bias has been proven.


    (okay even I don’t read Bongo as much as I should…)

  64. Good job as always, MAYHEN!  I just put this comment so I could say mayhen.

  65. Mayhem…

  66. @Ron: you’re still the man. By the way, did you just invite all of us doubters to come over to your house? Sweet. Party at Ron’s house! MAY-HEM!

  67. I was out of town since Sunday afternoon, before both the POTW podcast and the GI JOE one was posted.  My need for these podcasts was so great, that I had to download and then burn these podcasts to CD at my friend’s house just so I could listen to them during my drive home today.

    Is it wrong that I’m as enjoy these podcasts so much?

    Oh, and mayhem.  Always mayhem. 

  68. Wow.  So many typos.  I’m so sorry.  And tired.

  69. Ron’s review of Mayhem might be my favorite iFanboy moment of all time.

  70. It’s true you know.  It *was* a comic book.

  71. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’d only experienced the Mayhem in text form. Hearing Josh actually showcase it audibly was a game-changer. 

    A delight! 

  72. just finished listening to the show on my drive home, only to hear my name associated with winning one of the geoff johns comics….  members really Do win with iFanboy.  yayyyy!  *cough*  i mean…  may-HEM!

  73. @Ron Put that Nova pint glass on eBay. I’d love to introduce you to my life savings.

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