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Pick of the Week #246 – Avengers: Prime #2

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All together now! Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Richards, and Josh Flanagan are all crammed into one hot room to talk about the week in comics, the Book of the Month, random objects in Conor’s bedroom and Step Up 3D!

Running Time: 00:56:03

Pick of the Week:
00:01:24 – With Avengers: Prime #2, Josh makes it two Picks of the Week in a row!

00:08:30 – Elseworlds returns with Superman: The Last Family of Krypton #1!
00:11:52 – Why wasn’t Baltimore: The Plague Ships #1 the Pick of the Week?
00:14:50 – David Lopez rocks in Hawkeye and Mockingbird #3.
00:18:10 – Sweet Tooth #12 was one of the best issues in a while.
00:22:35 – Conor and Ron disagree on S.H.I.E.L.D. #3.
00:24:38 – After Hellboy: The Storm #2, Josh thinks maybe it’s time to move forward.
00:26:20 – Tim Drake goes to extremes in Red Robin #15.
00:28:00 – Irredeemable #16 features the return of Peter Krause!
00:28:39 – Ron says that they’ve finally gone too far with New Mutants Forever #1.
00:30:08 – Neal Adams is crazy, and Batman: Odyssey #2 is awesome!
00:32:40 – Shadowlands #2 was not good.

User Reviews:
00:34:33 – JimmyF1982 loved the story in Brightest Day #7.
00:36:09 – hakaider is a big fan of Warren Ellis’ Supergod #4.

Book of the Month:
00:37:48 – Josh says that his Book of the Month, Stuck Rubber Baby belongs among the greats.

00:45:25 – Charles wants more books that feel like David Lapham and… David Lynch?
00:46:36 – PV from Chicago, IL asks when he should drop books.

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  1. Shadowland’s bringing Daredevil further & further out of character. It’s just like they are screwing with Daredevil just to make him a villain for no good reason! WTF! Really disappointed when I was about to pick up the Daredevil Andy Diggle trade coming out soon & now after reading this Shadowland issue it is just really disappointing me on how bad the quality of Daredevil has gotten. I may have to drop Daredevil after reading the title for years.

  2. The Daredevil solo title does give some context to Matt’s actions. . .not sure if it makes them better, but there is context.

  3. really Ron?  you’ve heard of Misty Knight but not Colleen Wing?  they’ve been paired together for years.

  4. Ron!  Colleen Wing used to date Cyclops!  *for shame*

  5. @ohcaroline Its really just the idea of this whole event that’s been really gettin me to drop the title completely, I mean I will accept the costume change n stuff, but killing Bullseye? Rejecting his morality on justice? I mean they pointed it out directly in this issue that he has gone far off the beaten path, but  I just don’t see why this is necessary to happen at all? It’s a realy shame cause I was really lokking forward to Diggle’s run on Daredevil on trade cause I loved his Hellblazer run soo soo much, but w.e hopefully they will retcon this or soemthing & Daredevil can go back to the way he was before all of this. When Brubaker made Daredevil the leader of the hand I thought that that set up would lead to some really good conflict & drama to Matt’s life, but judging by what I have been reading from Shadowland its just an excuse made to make him a new villain which if not done with good reason, is stupid.

  6. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Josh is always the bottom

    you guys are d bez’t


  7. How long before Daredevil starts running away crying about the Void… 😀

  8. Since apparently nobody is reading Daredevil, the DD title reveals that Matt is being possessed/controlled, so he didn’t choose to kill Bullseye at all.  I’m not saying this makes the story BETTER but it does explain a lot.

  9. @ohcaroline That  does make some sense but it somewhat also makes it worse, b/c him being possesed is somewhat veering into Mephisto One More Day territory right there! IMO Which is exactly what it feels like with Shadowland, its Daredevil’s One More Day. And its just really unfortunate cause I really expected much better from Andy Diggle. Really disappointed.


    @pchan126 Probably once Shadowland’s over & done with, lol. Ron said it & I am going to follow his advice that it is a good time to drop Daredevil now, unless once the trade comes out somebody picks it up & makes a convincing review of it, I am not touching Diggle’s run on Daredevil now.

  10. I’m taking an Avengers break currently due to being oversaturated with so many mediocre Avengers books as of late, but you guys make a strong case for me to get into Avengers Prime.  One thing I definitely wanted coming into Heroic Age was the interaction of the Big Three again and Avengers from BMB and JRJR is not doing it currently (although at this point, I understand why with the current story – I would just think they’d make it work somewhat in their flagship book).  Prime seems to be making good use of that.

  11. I think "good guy gets possessed, does crazy shit" is a fairly common comic book/SFF trope, isn’t it?  I don’t see the One More Day parallel.  Again, not saying it’s a good story but it does explain him acting out of character in Shadowland.

  12. @ohcaroline I am sure that it does explain it, but my point is that this is just not the way Daredevil’s character has been brought out to be throughtout the years. With the Bendis run we got the noir, street avenger of Hell’s Kitchen Daredevil, with Brubaker we got his redemption & brought Daredevil international as well as getting rid of Milla (which was awesome). Although I will admit that Brubaker had a lot of flaws going on with his run more so than Bendis, even though he had his fair share of flaws in his run as well, but never did any one of those runs did those very gifted writers stoop down to the level of bringing supernatural elements to Daredevil. NEVER. And for Diggle to do this with his run is not the Daredevil I grew to love over the last few years. I was expecting to have The Losers Diggle or even his reinvention of Green Arrow with the Year One storyline with some art that has a certain flair similar to Leonardo Manco when the two collaborated on Hellblazer. But based on the Shadowland event so far, not counting the Daredevil solo title running alongside the event mind you, we got the Sentry reincarnated through Matt Murdock/Daredevil and that is just an awful idea. So regardless of him being "possessed" or not I just believe that the way Diggle is handling this event with Daredevil is completely out of character even with the explanation & it just does not fit with Daredevil’s persona that has been built up so strongly & hard-boiled ever since Frank Miller’s run on the character & that is why I will not pick this run up & I am just gonna wait & pray for another writer to come up & fix this mess that Diggle has made with what used to be, an A-List book.

  13. I second that recommendation for Supergod. One of the few Ellis Avatar titles that lives up to the Ellis hype.

  14. Great show, guys.

    @SpiderTitan: "never did any one of those runs did those very gifted writers stoop down to the level of bringing supernatural elements to Daredevil"

    Uh, Bendis had a storyline with that little imp/demon critter. And Brubaker had The Hand, whose mysticism/death/resurrection stylistics are pretty supernatural, going back to Miller’s DD and The Hand resurrecting various super-powered warriors. I agree that Diggle’s run has been underwhelming, and I agree that DD is a very street-level character, but his world has at least BORDERED on the super-powered/supernatural for a very long time. This is a character with a very unrealistic super-sensory ability, let’s not forget. Even the most grounded DD stories are only a stone’s throw away from the supernatural.

  15. @froggulper I may be misleading my point with lines like that & for that I do apologize but what I am trying to get at is that Diggle’s handling of Daredevil through the Shadowland event is what’s really been disappointing to me, yes he has experienced the supernatural before & the Hand is steeped way down in the magics, but to have Daredevil do all of what he is doing throughout Shadowland & just explain in his solo title that it is not his fault he is merely possessed, that to me is just very bad storytelling. I mean plenty of writers have brought Matt out of character before but they did it with great care & ease that completely fit with the character as well as the explanation fitting him (at least most of the time) the best expample would be Daredevil I think is #191 when he is alone with Bullseye in the hospital with a gun in his hand playing Russian Roulette, if he killed Bullseye then & there, I guarantee that that issue would not be as profound as it is to this day, blc Dareevil is truly the Batman of the Marvel Universe he may go off the deep end at times, but he has a very strong moral code & that is what Diggle is losing sight of with Shadowland. He is completely taking the character’s morality out of the equation for no good reason & that to me is not good writing. Now regardless of either it is an event & maybe events Diggle can not handle, but he has a good sense a character if you read anything else by him he should’ve been a great addition to the legacy of great writers on Daredevil, but no for some reason he is not doing well with his task in Shadowland. Believe me when I say that I wish that this was not going on at all & I do want Diggle to prove me wrong with this event as it goes forward to its end, but if nothing is resolved by the end of this event I will not only not pick up Diggle’s run on Daredevil & his Shadowland event I may drop the title completely & I may also think twice about picking up future Diggle stuff that he will write afterwards b/c this is like Jeph Loeb writing for Shadowland & Daredevil its just the writing F***in things up for the fun of it!

  16. David Lapham’s Silverfish (Vertigo) original graphic novel. Classic Lapham insanity. In the same vein as Stray Bullets.

  17. A chunk of this episode gave me flashbacks to Final Crisis. 🙂 I liked it.

  18. I thought young liars ended up being on the not so good side? Just finished Black Hole per rons recomend for things Lynchian ,really enjoyed it bytw, and was hopeing to follow up with some similar reads. Thought about giving Young Liars a try if it is worth it. The strange and surreal (done well) is hard to come by in the comic format. It would be nice to read a book that has been heavily influenced by Kubrick or Lynch.

  19. I really enjoyed the discussion of Stuck Rubber Baby.  Great job.  

  20. red robin is tight, good to see you guys talk about it. i actually didn’t see the ridiculousness of this past issue until i listened to connor explain it. it definitely is craze.

  21. @AMblastoff OMG how good is Red Robin now that Fabian Nicieza took up writing duties. Before with Chris Yost I was not even looking twice at the title after reading past some issues of his run, now, I absolutely love this! Its the one Batman title I am following now, at least until JH Williams gets on that Batwoman series & Scott Snyder starts his Detective Comics run. Once all of those titles are coming out at once, I’ll be in Bat heaven!

  22. yea dude, i like how its got more dick and damien in it. can’t go wrong there. 

  23. Yo, how much you guys get per dollar I spend at Amazon?

    You can disclose that right. I hope you are at least pulling a penny per dollar on some credit card rewards type benefits.

  24. @ScorpionMasada: It’s a percentage of the sale.

  25. Cool.

    This might be an inappropriate time to say this.

    But I love you guys and hope you all become rich.

    Love you in like I admire you and appreciate what you’ve done for my comic book reading experiences and media consumption entertainment experiences.

  26. I want to start a campaign the legally releases comic book podcasters from having to say Spolier Alert.

     Come on people if you are tuning into a comic book discussion show- They are going to talk about things that happen in the books- it’s just that simple.

    Who could possibly not get that and complain about it hearing facts and details about the subject matter

    Sports broadcasters- dont’ say- Hey if you havent seen the game – go to your tivo and watch it then come back.

    Any other medium- it’s assumed that commentators are going to get into what happened.


  27. I think iFanboy does it just to not piss off a certain subsection of their audience, which is probably a good idea if you want to increase your fanbase and avoid angry voicemails/emails.

  28. Scorpion – True

     I guess that’s just my point- they shouldn’t have to.

     To me it’s like the directions on a shampoo bottle- if you have to be told maybe your shouldn’t be in charge of your own grooming.

  29. Ron not knowing who Colleen Wing is scandalized me. Cyclops gave her a key to his apartment!… before she vanished from the book without a word of further explanation. But nonetheless!

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