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Pick of the Week #144 – Wolverine #67

Show Notes

iFanboy Staff Writer Paul Montgomery guest stars this week!

Total Running Time – 01:05:05

Pick of the Week:
00:01:53 – In a Pick of the Week that shocked the iFanboy world, Josh loved Wolverine #67 and its badass Hawkeye action.

00:11:52 – Jason Aaron works his magic on Black Panther #39.
00:17:06 – No one could agree on Justice Society Annual #1 and its Silver Age tropes.
00:23:02 – Paul Montgomery waged a one man informational campaign in the iFanboy offices for Frank Franzetta’s Creatures.
00:32:32 – Conor says that Huntress: Year One #6 was a solid ending to a series by a new writer.
00:33:33 – Ron was the only one who noticed that Jonathan Hickman had a book out this week in The Core #1.
00:36:44 – Fantastic Four: True Story #1 was a fun start with a call back to one of Conor’s favorite book series.
00:39:50 – Green Lantern #33 is the latest issue in one of the best Hal Jordan stories ever.

User Reviews:
00:41:52 – g0ofgnewt was disappointed by Spider-Man: With Great Power #5.
00:43:56 – Mart really enjoyed Reign in Hell #1.

00:47:10 – Lewis from New York, NY is proud to have read all of The Exterminators. Is iFanboy proud of any full runs?
00:50:04 – John in San Francisco, CA is back to comics after 15 years and needs to clarification.

Voice Mail:
00:54:01 – Jeff from Seattle, WA asks who would win if Captain America were running against Superman for the office of  United States President.
00:56:10 – Jeff from Texas wants to know about Helen Killer.

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  1. just finished listening. great show dudes.

    big thanks to pol for the creatures recommendation. i will definitely be buying this comic.

  2. FYI: Kreisberg, who did Helen Killer, is going to be the new writer on Green Arrow/Black Canary.

    Great show!  

  3. Old Man Logan is eight issues, not six. Look it up. Otherwise, good show. Everyone seemed really calm…

  4. i think goat77’s comment is really funny for some reason.

  5. We’re beat!

  6. Hey my review got a mention! YAY! Although in future I go by the name g’nort of g’newt (its g zero of gnewt, and zero=nought) just like the Green Lantern character, goof gnewt sounds like I’m a weirdo (lol).

  7. Thanks for mentioning Huntress: Year One Connor! Give it up for the underdog! Madison has some edges to polish but her potential more than makes up for it!

    In other news: I really like Jonathan Hickman’s work. I will be voting for his book and the other Hickman, Troy’s Twilight Guardian. You can vote here -> http://www.topcow.com/Site/index.html

  8. I will soooo check out Huntress and Black Panther in trade. And Old Man Logan sounds awesome. And Paul was a great spark in the conversation dynamic. I like it friends make fun of each other.


  9. I love the Rushmore soundtrack almost as much as the movie. Good choice, fellas.

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