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Pick of the Week #345 – B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – Exorcism #2

Show Notes

Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick are gone. They’re just gone. So Josh Flanagan brings in Paul Montgomery and Timmy Wood from the iFanboy.com writing staff, and we trudge forward bravely. By the end, we’ve come up with a sit-com based on the Falcon. So it went fine, clearly. There was some Jar Jar.

Total Running Time: 01:04:49

Pick of the Week:
00:02:29 – The Pick of the Week, B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – Exorcism #2 was just a good comic book, done well, with no nonsense.

00:12:11 – When talking about John Carter: The Gods of Mars #5, we talk about genius and skill.
00:17:17 – Prophet #27 has some stuff going on, and we’re not sure what it is, but that’s OK.
00:21:22 – Godzilla #3 is better than you thought it was.
00:25:27 – The presence of Rafael Albuquerque makes all the difference in American Vampire #29.
00:28:26 – The idea has not run out of juice in Axe Cop: President of the World #1.
00:34:08 – Debris #1 isn’t a dystopian post-apocalypse, it’s a fantasy world.
00:36:48 – Dark Avengers #178 is a problem if you’re looking for Thunderbolts.
00:39:02 – Who is still reading Spaceman #9?
00:41:31 – Exile on the Planet of the Apes #4 wraps up wonderfully.
00:42:24 – Maybe National Comics: Eternity #1 was a bit too simplified.

User Reviews:
00:44:00 – Andrew Gabourey gives great praise to The Manhattan Projects #5, as do we all.
00:45:45 – Neb is worried that Aquaman #11 doesn’t bode well for the conclusion of the story.

00:47:47 – Should Tom from England go to San Diego?
00:51:38 – Desaun wants to know much power editors have.

00:55:10 – Ryan has a question about Falcon.

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  1. I’m glad Josh had cohosts willing to discuss BPRD with him. Good job, gentlemen.

    Congratulations on your first POTW episode, Timmy. You more than held your own.

  2. Love this episode for two reasons:

    1) Timmy Wood. Need more Timmy Wood all the time.

    2) This is the most indie podcast ever. There’s some mainstream books covered but even then a good chunk of them are ‘outside the box’ when it comes to Marvel/DC. (Or they’re Vertigo books) You don’t see that very often and not that I’m complaining but I’m sure we wouldn’t be discussing about a good chunk of these books of it was an average episode.

  3. Fantastic to hear Transformers More Than Meets the Eye mentioned on the podcast; even if it’s only because it’s on the top 5 PotW. MORE people should be reading it. Aside from being a GREAT Transformers book, it’s a GREAT comic book.

  4. First off, great work Timmy! And Paul is as charming as ever.

    Josh, your Jar Jar is scarily accurate. You should be extremely proud/ashamed.

  5. I’m only seven mins into the show but I need to thank you for your goat comments. I hate goats, especially their weird elongated pupils. My hatred of goats is perfectly rational and has nothing to do with the fact that a goat chased me and stole a chocolate biscuit* from me at a petting zoo when I was about 7, despite what my mother says.

    (The chocolate biscuit in question was a Penguin. This will mean nothing to you unless you’re British or grew up here)

  6. 1) Nice move in having user review lead the discussion for the community’s POTW.
    2) Is it me or were the levels a bit low on this episode? I listen on the subway and I had a difficult time hearing you all.

    Great work as usual.

  7. *bleck* I didn’t know there was another Prophet last week. Had to pause… brb

  8. Great show, nice debut Timmy!

  9. You guys should consider some kind of comic book themed travel agency. Eh? Eh?

  10. Cool show, gents!

    And I must say, I too wasn’t grabbed by what I saw of the previous Godzilla comics (as a Big G fan), but the pitch of Jason Statham versus Godzilla sold me good! Checked out the previews, looks groovy.

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