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Special Edition – The Wolverine

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Special guests Brett White (Matt & Brett Love Comics, CBR, MTV’s Splash Page) and David Accampo (Fuzzy Typewriter, Sparrow & Crowe: The Demoniac of Los Angeles) join Paul Montgomery to talk ninjas and bone claws. Does The Wolverine fall prey to the same mistakes as 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, or does director James Mangold bring honor to the troubled ronin? One way to find out, bub.

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“Katana Groove”
Tomoyasu Hotei


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  1. Brett, Dave, nice to have you aboard.

    – Agreed on almost all character points. It’s proof that creative liberties can be taken with comic characters, and fans won’t mind if it’s done creatively.

    – I had completely forgotten that Yukio was Ororo’s inspiration for her punk look. Thank you, Yukio.

    – I noticed the scenic tone change in the last act, too. Suddenly it felt like we were in a Singer X-Men movie.

    – At first, I was seriously bothered by the idea that you can theoretically transfer mutant powers from one person to another, but the bone marrow idea is at least plausible, given the realm.

    – The adamantium stockpile was the telegraph for me. I missed the Yukio premonition completely. Good catch, Montgomery.

    – I think they couldn’t just gank the marrow when he was in the chair because they needed him to pop the claws. I think Viper says something like “Ah, the claws. Now we can begin.”

    – I completely agree that this was the sleeper hit of the summer. An extremely present surprise. I enjoyed IM3 and MoS well enough, but the surprise element of this being better than I expected gives it a bit of an edge.

    Good talk, fellas.

  2. I think because I went in with such low expectations (I only went because my 11 year old nephew wanted to see it) that I came out so pleasently suprised!

    If you had asked me at the beginning of the summer what I was looking forward to the most it was Man of Steel, followed by Star Trek, Iron Man 3 and then a few steps down was the Wolverine. At the end of the summer I can say I think I enjoyed this movie the most.

    One of the biggest suprises was how well done the bullet train fight looked. In the trailers the bullet train scenes were the most jarring and seemingly so obviously green screen. But in the course of the movie they did a much better job making it remotely feasible (and even inserting a little humor) into the fight scene.

  3. Like Paul, I enjoyed the heck outta the movie except for that final fight.
    I wish they would have had the old guy get Logan’s healing power a different way and Logan fight the younger version he saved in Nagasaki in a claws vs sword fight. But maybe in a fresh different way that I’ve never seen, kinda like the train scene which I’ve seen train fighting a million times before, but not like that.

  4. This was a fantastic discussion. You three should be a regular team on these. I left the movie having enjoyed it, but not having loved it, but after this episode I find it more enjoyable in retrospect. Thanks for that.

  5. Great discussion, one thing I was curious about was you say the mission to mars room is a blue Valentine reference but I was wondering if it could also be a nod to Brian DePalma as well. The whole train sequence has to be a homage to an almost identical scene in the first Mission Impossible which was directed by DePalma and right after they get off the train is when they get the mission to mars room which is the name of another DePalma film.

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