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Pick of the Week #193 – Scalped #30

Show Notes

The heat is setting in, San Diego looms and the passive-aggressiveness is on overdrive this week as we discuss the comics of the week…

Running Time: 01:01:37

Pick of the Week:
00:01:55 – Bucking popular opinion, Josh stands behind Scalped #30 as the Pick of the Week…

00:12:30 – …but everyone else in the world thought it should be Blackest Night #1
00:20:26 – …although The Amazing Spider-Man #599 finished up the current arc very strongly…
00:24:29 – …and talk about strong, look at Gene Colan’s pencils on Captain America #601!
00:31:24 – Slow release schedule be damned, RASL #5 delivers for Ron…
00:33:27 – …and Josh thought Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #3 delivered for him…
00:34:46 – …but the Last Resort #1 surprised everyone and was a blast…
00:37:31 – …and Poe #1 was everything Conor hoped it would be.

User Reviews:
00:39:26 – JeffR totally dug Superman/Batman #62.
00:41:15 – JohnVFerrigno dove into Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep #1.

00:43:04 – Neal wants to talk about relationships in comics.
00:45:03 – Barrysoul wants to drive stake between the guys of iFanboy.

00:49:01 – Pat from Chicago, IL got laid off and blames us.
00:51:37 – Matt from Denver, CO want to know our most expensive comics.

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  1. Damn! I didn’t get a chance to get to my shop this week and I ordered "Last Resort". I has hoping it would be good, at least that’s good news. 

  2. Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick and Kilpratick really should avoid using acronyms

  3. For the record I got offered a ton of X-Men comics for free (including Brubakers run who is my favorite writer currently) and I still declined. I decline 616 X-Men on principle.

  4. The regular Cap 601 did not have the script.  They didn’t have B&W at my shop, you lucky f%&kers.

  5. I didn’t see the B&W at my shop. 

    Also none of the books I pulled (Resurrection, Wednesday, Incognito, TWD) got talked about. It’s really odd when that happens. 

  6. My shop also didn’t stock the B&W Cap 601.  It’s too bad.  I went back to look for it after reading Conor’s column.

  7. An issue of New Mutants #87 is either $150 (CGC slabbed) or $0.99 (without any protection).

    Chew #1, on ebay, is between $185 to $61. Fuck me…

    Great episode by the way. Does anyone think it’s bizarre the heroes have a villain more at the JLA HQ? I know Hal stated it’s for the protection cause of organ harvesting….but still…your just asking for trouble. You know that’s gonna play some type of role next issue.

  8. edit: By ‘more’, I mean ‘morgue’.

  9. @TNC – The current issue of The Walking Dead actually has a copy of Chew #1 attached to the back of it.  The full issue is thrown in for free, so if you just want to read it you can get it for $2.99. Pretty cool marketing idea.

  10. That’s called a bubble gum accident.

  11. Can’t fault you for going against the grain Josh I was expecting Cap 601, but went for Buck Rodgers 2. Who’d a thunk it?

  12. I don’t get it. Why would Conor and Josh paint the word “if” across their chests? Heh heh…

  13. oh Pat! so sad

  14. I’m with Ron in that I keep saying "I’m not really a DC fan…".   But more and more DC Comics keep popping into my pulls.  Blackest Night was amazing for me and felt like a slap in the face from all that I had been missing out on.

  15. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Thanks for mentioning my review of SUPERMAN/BATMAN.

    Even though this is mostly a review podcast, it is fun to hear you guys just have a good time talking to each other, like you did with Barrysoul’s question there.  Nice.

    By the way, I don’t know if this was intended or not, but the front half of your link to the iFanboy store up there actually links to instocktrades.com.  This may just be me spending way more time with the show notes than I should.

  16. I can’t believe you didn’t talk about Streets Of Gotham #2!  Come on guys, ACTION was worth a mention also.  You guys are getting lazy!!

  17. @robbydzwonar: I’d find that insulting, but I’m too busy laughing.

  18. Geez, first my suggestion for "Great Moments in Comics History" gets used. Then my e-mail gets used. Now you read my user review on the site. You guys are gonna give me a big head. 

  19. Maybe if we did like a short show. Or read less books. Or skipped a week. That might be lazy.

    John, as long as the check clears…

  20. @Josh

    If it bounces, let me know and I’ll send cash. 

  21. @robbydzwonar- Ron mustve been incharge of the script to leave out Action (cause he hates superman…) and Streets of Gotham #2 (because hes hatin on the Batmania!)

  22. I dont know who’s doing that CurrentChampion thing….but it’s brilliant. Keep it up!

    So I need to bribe the ifanboys to get my review on the podcast. If I had money I’d do such a thing.

  23. @robby and smeee Well it was a big week.  I’m sure outside of Josh’s pick and Blackest Night, it was hard to fit in so many.  It seems that they try to cover a little more books not discussed on the Monday review post that Josh does.  Sometimes I think they leave it up to us to talk about other books since they only do an hour show.

    I really enjoyed the Scalped and BN discussions.  I thought Conor only collected the trades for Scalped for some reason. 

    Also, I had a few Hmong students when I was teaching at one of my former schools and they corrected how I said it.  It’s pronounced ‘Mong’ exactly how it looks.  The ‘H’ is silent.  Just FYI, no criticism.

  24. That’s not how angry Clint Eastwood said it!  😉

  25. That’s ’cause he was racist…

  26. Cap 601 was okay. I’ll be damned if Blackest Night and Superan/Batman weren’t two of this week’s strongest books.

    @TheCurrentChampion – That’s too damn funny.

  27. Come on Conor.  He had a good heart, and he changed near the end…well sort of.

  28. @vadaowens: Of course he did. He learned to not be racist.

  29. Then he died.

  30. What the hell kind of moral lesson is that? lol

  31. @vadamowens: Is that what Malcolm X?

  32. Thanks for the ‘cast, guys! I haven’t finished the whole thing, but SCALPED was my POW as well, for many of the same reasons as Josh. Loved hearing you talk about it. Thanks again.

  33. @vadamowens: ‘taught’ is what I wanted to finished -_-;

  34. TNC.  bro you need to slow down man.  I think you’re like a little kid at Christmas when typing, lol

  35. @vadamowens: Like a kid in a candy store.

    Yeah I’m sorry about my (even more) constant typos lately guys. I’ve felt a little off when it comes to typing/speaking lately….even more so. I need sleep, lots and lots of sleep.

  36. @TNC

    What is this "sleep" that you speak of? 

  37. @JohnVFerrigno: Something that doesnt exist for me. I haven’t slept til 4am for the past two weeks.

  38. Scapled sounds…fun.  I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing

  39. Who’s the Rocket from the crypt fan? They’re the greatest band of all time! I’m reading both scalped and green lantern in trades and can’t wait for the current arcs to be collected. Now that I think about it… all my favourite books I’m reading are in trades; Scalped, lantern, fear agent, walking dead, criminal, powers.
    I would still be reading countless pointless dark reign tie-ins if not for ifanboy so thankyou

  40. @vadamowens – Dude, you just spoiled the end of Gran Torino.  You devil.  How dare you spoil the ending of a movie that came out 7 months ago?

  41. Thanks for the laughs guys. Can I stop by iFanboy central and drop off my resume?

  42. @stuclach lol.  Have you not seen it yet?  If not, you should’ve known better.  Every Clint directed movie ends in death that is both just and unjust at the same time.  I love/hate that:)

    @tcc You are one fucked up alter ego  

  43. @vadamowens – AHHHHHHHHHHH! I have never seen any Clint directed movies.  Now you’ve spoiled all of them.  Thanks. #sinceritynotdetected

  44. Good show guy, but I have two suggestions.

    1.  Could you please review more than 8 books?  I know you usually have a format of reviewing 10 books, then putting in 2 user reviews, but I’d love to see you moving closer to reviewing 15-20 books per week.  I think you guys are great to listen to and have funny and clever comments about all of the books you mentioned, but I’d just like to hear more books reviewed.  I noticed this week that nearly every book that was reviewed had a positive spin by whoever was reviewing it.  I’m guessing this was because of the small number of books reviewed.  I know that there had to be some stinkers out there this week, and I love to hear a review when someone absolutely hates the book.  I want more ifanboy venom.  (By the way, if 20 book reviews each month sounds ridiculous, keep in mind that the ifanboys read 32 different comics this week.)  

     2.  I feel like you guys are getting a bit too spoiler cautious.  I mean, you give a clear spoiler warning at the beginning of each episode.  You tell people specifically "we are going to talk about what happened in the comics." However, i noticed a few times in this episode where you still were overly cautious not to give stuff away (such as trying not to reveal too many of the dead heroes in Blackest Night and I believe that something was purposefully held back in the review of Last Resort.  If you guys were a teaser, that would be one thing, but you specifically tell people that "we are going to spoil these books," so holding back surprises feels a bit cheap.

    Anyway, just my two cents.  You guys do a great show, but I just think these two things would make it a little better.

  45. Great show guys. I read both Blackest Night and Scalped too and picked Scalped ahead of Blackest Night like Josh did. But this is mostly becuase I’m a Marvel guy and I didn’t know where to start with Green Latern. Could some one tell me what I need to read to get upto date?



  46. 1. That’s probably not going to happen. We like the format the way it is, it has worked out well for us, and increasing the number of books we talk about by 50-100% would double the length of the show and we’re not going to do that, for many reasons. As for more negative reviews, the general iFanboy ethos is to be positive about comics, so we try to focus on that. Of course, occasionally bad things need to be talked about, but we try to stay as positive as possible.

    2. I don’t think we were spoiler cautious at all for BLACKEST NIGHT — we revealed most of the big plot points, including the death of Hawkman and Hawkwoman. It’s different for a book like THE LAST RESORT, because we are hoping people will check it out after we talk about it, and we know that not many did. We know just about everybody listening has read BLACKEST NIGHT, so we don’t need to worry about it.

  47. Great show.

    Doesn’t sound like you guys liKe Cry for Justice much. I’ve not read alot of DC and I enjoyed it. Green Lantern has been my gateway drug for the DCU, so was please to see him get centre stage in the oping of Cry for Justice. Could anyone recommend another GL story other than Blackest Night, that could help me get a bigger idea of the DCU. 

  48. I think the show should review every comic. Be at least 4 hours long and then IFanboys, should wander around the other 20 hours hooked upto their mics and relay the rest of their lives over the internet for my amusement. I permit the mic being turned off for sex, washrooms breaks and eating. Unless of course you talk during sex washroom breaks and eating in which case the mics must be on.

    If you decide to stick with old format that’s good too. Off to write a review on Itunes for both shows. 

  49. Keep those accents coming! Merci, chum, that’s just ripper.

  50. Best moment in the show was Josh comparing Gene Colan to John Adams.  Josh is right about ‘Master & Commander,’ too.  And though I couldn’t get ‘Scalped’ and haven’t read ‘Blackest Night,’ I’ll venture he’s right about the pick as well. 

    Keep up the good work, all of you, and I’m looking forward to what you have to say about San Diego.

  51. @Conor I’m glad you guys are always spoiler light on first issues of smaller books. it makes me want to read them

  52. I love Master & Commander, read all the Patrick O’Brian books when I was younger. It’s one of my favorite movies but will my wife watch it with me NOOO! I watch it alone with a stupid look of glee on my face.

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