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Pick of the Week #242 – Scarlet #1

Show Notes

A rare daytime recording, record temperatures in New York City, and a Thursday from hell means a groggy Conor Kilpatrick, a frazzled Ron Richards, and a really quite well-composed Josh Flanagan.

Running Time: 01:01:44

00:01:44 – The malware attack on iFanboy.com.

Pick of the Week:
00:03:18 – Ron loved Brian Bendis’ return to creator owned work and made Scarlet #1 the Pick of the Week.

00:14:58 – Heinberg and Cheung’s Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #1 was nearly the Pick of the Week.
00:18:36 – Is Neal Adams’ Batman: Odyssey #1 DC’s version of the Marvel Forever books?
00:21:06 – Only one person bought Diggle and Tan’s Shadowland #1. And he liked it!
00:24:07 – Opinion’s were mixed on Ed Brubaker’s Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1.
00:26:01 – Conor and Ron both liked Gischler’s vampire vs. mutant action in X-Men #1.
00:28:20 – Claremont! Manara! X-Women #1!
00:30:26 – Chris Samnee’s art was the big draw in Thor: Mighty Avenger #1.
00:32:48 – Ron wants everyone to know that he bought Liefeld and Mychael’s Brigade #1.
00:35:22 – There’s one word to describe Morrison and Irving’s Batman & Robin #13: crowbar.
00:37:20 – After reading Scalped #39 Josh is ready to proclaim Jason Aaron’s book the best there is.
00:38:00 – Avengers: The Origin #4 was all about Joe Casey’s fantastic Asgardian dialog.
00:39:01 – Josh says that Chuck Dixon has been kicking ass in G.I. Joe #20.
00:39:50 – Jonah Hex #57 was all about Jordi Bernet’s awesome art and horse tackling.
00:41:02 – Ron and Conor do not agree at all about Wood and Cloonan’s Demo, Vol. 2 #6.
00:42:15 – Kyle & Yost’s X-Force #28 saw the death of a mutant… again.

User Reviews:
00:43:17 – Chrisflinchbaugh loved Brightest Day: The Atom Special #1.
00:44:33 – SilverAgeTom loved Casanova #1. It’s a lovefest!

00:46:40 – Cesar Rodriguez asks about Love & Rockets.
00:48:58 – Tim from Jeffersonville, IN has some thoughts on variants.

00:56:16 – San Diego Comic-Con 2010 is but one week away!

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  1. Awesome, thanks for answering my question about Love and Rockets. But was something wrong with my grammar? It kind of sounded like Josh had trouble reading my question a few times

    Not too surprised Ron liked it since its kind of a rock n’roll comic. Im kind of the same way but I did feel all the sci-fi stuff in the early issues really got in the way.

  2. Gents, Round of Applause to you guys for the professionalism you’ve shown during this malware scare. You kept us all informed, you didn’t get angry (And lets face it you kind of had a right to be). You answered everyone you could on Twitter and kept us in the loop as to why this shouldn’t happen again. 

  3. Scarlet covers ground well travelled by Howard Chaykin and Frank Miller in the 80s. Three freaking decades ago! It’s sad Bendis proclaimed he produced something original and current.

  4. I can barely read english.

  5. @Josh- is it safe to assume Chris Eliopoulos knows who you are?  because I think he did the bulk of the work on that page.

  6. @fNord: Are you referring to Millar’s Martha Washington series? I’m in the middle of it and I suppose there might be some similarities, Scarlett feels like a very different beast. Or are you referring to something else?

    Anyway, great show as always guys. I found Batman: Odyssey to be pretty unreadable myself so I thought you guys were a wee bit soft on it. But hey, it is Neal Adams I can hardly blame you.

    As for Love and Rockets, I like it a fair amount but it can be a bit tough to get through it all. However much I love Jaime Hernandez’s art, I do think that Strangers in Paradise was basically an all round more succesful version of his stories.  

  7. Chris is a friend of ours, yes.

  8. "JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME!?!" – Josh, you always make me laugh.

  9. On the variant covers I have a cool story sort of along the line of Ron’s. My comic shop owner is a pretty chill guy. I wasn’t able to get my books until Friday one week and they had sold out of the first issue of Levitz’ Legion of Super-Heroes. I asked if they happened to have anymore and he said "We’ve got that Jim Lee variant." I said I didn’t wanna pay $25.00 for a 3 dollar issue and he just goes "Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s 3.99 for ya." It was just a really cool thing. I picked up 2 or 3 trades that I was iffy on just to make sure he knew I appreciated it. It’s give and take, ya know?

  10. @Ron I agree with you about the art on Scarlet. Unfortunately Spider-Woman was my first experience with Maleev’s art and it definitely wasnt for me.  This I really liked though. BTW, I’m guessing that certain favorite artist of yours that you were nervous about was Morrissey. Right?

    Also, one of my favorite comics from when I was a kid was a reprint of X-Men Annual # 6, branded X-Men vs Dracula. I still have it and its completley fallen apart due to multiple readings.  Its great that they are playing with this weird part of Storm’s history. Really excited for this.

    And thanks for answering my question on last weeks show!

  11. i cant believe ugly americans are sponsoring you guys, that show is suprisingly good

  12. I really like grayson as batman, kill bruce off forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Tons of good books this week!

  14. Totally agree with Ron about Demo. Quietly beautiful issue. This one solidified the series as one of my favorites of the year.

  15. Luckily, despite visiting iFanboy almost daily and having a really weak computer, I managed to avoid this whole malware debacle. Hooray!

  16. There’s a name for that "weirdly constructed" circular plotting in Young Avengers. What do they call it…? "Shmerrible"? "Schmawful"? "Shnot good by any stretch of the imagination"?

    It’ll come to me.


  17. I’m not entirely sure what Ron meant when he said he enjoyed being "challenged" to like something. It just seems like a blanket statement that you can make whenever someone doesn’t like the artwork in a book that you happen to like. 

  18. Chaucer is challenging.

    You could say, "Fuck Chaucer, why the hell does he have to write in Middle English before the verb shift?–his stuff sucks!"

    Or you could say, "Chaucer is challenging and I enjoy being challenged and after putting in some work, I see Chaucer is a genius."

  19. I’m talking about comics.

    Specifically the artwork in comics.

    Last I checked, Chaucer didn’t make comics. 

  20. Hmm, that came off as too dickish. Sorry about that.

    I thought about it, and I can see that argument being made with comic writers (Morrison for example) but still have difficulty wrapping my head around it with artist. I’ll let it stew though.

  21. Pollock is challenging.

    You could say, "Fuck Pollock. Why the hell does he have to drop paint in random patterns and consider that crap art–his stuff sucks."

    Or you could say, "Pollock is challenging and I enjoy being challenged and after putting in some work I see Pollock is a genius."

  22. Again, I’m talking about comic book art.

  23. Caldwell is challenging.

    You could say, "Fuck Caldwell. Why the hell does he have to squeeze so many panels in such odd arrangements with word balloons fighting for space–his stuff sucks."

    Or you couuld say, "Caldwell is challenging and I enjoy being challenged and after putting in some work I see Caldwell is a genius."

  24. @drakedangerz: Art is art.

  25. Meat is meat.

  26. A cookie is just a cookie, but Newtons are fruit and cake.

  27. "I ‘don’t like’ that one more than this one." by Ron in regards to Philip Tan made me chortle loudly.

  28. I occasionally buy variants.

    Reasons: I love the art or, the art on the regular cover is so shitty I don’t want to own it.

  29. I thought Maleev’s art helped accentuate the mood of Scarlet, I didn’t have any of the problems with it that was mentioned in the podcast. I had more of a problem with the volume of words in the book though, yet at the same time I really appreciated the juxtaposition that only comics get to explore and play with. I wish more comics took up that challenge and figured out a kind of formulaic language to enhance their story telling.  Scarlet isn’t going to do that, but I like that it reminded me of the possibilities of this medium. it would have been nice to see something besides Scarlet changing her pose for 4 pages though. . . 

  30. Why did this podcast smell like shoe polish?

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