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Pick of the Week #241 – Wonder Woman #600

Show Notes

A very special Independence Day edition! Josh Flanagan is off, so Jim Mroczkowski steps in to join Ron Richards and a cold medicine addled Conor Kilpatrick to try and navigate around the elephant in the room, dressed in pants and laugh in the face of the “Marvel bias.”

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:54 – Conor celebrates an anniversary issue done right with Wonder Woman #600.

00:13:24 – Jim and Conor really like Paul Cornell’s take on Lex Luthor in Action Comics #890.
00:17:01 – Can someone put Mitch Breitweiser on Captain America full time? Please? Captain America #607 is reason enough.
00:20:11 – The gang thinks that Green Lantern needs a slow down, because Green Lantern #55 just keeps going with the lantern chaos.
00:24:02 – Is there anything better than The Amazing Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special? No.
00:28:27 – The next event begins at Marvel with the Death of Dracula one-shot and it was pretty good.
00:30:32 – Conor thinks that if you’re curious about G.I. Joe, then G.I. Joe: Hearts and Minds #2 is a great character study
00:32:06 – Ron’s surprise Pick of the Week was Velocity #1.
00:35:28 – Jonathan Ross still has got a lot to say in Turf #2, but it’s still quite good
00:37:30 – Ron took a chance on The Invincible Iron Man Annual and got a great Mandarin story.

User Reviews:
00:41:08 – akamuu didn’t hate Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper #1, but won’t stick with it.
00:43:06 – TheNextChampion is all about the Secret Avengers #2.

00:47:48 – Alan from Austin, TX is curious what we think of freebies from publishers.
00:50:53 – Tony gets personal after reading The Infinity Gauntlet.

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  1. Can’t wait!

  2. Aye, if only so many of my books for this week weren’t purchased off DCBS. Guess, I’ll be skipping to 17 minutes in till Thursday. Which means, thank you for doing show notes.

  3. I’m listening to this at 1130pm (GMT) so Ron’s "Go to bed" to Conor at the end is bizarrely applicable to me as well.

    Also, that last question was weird. Makes me think how awkward it would be if you were Death’s second boyfriend. "My last suitor almost destroyed the universe. What are YOU getting me for my birthday?"

  4. Nice. I’m still on the fence about Cornell’s issue. Not anymore.

  5. At a party right now, but thanks for the nod in the user reviews! Can’t wait to hear it later/

  6. TNC: Why are you checking iFanboy/posting from a party?  Put the Internet down.  It will be there tomorrow.  8P


    @conoronjimski: Great show as usual.  Thanks for keeping me entertained during my last hour at work

  7. My LCS gets a copy of any regular-sized (24X36) Marvel poster the week they ship for purchase, but they give them out for free to the first person who expresses interest. Recently, I received the Jim Cheung Heroic Age poster, John Romita Jr. Avengers poster, and Mike Deodato Secret Avengers poster. These kind of freebies should never go out of style, or at least not until I get the Dave Johnson Hit-Monkey poster…

  8. Great podcast guys. Entertaining stuff. I’m really not all that interested in anything yu covered today however Velocity has caught my interest. So Ron is do you think this will be read better by issue or by trade?

  9. Wait, Jimski agreed on something with me?

    *takes a sip of water and spittakes*

  10. Why would you sip water if you know you’re going to spit it out?

  11. no invincible talk? I thought this weeks issue was pretty good

  12. @NawidA – Because spit takes are awesome.  I’m always careful to make sure I execute at least one spit take every day.  My dry cleaning bills are astronomical. 

  13. Flash?

  14. @SirSullymore – Clearly, The Flash #3 was literally too awesome for words.

  15. Thanks you guys for reviewing the WW book. I hope folks check it out.

  16. I know this is an older issue, but why no love for Comic Shop News? That is my first choice for bathroom reading! I don’t buy Wizard and it is 2 lbs. lighter than having my laptop on the can.

  17. I dislike the notion that, if you try getting into a character and fail, then there must be something wrong with the character. He or she could just not be your cup of tea, you know. At least speaking as an theoretical abstract.

    Anyway, I have to disagree with you about Green Lantern. Not much has actually happened in the last three issues – and the main thing was just a retread from the scene in Brightest Day. But that’s okay for me. I read this book for the Lanterns. I truly dread the day GL goes character-driven, and we have to put up with that insipid love triangle and the rest of Hal’s Terran supporting cast.

  18. Is Hulkbunny a pun? Help, I’m missing some brain cells!

    Amazing to have Wonder Woman be pick of the week but such hyperbole, Ron. NOBODY reads Wonder Woman? No one cares? I’ve not enjoyed all her runs, but just as some folk read, say, X-Men no matter what, others stick with Wondy.

     Action Comics was indeed the knees of the bee! 

  19. I didn’t like the first WW story but enjoyed the others. Action Comics and Secret Avengers were also really good.

  20. @Mart: In the general scheme of things, no one reads WONDER WOMAN, relatively speaking.

  21. Just as I was reading TNC & follow-up comments, there was a spit-take on screen in the movie I am watching.  Weird.

  22. @Conor: I’m fine with ‘relatively’ – that’s a modifier which kills the impression that just because the book isn’t a fan favourite, the character is irrelevant. The general sales may not be great, but even before last week’s hoo-haa of the whole world suddenly declaring they gave a toss for old Diana, the WW comic forums tended to be among the busiest.

     ‘I defied anyone to tell me, within the past 10 years anything, that’s happened in her book … apart from the killing of Max Lord’ said Ron. Well, I could bore for Britain on that one, but I like you lads too much for that.  

    But plenty of people do care about the comic, and they’ll go on caring when all the Johnny Come Fashionistas of the last week lose interest.

    Anyway Conor, ta for at least trying!

  23. I remain a little confused about the relationship between Graphic.ly and ifanboy

    If you have been acquired by a larger company why not promote their product more?

     Or at least explain now and then what Graphic.ly does.


  24. Micah?

  25. @ericmci iFanboy is owned by Graphic.ly. Our belief is that what Ron, Conor and Josh built is awesome and we dont want to muck with it. So the first thing we wanted to do was support them in their decision to hire more writers. The next step is to better integrate the two offerings. Since we are a bit behind in getting our apps out (both Desktop and iPhone/iPad, and others, like Web and Android), we havent done any real integration. Couple that with the time it has taken to get publishers onboard, and its a bit of a chicken and egg problem).

    Over the next month or two you will see greater integration between the two companies. And, as always, if you have any suggestions, I can be reached at 720-231-7120 / micah@graphicly.com / micah@graphicly.com GTALK / graphiclyme AIM / @micah


  26. @micah: Oh, good. I thought you were in disguise as ericmci.

  27. I must say, the iFanboy for mobiles is terrific, I can take my pull list to the shop in my pocket, listen to the podcasts ,,, great stuff!

  28. Ron’s heavy breathing got me SO HOT!

  29. Can anybody tell me if the Batman Beyond comic was good or not?

  30. People who bought it tended to like it.

  31. Ron’s assertion that characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America and the Fantastic Four have outgrown their appeal is one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard on this podcast. It would be a sad world if comics were filled exclusively with mutants that have admantium claws or sociopaths with skulls on their chest who kill everything in sight. Conor’s point that those characters are inspirational is correct. We need to tell ourselves stories about characters that embody our ideals and values. That’s why we call them heroes. I know we live in a jaded world where we have lost faith in all of our institutions – the government and big business can stop and oil leak – but part of the appeal comics used to have was to inspire us to be more than we are. But that was when the readership was in the millions and not the thousands. We still need those stories, moreso now than ever before.

  32. @Conor: I use ABBA to seduce women,too!

  33. I majorly sadfaced when Ron said he would never read the Superman books. I know Superman’s not everyone’s cup of tea but when his stories are great, they’re really great! Why purposely avoid a great story because it’s about the character that birthed the superhero genre?

     (Superman’s my favourite character and I’m of the opinion he’s the greatest character ever. Even better than Batman.)

  34. Great show.  I think the conversation about ‘aspirational’ characters was really fascinating.  I’m not sure what I think of it, but I’d never heard the idea framed in quite that way, especially not re: Wonder Woman.  Thanks for giving me something to ponder.

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