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Pick of the Week #341 – Scalped #59

Show Notes

Summertime is here. The heat is rising and having its affect on the podcast as tensions are high. Listen, it’s a thing. Also San Diego looms as does script sabotage, but nothing will stop Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards from talking comics. Well, maybe not nothing. Rebar would stop us for sure.

Running Time: 01:03:28

Pick of the Week:
00:01:57 – The majesty of the penultimate issue of Scalped #59 got Josh’s Pick.

00:10:37 – Civil War 2, oh I mean, AvX brings the action to Wolverine and the X-Men #12.
00:14:22 – It looked great. but there was far too many Hurms in our opinion in Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #1.
00:21:30 – Conor is still loving Superman Family Adventures #2 with all the cameos and clever jokes.
00:22:31 – Everyone marvels at the Chris Burnham art in Batman Incorporated #2 and the hairy chests while sword fighting.
00:26:36 – There’s a bit of a dip in American Vampire #26 when Rafael Albuquerque isn’t drawing the issue.
00:29:28 – A new writer on Batman: The Dark Knight #10 brings the horror vibe and Conor is enjoying it.
00:30:44 – Brandon Graham shows off his artistic skills on Prophet #26 and it shouldn’t be missed.
00:31:30 – 4 issues in and each one is better than the last. This time The Manhattan Projects #4 gives us evil Einstein!
00:34:30 – Ron feels sad because when Manapul doesn’t draw the issue, you notice how shaky and over written it is, like in The Flash #10.
00:35:47 – It may say Jim Lee on the cover, but man, Justice League #10 is not the Jim Lee we’re used to.

User Reviews:
00:37:22 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:38:36 – jerriblankstare is all about Hypernaturals #1.
00:40:04 – Matrix is digging the direction of Spider-Men #2.

00:44:52 – Ady from Indonesia has some questions about creator owned comics.

00:51:34 – Dave from Boulder, CO is in danger! What books do you grab in a fire?
00:55:58 – Ben wants to know what Artist’s Editions would we like to see?

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  1. Nothing can take away from my enjoyment of this podcast (cept maybe losing one of the Big 3) but it seems in the last few months you have been talking about a lot of the same books.

    How do you guys go about deciding which books you choose to discuss? Do each of you get an allottment of slots for books or do you just add whatever you are interested without going overboard?

  2. My bands have played with Lemuria many many times over the years. Even threw a house show they played back in the long long ago. We also stayed with them when we toured up to New York too. Good to see people know about them.

  3. I will give it a listen! My assumption is that All Star Western will once again NOT be discussed though. Maybe, maybe not. 😉

    • I stopped reading it.

    • 🙁 I’m enjoying the hell out of it, myself. I also picked up the Jonah Hex Showcase and the last series in trades after watching the video show you guys did on Hex.

      Another good podcast though… fun as always.

    • I think we talked about it a couple issues back. It’s fine, but it’s not Hex. It’s similar enough that it just feels like it’s “OK”, and I don’t want that. I want “great”.

      I might have impossible standards.

    • I can understand that. Hex was great and I think as long as Palmiotti and Gray are associated with the character a Hex title is at least going to be good. I think I’m enjoying it a little more just because I’ve always been very fascinated with Gotham City. And the creepier the better- so needless to say, I was blown away with the Court of Owls. And I find it very intriguing to explore Gotham in a different setting in time.

    • Lone Ranger has been a very good Western lately…just sayin’.

  4. I’m glad Dark Knight was discussed. Thought Greg Hurwitz really brought it.

  5. Great podcast!, i agree with connor about the before watchmen books, the art is good but the story isnt really doing anything for me especially the comedian issue. but maybe the dr. manhattan series will good! :). I was hoping to here your guys thoughts on the Hit-Girl series that started this week also. but can’t get to them all i guess.

    • I liked the Nite Owl issue the best so far story wise and feel the same on the rest but get a feeling they’re all gonna get thicker with substance as they go on as these were not outstanding 1st issues but really don’t see these great creative teams doing entire mini series on the Watchmen characters maintaining a mediocre story, it would just be insulting to everyone reading them, anyone who loves the Watchmen, Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and all the current writers and artists themselves. So here’s hoping for a slow start with a sucker punch pick up sweeping story curve ball climax!!! Hope, hope……

  6. My dream Artist Editions would the George Perez/Ron Lim Infinity Gauntlet or Frank Miller/JRJR’s Daredevil Man without fear mini.

  7. Good to know The Dark Knight has got better. I’ll check out this new run in trade. Like with Tony Daniel, Finch is a great artist, but poor storyteller.

  8. For me, WATCHMEN is one of those works like LAWRENCE OF ARABIA or ABBEY ROAD that’s just so perfect the way it is, not a panel too long, that I just feel iffy on the concept of the whole prequel series. I’m not saying that it doesn’t have top tier talent or that it won’t be good, it just feels like gilding the lily.

  9. WOW!! Thanks for reading out my review on the podcast! That was the first time I’ve ever written a review for a comic and it was pretty cool to hear you reading it out! I had such an OMG grin last night! Thanks!

  10. Haha, way to mention Earth Crisis. Black spot of 90s HC, firestorm to purify.

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