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Special Edition – Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Show Notes

Well, it may be a week later, but Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Ricahrds, and Ryan Haupt saw Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon and despite the best of hopes, they gathered for what was a very quick and concise podcast discussion. A lesson that Michael Bay could learn from…

Running Time: 20:21


There are robots! On the moon! You know what that means. It’s time to get Witwicky with it one more time. Say it with us now. “No no no no no no wait no no no no no no OPTIMUS!”

Are you ready to play hide and seek with some robots in disguise? Are you ready to meet Sam’s new girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whitely? America and the world, are you ready for another ride along with Bumblebee and friends?

Either way, it’s happening and there are gonna be some fireworks. It’s Michael Bay’s latest entry in the blockbusting Transformers franchise, and aside from the notable exception of Megan Fox, everybody’s back for some pedal to the metal fisticuffs!

Are you going to see Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon? Of course you are! So let’s talk about it!

If you haven’t seen the movie yet be forewarned — there be SPOILERS ahoy! So don’t scroll down any further if you are sensitive to that kind of thing.


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  1. Actually kinda excited about this after the trailers, don’t really care if it’s dumb, it looks kinda fun

  2. @wangman31888  Dumb and fun is what Bay makes!  I just keep in mind that he is going for pure in the moment entertainment.  If you think about it, it just all falls apart. 

    I think that I am going to go see this in 3D too.  Most of it seems to be outside, so the darkness issue is probably moot, and most of what your eye is attracted to is CGI, so it can be manipulated into 3D without a lot of distortion.  So why not??

  3. I wanna see this just for the people flying through Chicago in 3D.  I read about that scene awhile back and sounds amazing.

  4. i want to see this on the biggest screen.

  5. My expectations are so low that as long as it is not worst than Transformers 2 (if that is even possible) I would expect to at least be amused, if not entertained somewhat. Story sounds interesting, yet I am seriously hating Shia. So overexposed, he’s ruined 2 established franchises & he is not even strecthing his skills (if he has any to really bring out on screen) in acting. Whatever let’s hope for some robot fighting fun.

  6. went to see GL 3D and it got cancelled to make room for more Transfomers shows. Got to see the Transformers IMAX 3D for free instead. THAT is how 3D should be done. Good enough story and great visuals. I think shooting in 3D kept Bay from doing some of his usual quick and close takes to take advatage of the 3D tech. Watch for the geek moment from Sentinel Prime(voiced by Leonard Nimoy) toward the end of the movie.

  7. As expected Roger Ebert gives us a hilarious review by giving it 1 out of 4 stars:


     I’m not even gonna bother after the shitfest that was 2.

  8. Roger Ebert is proving what a dick he is of late, so I don’t think I’ll give his reviews much weight anymore. Wonder if some of those big-name reviewers are on the take?

    Glad they got rid of old “toe-thumbs” in this one. She was wearing out her welcome.

  9. @MisterJ  apparently the 3D is super nice

  10. Can’t wait til 1130 am! bed time!

  11. IMAX 3D Lincoln Center for matinee prices! Who’s with me!!?!

  12. Just got back from the theater and I gotta say… Roger Ebert was pretty spot on. I’m really easy to please when it comes to seeing movies, but this was hard to sit through. 

  13. I’m not too fond of dumb movies with a very long runtime, and I didn’t like the last TF movie at all, but will still go and see this one at IMAX 3D in Amsterdam. Hopefully it will continue on some of the good stuff I saw in the first movie, although I do think that is wishful thinking.

  14. Michael Bay needs to be banned from ruining Transformers any more than he already has. I walked out half way of the 2nd movie after the sex bot.

  15. Really, after the complete cinematic cluster-effs TF 1 and 2 were, you couldn’t drag me to see this pile of garbage. Fool me once and twice, Michael Bay. But fool me a third time and I deserve what I get, and that’s to be assaulted about the head and neck with a sledgehammer.

    Also, I can pay an extra six bucks to have my brained blasted into aural and visual submission in 3D?  Oooo!  Oooo!  Oooo! Where do I sign up for THAT?!

    Seriously, I’d rather watch old episodes of the cartoon. Which were also terrible but which were at least actually about the Transformers, and not Indiana Jones Jr. and a bunch of other humans with less personality than that CGI Mountain Dew-bot.

  16. Also, Paul gives us a new enigma to ponder: how does one spoil a plotless movie?

  17. The trailers for the second film were also really good and the movie turned out to be a long, painful, steaming pile of crap. This looks like more of the same.

  18. play a video game with a 13 year old boy making dick jokes. it’s the same experience as transformers 2

  19. @edward  At least you can tell the kid to shut up and there is a chance that he will.  I have no idea how middle school teachers do not go into homicidal rages.

  20. @kennyg  Yeah he’s a real dick for asking for films to be of some quality. He should really get over himself. 

  21. From what I understand the last hour or so is a battle scene and the Transformers finally get focused on. I think I may actually be excited a little.

  22. Do people really care what Roger Ebert says other than to laugh about it?

  23. @Funcrusher  Yes, he was one of the main people to make documentary film a topic of conversation, he has often championed interesting, different, or lesser known films. He’s tried to push people to broaden their horizon. He’s written essays and pieces on film and film as art, literature and what film can mean to different people. He’s also one of the few critics that will re-watch and re-evaluate a movie after some time. I don’t agree with everything he says about certain films but he articulates his points very well and his reviews will actually be reviews, not just statements of “This Sucks” or “This is perfect” he can often be very fair. 

    But he doesn’t like video games and he didn’t like Thor, so fuck him right? 

  24. @Funcrusher The last hour is indeed one large battle scene. Unfortunately, the Transformers are mostly kept in the background. Bay keeps his camera on Sam Witwicky and the soldiers, the humans somehow racking up more robot kills than the Autobots.

    Bay just doesn’t like the Transformers. He likes soldiers and shapely bottoms. And Shia LaBeouf for some reason, who is insufferable in this film.

  25. @Jurassicalien  I’m glad he’s done so much for “cinema,” but I took offense at his recent comments about Ryan Dunn’s death. It was rude and insensitive. That’s what makes him a dick in my eyes. And he does generally crap on movies based on comics, with a very few exceptions.

  26. @faithlessphil  that’s not great news, but it’s better than spending on hour on Sam and his family.
    In my heart of hearts I’m really hoping that Shia LaBeouf dies in the movie (I would stand up and applaud). What I would really like to know though, is if Optimus gets some good screen time, becuase he was always my favorite.

  27. As a fan of the “true” transformers from the eighties I will avoid this, especially because I stopped watching TF2 after 20 mins. Awful, just awful.

  28. no way in hell would I support this. I watched the first one and nearly puked. The second I was only able to watch the adverts and knew it was just more garbage and this one doesn’t look any better. 
    Michael Bay needs to be banned from Hollywood. 

  29. @Funcrusher Oh you’ll spend an hour on Sam and his family.

    Optimus Prime gets the most screentime of all the Transformers. Having said that: not a lot. Also, he comes off as a bit of a tool.

  30. Never has a podcast recording been treated more like a jury duty summons. Somewhere nearby, a straw is being shortened.

  31. I have absolutely NO interest in this piece of cuss.  

  32. I don’t even know what audience Bay is aiming for. He makes a movie about toys but throws in profanity, sexual situations, and innuendo. Did a content check and just like the second film, I’m not taking my kids.

  33. Yeah, I actually have a moral problem with giving this movie any money. Considering how unapologetically racist the last movie was (and this is completely independent of the rest of the “film”), I’m gleefully out.

    Of course, no judgement on others who see it. Hope you enjoy!

  34. I am shocked to say that I ended up really enjoying this film more than I had any right to. Significantly better than the first one, it was a fun ride the whole way. Almost every complaint I had about the second movie was rectified – parents were shortened to a minimum amount of exposure, each autobot was easily recognizable in combat, Optimus wasnt a giant tool the whole time and actually became a badass…there was no offensively bad moments like giant robot balls or the racist twins, the list goes on.

    And to top it off this movie ends up being the 2011 poster child for 3D movies done right.


  35. I’ll have to be convinced to go to this one. I swore I wouldn’t after the second one. But the trailers do hold some promising action bits (that long slo-mo shot with Prime cuttin through bots one after another was pretty enticing). I like soldier action and sweaty hotties as much as the next guy, but think I’ll sit this out unless my buddies really wanna go (which I doubt). And if I do get dragged to this one, I’m about 80% positive I’ll regret it.

  36. Everytime I see that title, I sing it in my head to that one Ozzy Osbourne song.  You know the one.  Or not.

  37. I would have MUCH prefered Transformers: Bark At The Moon.

  38. I know the heroes destroyed the pillar which would of caused Cybertron to land on Earth, but when they showed just how close Earth and Cybertron were, Cybertron looked like it was pretty much already in our atmosphere. I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure gravity would of taken course and Cybertron would of still collided with Earth.

  39. Personally I loved, the first one. Then the second, I need not explain my disappointment.

    But this actually started better than I had expected. There was too much of Bay’s ‘sense of humour’, but I thought the first half wasn’t bad. Then the 2-hour giant, headache inducing 3D & CG mess, of a finale began. This film really bugged me. I don’t get angry at bad films, but this left me nearly screaming by the end. The exposition, bad writing, irritating 3D-ness, melodrama, nonsensical intellect-destroying ‘story’ and ‘characters’, Retconning, and down-right bitch slap of crap that this film was had me hollering at the people I went to it with after we got out of the screen.

    2 was disappointing, but this film seemed to be driving flat until it swerved down the face of a cliff, and crashed (over and over again) until I began to feel the pain of the brains of the unfortunate children who will actual enjoy this, being crushed by awfulness. Oh I really cannot describe how angry this film made me, the list of everything would cause the web to freeze.

    Avoid! I always say give it a go. But condoning this ‘film’ would make me feel bad.

  40. Here are some:

    Much as the Bay way, even though he removed the racist twins, there were two Scottish/Irish (bad accents create unknown origins) autobots. I heard one say the term “I’ll bottle ya”. I found that insulting as hell.

    The whole ‘surprise’ ‘twist’ *SPOILER* where the autobots aren’t really dead. (We were all shocked) Yeah the reason Optimus was OK letting thousands of innocent people die, was to prove a point. Grrrrrr!

    Just because Nimoy is voicing a character (a character which they destroyed) doesn’t mean he should say the line only Spock should say.

    Bay really needs to have a child-lock put on his camera to prevent it from going up girl’s asses.

    Don’t have over the top, wannabe philosophical debates between Optimus and whoever he’s fighting.

    Why does Optimus take out about 15 decepticons and complete the objective that hundreds of ‘characters’ have spent the past half hour trying to achieve.

    This truly doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg, it barely even brushes past it. 

  41. *EDIT*

    Why does Optimus take out about 15 decepticons and complete the objective that hundreds of ‘characters’ have spent the past half hour trying to achieve. In around 8 seconds. It took him 5 minutes to take out 1 decepticon in the first film. This film is helping to carve out a new low in insulting money grubbing. Increased by price hiking headache inducing 3D. (I don’t get headaches from 3D, usually)

  42. the last hour was everything i could ask for as a 25 year transformers fan. The writers strike ruined the second one 

  43. One good thing…

    Alan Tudyk. 

  44. Went and saw the movie last night, was pretty good. I went in with REALLY low expectations and was pleasantly surprised when I had a lot of fun watching it. There were a few things I didn’t like or that didn’t make much sense/ get explained, but I enjoyed it

    I did not see it in 3D.

    Flatmate and the people he went with (to see in 3D) hated it, as did a few other people in the theatre I was seeing it with.

    I think because I wasn’t expecting anything great it was good. I quite liked the forshadowing at the start when the Star Trek episode was on.


  45. Saw it today, not in 3D. I thought it was better than the second one but not as good as the first one. Now, granted, there were plot holes, twists that I saw coming a mile away, people acting really stupidly, unbelievable situations, mass destruction and death… but it was also action packed, funny, had a hot leading lady, evil scheming humans, new bots, new decepticons, great effects, lots of explosions… In other words, a big budget summer movie. If you can turn off your brain long enough to not pick it to pieces, you might have fun watching shit blow up.

  46. There is a shit load of amazing talent in this film.

    Turturro, Dempsey, McDormand, Malkovich!? They got John Malkovich for Christ sakes!

    How could this be so terrible!? 

  47. I just got back from seeing it.  First off the good.

    3D.  This is probably the best use of 3D since Avatar.  Lots of really good use of depth and not a lot of things popping out at you.  Some the aerial shots of Chicago were great. To be honest I saw it because it was in 3D, I work in the CE industry and the industry has a lot riding on 3D.

    The CGI, honestly the CGI was many some of the best I’ve seen.  Sans a few shot, I didn’t know what was real and what was made by a computer.  The effects not only of the Transformers but the buildings in Chicago, a city I know well, were as good as you could get.

    That being said, the movie itself was terrible.  I almost walked out.  The plot of a transformer that crashed on the moon and that was the reason for the space race actually could have been cool, but it just fell flat.  This movie, for lack of a better term, is bored as hell.

    I can buy alien robots in disguse. I cant buy them blowing the ever living shit out of everything, unless there is a main character near by.

    Malkivoch is wasted in this.

    What really makes me mad, all the dumb shit from TF2 is toned way down, which is going to make people happy.  When compared to TF2, this is a vastly superior movie.  However it is still terrible.

    Green Lantern was not a masterpiece but it is much better then this garbage.  My list so far for best summer movies I’ve seen:

    Super 8
    Green Lantern 
    The pile of dog shit on the curb next to theatre
    Transformers 3. 

  48. Y’know, I just want to say that I wish people would stop staying “Just switch off your brain”. Why should we have to?

    Just because it is abig movie, that cost too much, and will somehow make  aprofit anyway, doesn’t mean it has a pass to be stupid.

    Think of big Summer movies we’ve seen before: The X-Mens, Spider-Mans, Indiana Jones Trilogy, Star Trek 0, Jaws, Star Wars OT, A.I., hell even Transformers 1 wasn’t stupid. Yes it had an ‘out there’ concept, but it was done well.

    The fact that people always say “Just switch your brain off”, is really irritating. I shouldn’t have to alter myself for the film. The film is being made to entertain me, which it doesn’t achieve. Plot holes and bad story telling, writing acting, etc. aside, my hatred of this film is not due to my brain being on. And if you think about the idea of honestly having to switch off my brain to enjoy a movie that is made for millions to see, well that is just proof that big stupid movies like this are making people dumber, to the point that they are telling me to become dumber.

    It’s just like in Tropic Thunder when Downey says about Stiller becoming a retard so much that he was sitting in the bathtub laughing at his own farts. This is the type of person that this film expects me to have to become to enjoy it. 

  49. @TheNakedGenius  <rant>  I agree but only to a degree. I think a balance needs to be struck by fans. I certainly support the desire to have better entertainment but I sometimes find that fans tend to think in extremes. If a movie isn’t 5 stars, they have a 1 star experience.

    I think instead of switching off your brain I would say, have common sense. If you’re paying to see the third installment of a movie about robots in disguise, you should indeed adjust your expectations accordingly.

    I find that many fans are stuck in a mode of thought. A movie is either the best thing ever or the worse thing ever. It really is an irritant.

    Personally I see only a few movies a year. I don’t watch trailers, I don’t read too much of the press. I keep myself fresh. So many people hated the The Incredible Hulk and Green Lantern, but I loved them. I had a 5 star experience at a 3 star movie. Dark Knight and Iron Man were rare occurences. Most movies will be of a lesser quality. There’s way too much entitlement in the fan base. No, don’t switch off your brain, but do have common sense.

    In my opinion, cynicism is about the least appealling thing one can be guilty of. I made a conscious decision about movies and entertainment a few years ago. I had a decision to make. Do I want to be a critic, do I want to intellectualize my entertainment? Or do I want to be happy and have fun? I realized the two were not separate and that I could decide for myself when one was appropriate and the other wasn’t.

    Since then, I haven’t seen a movie I didn’t like. Even if I saw some that weren’t great. </rant>

  50. If anybody has to defend a movie with and the words “yeah, but…” come into play, their arguement becomes invalid.  There is no reason anybody should have to “turn off their brain.”  Suspend disbelief yes, but not turn off your brain.

  51. sometimes its just fun for Robots to beat the crap out of each other and have stuff blow up in slow mo. It doesn’t always have to be a Lars Von Trier/Kurosawa/Goddard tour de force of cinematic storytelling. 

    that being said, the trailers make this look fun. The last two movies weren’t good films in any sort of art sense, but they had entertaining moments. I might see this in theatres….should be a good dumb fun time. 

  52. @JNewcomb: I totally agree with what you are saying. I too hate that most people think only in best and worst terms.

    But I did say that I really never get this angry or against a film. I did love the first, and the second was very problematic, but this ‘film’ truly irritated more than any other film of recent memory.

    That said I would still give it 2.5 stars. The first hour is quite enjoyable, more of 3.5-4 stars, but then the big problems start flying at me, with serious frequency, and for too long, that brings the score down.

    It is bad, not in a sense most think of in regards to a bad film, but I myself am a big fan of big films. I look forward to the Summer season of blockbusters every year, and if you look at other films of the Summer, even this year, there are great films and bad ones (like always).

    I must admit, I have definitely calmed down since I wrote my first comments and now. I still do defend everything I have said.

    I’m not just being irrational and hating it because it wasn’t the Start Trek reboot or TDK, I am often one of the few people who will defend films like this. But, when they are as bad as this, I can’t bring myself to support it.

  53. Well i saw it earlier today, and it was pretty much all the same people doing all the same stuff they did in the previous two movies.

    Robots kickin the shit out of each other for a couple of hours is fun, especially when it looks this good. These movies don’t really need a story or good characters, you know what your getting when you buy the ticket, there just throw aways for me.

    I do however just have to point out how bad Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is. From her first shot it’s made pretty clear she’s only there to have as many cameras as possible either on her ass, tits or her freakishly big lips, so it might not be completely her fault, but the poor girl needs some acting lessons asap.

  54. Hey, if people out there dig this flick or a flick like it, go for it. I have no problem with that. It sometimes depresses me how MANY people dig flicks so utterly devoid of plot, substance, or any coherence whatsoever… but that’s a different argument. I hated the first two Transformers with their lowest-common-denominator “jokes”, their laughable/poorly constructed plots, the robots that were largely indistinguishable from each other, and mostly because there’s, like, twenty human characters each with their own boring subplots and little or no time devoted to the actual title characters. I feel like Malcolm in Jurassic Park, tapping on the security camera and asking, “So at some point, you are going to remember to put some Transformers in your Transformers movie, right?” So as I assume this is more of the same, I’m not going to go see something I didn’t enjoy the first time, especially not in a 3D format I also do not enjoy. But if you dig these movies, then hey, more power to you. Rock and roll.

  55. This one was a lot less overtly racist.  The Autobots were really easy to see unlike the last one also. Did Soundwave die twice? He appeared right after he was killed right?

  56. Hated it myself and wrote about for the site I work for.


    This series has never done much for me though, so keep that in mind I suppose.

  57. @TheNextChampion  In regard to your amazing talent comment…Malkovich has been in plenty of awful big-budget movies in the past; getting him to show up is no shock. McDormand’s more of a shocker to me.

  58. MY main problem with the first 2 movies was during the action sequences the transformers were moving so fast it was all a blur and you couldn’t tell which one was which. Does this one suffer the same thing?

  59. @JNewcomb  Those were some excellent points. I also generally have a good time at the movies. I will say I am a forgiving viewer and don’t nitpick things to death. You can’t just throw together a bunch of crap out of sequence that makes NO sense and expect it to work (and I’m not talking about non-linear narratives, either). But generally, the first time I watch a movie, I’m not dissecting it to find all the flaws, continuity errors, plot holes, etc. People that do that never enjoy anything. They have such impossibly high standards that everything is a disappointment. I have a friend like that and it’s infuriating. I almost won’t go to the movie with him anymore.

    I’m not saying don’t have ANY standards, but as you said, go in with the proper expectations. Otherwise, you might get disappointed. This isn’t Shakespeare, people. Most comic/sci-fi movies aren’t. Rarely do we get “The Dark Knight;” more often, we get “Judge Dredd” or “Punisher” or “Jonah Hex.”

  60. @kennyg – Yeah, but that doesn’t mean we have to LIKE “Judge Dredd” or “Punisher” or “Johan Hex”.

  61. I had fun.

    Just because it is a bad ‘film,’ it does not mean that it is not an entertaining movie.

    It was about 20 min too long, though.

  62. It was ok. Beautiful visuals. One of the few times I’d recommend 3d. Ran a little long.

  63. This was just horrible. Can’t WAIT to hear the podcast on this one, @Jimski.

  64. Robots destroying other robots, things blowing up, and people yelling, i enjoyed it. Just one of those movies you can shut off your mind and enjoy the shit blowing up lol

  65. Enjoyed myself. The first 20 minutes to half hour is pretty interesting and sets up a lot to come. However, like the other movies, the next hour is pretty terrible with a lot of lame jokes and stupid situations (though at least we don’t have Sam’s mom high in this one again). I felt bad for Ken Jeong in this, he’s pretty embarrassing to watch. I’m not sure what it is about Michael Bay getting top talent in this movie to act like idiots, but Turturro, McDormand, and Malkovich all act like raving madmen through the whole thing (though we should be used to it when it comes to Turturro in these). 

    The last hour, while a little long, is very impressive from a visual effects standpoint. There is not one shot in the entire destruction of Chicago that looks fake or out of place. It’s much better than two, but a little long to be better than the first.  

  66. I am in between deciding to see this or Cars 2. Any suggestions?

  67. Wow… That. Was. Awful.

  68. @RaceMcCloud  I’m not attempting to defend “Judge Dredd” or “Punisher” or “Johan Hex”. I’m just saying that most of the time, we don’t get something as good as “The Dark Knight.” I’d love us to only get awesome comic book movies, but we don’t usually get them.

  69. I think the best summation of this movie I have heard so far is “Beautiful Garbage”.

  70. I gotta say, I was shocked that I wound up liking this movie.  I didn’t just like it, I REALLY liked it.  The first one I disliked, and the second one I downright hated.  This wound up being a good fun film.  It did have some problems, but I completely forgave them.  I saw it in 3D, and I didn’t really think it added much personally, but its hard to say since I haven’t seen the 2D version.

  71. @Rchapoteau  You disliked the first one, hated the second one, and saw the third one in the theater? I wish I could live with the hope and optimism that you greet every morning with.

  72. @SpiderTitan  Cars 2. By a million miles.

  73. Huh it’s Sunday and there’s no Special Edition podcast. You guys did one for transformers 1 & 2, no podcast for 3?

  74. @IroncladMerc actually no, this time the fight scenes were much easier the follow. I really enjoyed this flick, a big action movie that kicked ass. Some days you see Good Fellas, some days you see Godfather, today I saw Transformers 3 and got what I wanted!

  75. @MikefromGotham:

    OK, I may be overreaccting here, but did you just put GoodFellas, The Godfather and this… thing in the same sentence?

    I have no problem with you liking it, it is mde to be enjoyed. But oh, that just took the jam out of my dohnut, right there.

  76. @mikegraham6  We couldn’t get it done this weekend, so it’ll be a little later in the week.

  77. @josh  You guys are just prolonging the agony!

    Kidding, it wasn’t worse than expectations, and it looked pretty, so not too bad for me.

  78. @Jimski – Holy wow. They’re just not worried about that kinda thing anymore, are they?

  79. @kennyg – Yeah, I get your point, and I agree. But that’s with most genres, really. There’s bad, mediocre, and then the really few things that are really, really good. In comic book movies and in every other kind of movie (and artistic medium) as well.

  80. This movie does something astounding.  It’s beautiful and even amazing in places, and boring beyond belief.  I yawned several times during stunning set pieces.  It was completely souless, with no clear stakes I could relate to.  Somehow, the trailer carried more emotional weight than the actual movie.

    Very short list of pluses:  Dempsey was a good villain, I thought.  Shame he was a B-plot (was there an A-plot?).  Huntington-Whitely really tried hard to give her character some heart.  She was surprisingly good, even if her character was largely pointless except as window dressing. Great to hear Nimoy’s voice.  Shia was charming as usual and did more with the content than most could.  The 3D was top class.  It looked pretty.

    I yawned.  A lot.

    I have a soft spot for the first film, but it’s charm seems to have been a fluke.   Someone please tell Michael Bay that special effects are not story.

  81. I liked it alot more than TF 2 not as many cringe moments. But i did have a few nit picks.

    Was shockwave the guy with tentacles? I thought the idea of a transformer was they had to use the same amount of metal on there body to transform. So how come could expand his body when he changed. he could take out a whole buidling on his own WTF.

    Also didn’t like that the robots bled when they were hurt. Not that i don’t like a bit of gore. But my robots DON’T BLEED.

    Oh and that chick talking megatron into changing sides at the end………REALLY!!!
    Maybe he was just distracted by the size of her lips and didn’t realise what she was saying?

    Not bad overall, didn’t think i would like the 3D but its was pretty good. 

    So any bets on how they will bring megatron back from the dead next time?

  82. I chose Cars 2 & I had a thousand times more fun than I could ever have had by watching Transformers 3.

  83. Awesome action of course..The car chase sequence with the decepticons running after bumblebee is almost up theree with the killer car chase scene in the Matrix 2….Something just gnaws at me though………optimus said in the frist movie:.”Ironhide! You know we dont harm humans!”….Well..A whole city of thousands were laid to waste while you were faking a moon rocket explosion?….And just to prove a point to the leaders?……Not very autobot-like….But again the action was awesome..

  84. Well it was better than Tranformers 2, so it has that going for it……

  85. These movies are Michael Bay calling us stupid and we all smile like idiots while he laughs at us.  No reason why I pay to see an action movie and I have to watch an hour of Shia trying to find a job…so much crap: Malokivich walking into the apartment for NO REASON so we get a scene of him trying to fight a robot, that guy from the HANGOVER pulling out two pistols in an office, the gay jokes, the gay butler, “Your ripped my heart”, that scene in the Russian “bar”, Patrick Dempsey’s character, Soundwave dying twice, the parents talking about sex and their son’s penis, …I’m not “turning off my brain” to enjoy something that’s insulting it.  

  86. @TheNakedGenius I wasn’t comparing it to those films, just saying it was different flavor movie if you will.

  87. @MikefromGotham: OK. I forgive you. Ha Ha Ha.

  88. If you saw this movie, you are part of the problem.

  89. I’m ashamed to say i enjoy this movie. But for the life of me, i can’t figure out why. So much cliche crap. I think I like punishing myself… like when i saw Sucker Punch. O_o

  90. If I ever run in to John Malkovich, I am making him buy me a 6 pack for seeing this piece of shit.

    Honestly, what the fuck did I just watch? My girlfriends 13 year old brother even said it was garbage. 

  91. @TheNakedGenius yea that would have been unforgivable! Ha

  92. @JokersNuts  Or, you know, we just liked the movie….

  93. This podcast happening?  Speed it up, Sideburns!

  94. @Tork  It’s happening. Patience is a virtue.

  95. I kid.

  96. @Jimski  That link was very much disturbing.  Disgusting, in fact.  I hated when they did that shit with Ms. Fox.

  97. @conor  But i am not virtuous!!! lol

  98. 1) I am NOT a transformers fan (never saw the cartoon, never will)
    2) I loved transformers and hated Transformers 2 (Tuturro being the sole exception)
    3) I hate Megan Fox, to distracting (glad she’s not in three)
     All this being said, I consider 3 adecuate. It started with a terrific idea (the spaceship being the reason to start the space race), a plot that was forgotten a bit later. Witwicky without a job after saving the world twice???? yeah, right. Witwicky, a man (guess he is by now), slumped in low esteem with that supermodel girlfriend who even pays his half of the rent??? ABSOLUTE SCIENCE FICTION. No way in hell.
    Soon after the first hour, Tr3 soon became a plotless robot vs robot deathmatch, and I accepted it. Chicago was wonderfully destroyed and the 3d was the best I saw yet. I had a good time, all in all.
    Now the unforgivable: John Malkovich and Tuturro must be desperate if they accepted to this garbage they did in Tr3. That wasn’t even phoning it in, it was pathetic. although I loved Tudyk.

    Anyway, as comic book (or in this case, cartoon fans) we think we know Exactly how to make a comic book movie, and if it doesn’t fit our standards, we hate it, vowing to erase such a bad memory from our minds…
    Bullshit, I loved Spiderman 2, daredevil, iron Man, Thor , Hulk and Dark Knight.  I even enjoyed Fantastic Four 1  (not 2). I enjoy the media for what it is, and if it’s not in cannon, bad luck. I do think that there are terrible movies, such as Transformers 2,  V of Vendetta or even From Hell, but I can’t deny that despite you guys absolutely hating transformers 3, is still one of the fastest 500 million dollars made in Hollywood you’ll see. Which brings me to the final conclusion: These movies aren’t made for us, they are made to make money from the millions that don’t give a shit about comics or cartoons, but will go waste two hours of their life watching robots fight between them and dorks like Shiha bedding a godess like RHW (she was SO much better than Megan Fox)

  99. If they cut out an hour of fluff this would have been decent. Better than 2 but still not great.

  100. @miraclelad:

    I don’t think many persons here being geeky/dorky or whatever, has greatly skewed the average opinion of this thing on here. I haven’t seen generally positive reactions anywhere.

    Also damn RHW, she isn’t even an actress. Fox, I like. At least she was playing a character, not just set dressing. 

  101. I kinda liked this one a lot. It delivered what it was supposed to deliver and nothing more: Big ol’ robots beating the shit out of each other, property damage be damned. I walked out of the theater feeling that I got my money’s worth. Rosie H. Whitley was perfectly fine in the role she was supposed to play. Considering her lack of experience in front of the movie camera, I think she did well enough to not deserve some of the ire we have been reading about her. The Beef was the Beef and he did a good job as well. I think he has some good comedic timing.

    There seems to be a lot of “all or nothing hyperbole” flying around about this one. If it wasn’t awesome then it most definitely sucked. I agree with a lot of what JNewcomb said earlier. People have to have common sense when it comes to their choice of entertainment. Michael Bay’s movies all seem to be reviewed the same way: Big explosions, slow-mo, gratuitous shot of comely ladies weak plot and exposition, blah, blah, blah. Common sense would tell most people to stay away from these abominations. Yet, his movies seem to make a shit ton of money and he never seems to be wanting for employment. Why? Because despite all the bitching, people, for some reason or another seem to enjoy his work on screen and throw money at it (most of us included). For Christ’s sake Stephen freaking Spielberg got behind these supposed unholy affronts on good taste not one, not two but three times. You are going to see a movie about giant walking, talking, transforming robots. Stop and say that out loud to yourself and really listen to what you are saying. Go ahead, I’ll wait. No really, do it. Okay. Then say that said movie about walking, talking, transforming robots somehow missed the mark by being weakly written or had plot holes. It’s ridiculous. All of these genre movies are ridiculous and can be torn apart if you look too closely. Even the supposed “classics” are not immune. I may be too forgiving in my criticism for movies and my entertainment in general but I can guarantee you that I’m a lot more satisfied in my moviegoing experience.

    Optimus Prime and Bumblebee kicking ass and tearing out spines.
    Frances McDormand introducing the Wreckers as assholes.
    The Beef screaming like a bitch during that scene where Bumblebee transforms from car to robot and back while shuffling the Beef in and out of the passenger seat.
    Mama Beef commenting on the new Beef-mobile as a sad piece of shit.
    The whole 3-D experience.
    Wheelie and the other little robot were amusing.
    Alan Tudyk going all “Born Identity” in that mexicanrussian standoff scene.
    The whole idea of the real reason behind the race to the moon and the inclusion of Buzz Aldrin.
    Sentinel Prime reciting the “Needs of the many…” Spock line.
    The establishing shot of Rosie H. Whitley. (I think I heard the kids in the row in front of me spontaneously go through puberty during this one.)
    Optimus Prime and Bumblebee kicking ass and shooting off heads.

  102. i saw it last night….and I LOVED IT!!!!

  103. Curious if the autobots working for the U.S. get health benefits, because (Spoiler) Optimus loses an arm and Bumblebee was randomly  able to speak at the end of the first film, and then he couldn’t in the second and third. Would’ve been interesting if they really did blow up in the shuttle, then end credits, “sometimes the bad guys win”. Even better, Nolan plot twist, Shia waking up in the hospital after an overdose at a college party and dreamt the whole trilogy.

  104. “Are you going to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon? Of course you are!”

    AS IF ! 

    Transformers I was a nice try but not good enough
    Transformers II was a torture to watch.  If my eleven year old nephew wasn’t sitting beside me in the cinema I would have ran out of the theatre after an hour
    Transformers III : Now way they can get me back to the big screen to harass my eyes.  NO WAY !

  105. John Malkovich is in this? Weird.

    It’s a rental.

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