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Pick of the Week #190 – Detective Comics #854

Show Notes

It’s a three way agreement on the Pick of the Week for the first time in a while, and yes, it’s starting to get hot. Plus Destro and Cobra Commander!

Running Time: 01:01:01

Pick of the Week:
00:01:34 – Josh had a very clear choice in Rucka and Williams’ wonderful Detective Comics #854. Many agree.

00:12:59 – James Robinson got the most Starmannish he’s gotten on Superman #689.
00:15:50 – And at long last, we’re all on board for The Amazing Spider-Man #598.
00:19:03 – Some are digging Dark Avengers #6, and some are getting a little bored of it.
00:24:55 – It took a little while to remember what was happening, but we’re pretty sure The End League #8 was good.
00:26:39 – You want some angry small town bloodshed? Berserker #1 will work for you.
00:28:12 – G.I. Joe #6 is Conor’s favorite issue of the main series yet. LIES!
00:30:00 – You want some angry Marvel Universe bloodshed? Dark Reign Zodiac will work for you.
00:31:15 – It’s time for Ron’s X Corner! X-Force #16 is up first.
00:33:49 – Then Uncanny X-Men #512 is next.
00:35:46 – And Dark Avengers/X-Men Utopia #1 rounds out the trio. That title though…

User Reviews:
00:40:04 – Stuchlach kind of liked The Literals #3.
00:41:19 – Thehorseman is a big fan of Secret Warriors #5.

00:44:20 – Jesse checks in on how we feel about delays.
00:48:29 – robbydzwonar wants to rearrange the order of those co-features.
00:50:40 – standardman is feeling a little guilty about mail ordering.

00:53:11 – Brett wants to know if his should get the trade.

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  1. Thanks gentleman, always a great part of my Sunday.  I look forward to listening. 

  2. Hey, why have I never heard of this murmur thing? I knew you guys were going to be involved with a movie (or general entertainment) podcast but I had no idea it was even close to cpmpletion, let alone already here.

    Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I’m more than up for a double-dose of stuff from you guys every week. (Will Murmur be weekly, by the way?)

  3. @Ilash: Weekly, eventualy. For right now probably bi-weekly.

  4. I totally got the Charles Nelson Reilly reference and I’m only 22 guys.  You underestimate your audience!

  5. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Mos Def! Nice pick! Great album!  

  6. @Conor: Great. I’m looking forawrd to listening to it either way. Though I do live in South Africa so, unlike with comics, I might be a bit behind on some of the smaller films that you may end up talking about.

  7. Because of the Game Show Network, things like Charles Nelson Reily and Nipsy Russell can be experienced by those of us too young to know them in their prime. I love that channel…


  8. Yeah, good intro/outro music this week.

    In regards to Robby D’s question, the reason they put previews before main movies, and lesser bands before main attractions at concerts, is because in those cases they have a captive audience. In other words, they can force you to sit through stuff you may not want, hoping something will catch your interest. But if you put a secondary feature FIRST in a comic, you’d actually risk losing a lot of sales, because the kid who picks up the comic and starts flipping through it expects to see the mainstay of the title within the first few pages. If Batman’s on the cover of a book, but the first 14-page story features the Question, you confuse or frustrate people who pick up the book casually off the shelves, who may not have the patience to keep flipping through to find out that Batman does appear from pages 15-38 or whatever.

  9. Wow Im really happy to hear that Ron, who is always happy to remind us hes not a Batman guy, loved this issue as well

    I read an interview this week where Rucka said that he left the Batman ambiguous so that this story is timeless, 10 years from now people dont look at it and say "oh yeah that was when Dick was Batman", personally I really like that. I just pretend that this story is taking place before the RIP stuff

  10. I don’t want to live in a world where people don’t know Hollywood Squares!

  11. Amazing Spiderman was #598 this week…

  12. I’m amazed at the things Ron has missed in Uncanny X-Men. Fraction has been building up to the Utopia story since he started writing the book on his own (or at least since the second arc), and Angel has been changing back and forth throughout, certainly since before #512.

    And Loki appears as a guy thanks to the events of the last issue or two of Thor. But you guys aren’t reading that, so who can blame you for missing it? With those things covered, I have to disagree on Utopia’s status as a ‘trainwreck’. The only problem I could see was that Silvestri drew it.

  13. That ‘read the trade’ line….that should be your answer to anything.

    You could get 100 emails out of the way with that. I’m sure of it.

  14. @J4K3: Those late issues of THOR must not have made the rounds at Marvel because Loki is still showing up as a woman in the books I read, notably in DARK AVENGERS this week.

  15. That must be the case. I read Thor #602, in which he regains his regular body, then Utopia, so it made sense. I can’t imagine how Fraction/Silvestri were aware of this but not Bendis. Good job, Marvel.

  16. Loki’s still a woman in MIGHTY AVENGERS too.

  17. Maybe Man-Again Loki is some kind of space-time anomaly like Sopranos-Character-Look-Alike Namor.

  18. @J4K3 I wouldn’t say I’ve missed those things – I’ve been reading and following along and nothing is a surprise to me – but I don’t believe it’s been explained anywhere what is going on with Angel – there have been very specific character changes/affects to him in multiple books with little to no explanation, I finally just talked about my displeasure with it

  19. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    @ron Angel gained the ability to change into Archangel in X-Force #4. There is a panel of him transforming into Archangel in Uncanny X-Men #507 when they fight the Godzilla creature.

  20. I love how many tmes Ron managed to say Ronin in one sentence

  21. @JFernandes I know, I read it X-Force #4 and had the same reaction I have today "Whuh? when? why?"


  22. LOL!

  23. FYI: I’m listening to Rucka on Word Balloon. He refuses to say whether or not Batman that shows up is Bruce or Dick. He says they are doing  everything they can to remove Detective from the continuity so that it can’t be dated.

  24. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Haha, I think about seventeen people have mentioned the Rucka interview. 

  25. I would have, but I listened to that part the day after we recorded.

  26. Re: Loki, presumably UTOPIA is ahead of the other books in the timeline.  Much like Carol Danvers is dead in her own book and not in New Avengers.  If you’re going to change major things back and forth and different books are happening at their own pace, they’re not all going to line up.

    Also, I’m not sure what explanation is needed for Angel changing back and forth.  It’s a thing a guy does in a comic book, there’s not exactly hard science behind it.

  27. Maybe Angel turning back and forth is like a Cronenburg deal. It just happens and the blue skin emerges for no reason…

  28. Brett’s question seemed to strike a nerve in me. I work in a comic shop and I just want to say CUSTOMERS SHOULD NOT FEEL BAD FOR LEAVING A SHOP! If you feel like you need to leave, or you are unhappy with your comic shop then that means "we", as comic shop operators, are not doing our job correctly. If you want to leave do not feel bad just let us know you are leaving. Like all relationships communication is key and we love getting feedback positive or otherwise. I just had to get that off my chest.

  29. Haven’t listened yet, but thanks for the podcast guys!

  30. @Sauceda – Great point.

  31. @ Josh- Thank You.

  32. As far as Loki appearing in dude-form, I shrugged it off. To me it’s a pretty simple issue… he’s a tranny. Some artists just draw him as ‘passing’.
    Mildly offensive joking aside, I’m on board with what a commenter said on the book’s page, that he can just change. He’s a trickster god, after all, and according to my friend (which is like citing Wikipedia) there’s precedent for Loki turning into a lady, having done so to get pregnant with a giant wolf… or something of that nature.

    I for one never thought Dark Avengers should have been its own book. The characters would be a lot more interesting if they remained in the shadows, so to speak/no pun intended. Instead, not only are they in their own book, but in everyone else’s as well, in addition to character-specific minis (minies?) and seemingly hostile take-overs of previously existing titles (Ms. Marvel, Wolverine).

    I write too much for comment boxes… maybe I’ll go sign up for Murmur where I can write entire articles about the sexual practices of Marvel gods! (preaching-to-the-choir plug).



  34.  Thaniks @J4K3, I feel like I’m the only guy not complaining about Utopia right now. So far I think it looks good and am willing to give the crossover a try.

    Also @TheDudeVonDoom, I’m sorry but you sound like a badadvertisement lol.

  35. Thor #12, or Thor #599 in the new numbering, show’s Loki uninhabiting and reinhabiting a female body, which we’re led to believe is Sif.  In #602, Sif is resurrected, which stands to reason Loki will only be a dude from now on, as soon as the other books catch on, of course.


    Also, in X-Force #16, it’s hard to tell, but there is a "change" panel between Archangel and Angel.  His face is half-blue when talking to Apocalypse.  The nanites Pocky-Lips put in him make him "hulk-out" when stressed into metal-wing blue-boy.  Still less confusing than X-Men Forever. 😛

  36. OMG OMG OMG Another iFanboy podcast! you guys are the best. Question: when do you guys sleep?

  37. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    They do these every week, Mike. 😉

  38. OK. I too loved Superman 689 and I want a Beaumont and Sunny Jim book. Or Atleast a Brave and the Bold Team-up. How can you not want a Team-up where both the heroes being dicks to each other?

  39. What function does an anchor perform?

  40. Listening to the podcast now, I really don’t get the criticism of UTOPIA.  I thought the story was extremely well set up by everything that’s happened in Uncanny X-Men and in Dark Reign, and the art was recognizably Silvestri’s to me.  But then, I’m digging Dark Avengers as well. *shrug*

    Nice podcast, anyway, it’s been a while since I heard a Jar-Jar impression.

  41. Ronin

  42. Thank you for mentioning my review on the podcast.  I am flattered.  I love contributing to the site.

    @Josh – I am glad you enjoyed the issue and the crossover.  Your pronunciation of my name was perfect.  (The name actually comes from my old VAX [I am dating myself] email account from college.  It stands for STUdent CLArk CHristopher.)

  43. Caroline et al, don’t listen to these philistines. I’m roughly three weeks behind on my books, but I read Utopia and gave it 5 stars. And I hate everything all the time.

  44. @Jimski  Glad to hear you dug it because it definitely made me think of some of the things you’ve said/written about how the X-Men get left out of the politics of the greater Marvel Universe.  If nothing else, this looks like an attempt to address that problem.  I’ll admit I’m a little nervous about what happens NEXT, as Marvel crossovers tend to start with a bang and then go off the rails (or get stuck in the Savage Land, or end up where they started like MESSIAH WAR) but I at least appreciated this issue for what it was & I’m cautiously optimistic. 

  45. I take it, nobody know what an anchor does?  It’s not a set up for a joke, even though it kind of sounds like that.

  46. Ron: I love ya, but it’s pronounced "arc-angel," not "arch-angel."

    Sorry, one of my pet peeves, along with folks pronouncing Darkseid as "dark-seed."

  47. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Oh, he knows.  

  48. @Jim: He pronounces things wrong. It’s part of his charm. And no matter how may times he’s told, it’s not going to change.

  49. @Conor- yeah, I figured as much.  I have been listening a long time!

  50. never mind.  I listened to it again and realized Ron said inkers, not anchors.  I’m a retard.

  51. Batwoman was amazing … do you guys think if it sells (which it will cause most my LCSs ran out), Batwoman will get her own book? Or is it just a Rucka thing?

  52. @AmirCat  Based on what Rucka said in the Word Balloon podcast (chug!), there’s a longterm plan for the character.  I imagine after the 12 issue Detective arc she’ll be spun into her own series. 

  53. @ohcaroline – You can put me down as one who fairly enjoyed Utopia. It seemed a pretty decent head-on collision of Osborn’s new world order and Cyclops’ mutant agenda. It seems inevitable that those two schools of thought would collide, and i thought this was a decent start to it. I think I also liked this issue combined Dark Avengers because I finally realized that I think it’s kinda FUNNY that the villains are running the show, and they all seem pissed off that running the friggin’ world is actually taking a good amount of work. I like the idea of Osborn and Co. always seeming to be exasperated. "Who did WHAT now? And I’ve got to deal with WHAT?" It makes me smile.

    And for Ron — I didn’t really have trouble understanding that Warren can change at will now. I’m a pretty casual X-reader, but I got the picture just based on what was touched on in Uncanny. doesn’t seem like a continuity error to me. In fact, I believe there was an issue of Uncanny in which Beast actually confronts Warren about it and says, "hey, I noticed you’ve been changing back and forth and you didn’t tell me about that. What’s up with that? Uncool, dude." (I may be paraphrasing that slightly.)

  54. So, is that Mon-El issue of Superman a good jumping-on point? I’ve honestly been vacillating back and forth on the Superman titles. I just dropped Action. Rucka’s doing a decent job, but the story just isn’t holding my interest. World of New Krypton has been good, so I’m sticking with that. I tested Robinson’s initial Superman stories, but decided to hop off after New Krypton. However, this issue sounds damn good. I think I may have to test it out again.

  55. That mos def song has set my brain on fire….

    Two things I’m buying, Detective Comics #854 and The Ectastic.. 

  56. Mos Def, Fuck yeah!!! As a teenager I was the BIGGEST Black Star fan.

  57. Great Show!  Nice on whoever picked the song this week!  Ron you keep mangling managing the English language cuz it is cool and you are R squared and can do that.


  59. Def has an incredible flow with his rapping and lyrical content.  I started payin attention to him when he was on the Chappelle show.  Good song pick for this week fizzelas.  Also, I love when you guys do plugs, lol.  Every week, you find a different in to give props to the sponsors.  Hysterical!!  It kind of bothers me that Josh hates X-Men so much.  Different strokes I guess.

    Also, I have a friend that intentionally mispronounces words like ‘corps’ just to get under my skin.  It’s his way of rebelling.  The only time I make him say it properly is when he needs something.  That way we both win.

    @dac aren’t they all tied together?  Wouldn’t it be difficult to know exactly what’s going on with the story if you don’t collect all four of the books?

    Lastly, the Utopia book is awesome.  Of course its contrived.  If you want to make that argument, you could honestly aim that at any series of X-books.  Technically, their all contrived.  The question is whether they’re contrived well?  Yes they are.  I love X-Men, and I’m willing to say that it’s been a little weak lately.  But this new Utopia run has tremendous potential, and Ron of all people, should be on board!!!

    Another terrific show gentlemen.  Do you guys read all the reviews?  Do you pick them at random, according to how they’re written, or just focus on guys that have been on board for a while?

  60. @daccampo  Well-said, and I like that there seemed to be a bit of that from Cyclops as well.  "I’ve been holding myself out as the leader of the mutants, inviting them to come here and. . .oh, wait, that means I’m going to be held publicly accountable for what other mutants are doing even if I didn’t know about it?"  It’s a twist on the old ‘world that fears and hates us’ thing, but in this case the mayor’s position is reasonable, and city law enforcement is mostly on their side.  (And I’ll be in a corner mumbling about how Jean Grey would totally step up and handle this, but that’s another story).

    On another note, I’ve been thinking of the Batman issue in ‘Detective’ — I get the point that the timeline is ambiguous and it doesn’t have to be clear if it’s Dick or Bruce, but I kind of enjoyed imagining that it’s Dick.  Nightwing and Kate had a bit of a moment during 52, whereas I’m not sure Bruce has met her at all.  Also, Dick giving fashion advice makes me giggle because after wearing that disco costume he has no ground to stand on!

  61. Ron – the Angel thing has been clearly established in X-Force.  Warren can change back and forth now.  They’ve also covered it in Uncanny before (it was a big deal a couple of issues ago when Beast first witnessed the transformation).  It’s kind of frustrating that while Fraction is doing some great things with the X-Men right now, we get Ron missing major points and using that as grounds to critique the book.

    On the other hand, I completely agree with the Utopia art thing and the fact that the Messiah War conclusion (or lack thereof) was really disappointing.

  62. I assumed we all pick User Reviews in different ways, but I look for a book that we don’t cover, or want to, then look through the reviews for that one.  It has to be a cogent review, notwithstanding length, and the person writing it doesn’t matter, other than the fact that I like to choose from as many people as possible.  I don’t want to keep using the same guy’s review over and over.  However, sometimes that guy is doing good work.  No hard and fast rules.

  63. @Ron- Wiki says it’s got something to do with the Apocalypse Strain that’s in his blood now, aparently? He told Logan that he could still feel the metal wings inside him when he reverted back to Warren the first time in X-Force 4 (I guess?) and then when defending himself agains Wolfsbane turned back into Archangel. Beast says that he’s mad that Warren didn’t tell him his "death powers" were back. So I’m guessing that with Apocalypse being back it will be explained in due time and lead back to En Sabah Nur. And that is officially the geekiest thing I’ve ever posted on this site.

    @Josh – I was wondering how you pick them as well. Thanks for clarification.

  64. Great show as always guys, only one thing rustrated me

     @Ron I didn’t think the human/mutant riots felt forced in Utopia. In Uncanny they’ve been talking about prop. X for a while which would regulate breeding by mutants. Safe to say they’re mad and the anti-mutant humans are happy and the march didn’t do anything to make the situation better. But then i probably noticed it more since i only read Uncanny while you read every X-book there is. I bet you even write your own x-books on weeks when you need a fix. It’s just scribbles of kitty pryde and logan on napkins at starbucks.

  65. Oh, since we’re adding little minute, geeky details this week: it wasn’t the first mutant birth that Hank was trying to time travel back and find in 1906. He was trying to pinpoint the origin of the mutant "population explosion" began — where mutant births began to happen at a much faster rate.

  66. Thanks for reading out my email chaps, that was a nice surprise.

    You’re quite right and I think I’ll mail order my trades and get my weekly stack from my local.  Hell, saving money on trades probably means I’ll use it to get more single issues anyway – it’s an illness.

    Thanks again.

  67. Yeah, I pretty much only buy trades from my LCS when they have a sale. 

    But I do get all of my singles from them (of which there is a small discount but CA’s insane sales tax pretty much wipes it all out). 

  68. I just listened to the rest of the podcast on my way home and I have to speak up about something. Recently there’s been a lot of bickering and such on the site and a lot of disrespecting of other people’s opinions. For the most part I stood on the side of the iFanboys when you would repremand anyone for bashing someone else because you all had put your money where your mouth was, so to speak. However, this week’s show irked me when it came to the e-mail questions and most specifically Robby’s question.

    You just flat out laughed at and disrespected one of your community and I don’t see how this is any different from what goes on in these discussions. It wasn’t because you didn’t have an answer for him because you did answer his question with insight and your own opinion. His opinion of the back up or co-feature stories was his own and that alone makes it valid doesn’t it? I don’t know Robby and maybe it was meant to be a joke, if it was, I take this back with foot in mouth and egg on face, but if it wasn’t it seems disrespectful. You could have chose not to read his e-mail if you were just going to laugh at it.

    I don’t have a problem with your show or what you do but I do believe that you should practice what you preach or at least man-up when you don’t and admit it. Josh said, two weeks ago I believe it was, "I’ll be honest.  I’d be pretty thrilled if we could get back some of the tact when disagreeing that we used to have." I agree with that wholeheartedly but also it’s a two way street.

  69. I would say that there’s a level of jocularity and tongue in cheek humor on the podcast that people expect and understand, and it comes across as such.  If it doesn’t, I certainly apologize, but Robby would have to let us know if he was upset.  That level of jocularity is less clear in written comments from posters when there’s a lot more ire involved. 

    But that’s up to you to decide.

  70. @KreiderDesigns: Listen again, we absolutely weren’t laughing at him or his e-mail (except for the part about Jersey). We were already in a laughing mood at that point, and once we got to the actual answering of this e-mail all the laughing stopped.


    Was just wondering if HBO Television is as equally despised for repeatedly showing "Butts?"  Because I’ve seen this "Critically acclaimed HBO" stuff, and it has alot of this so called "Cheesecake factor" to it.  Lots of butts, but hey everyone has butts, right?  I just don’t see the problem with butts being drawn in comics.  It just seems like a very weak complaint.

    Also, I get the feeling the review of Dark Avengers #6 is overly harsh, where the review of Berserker #1 is glossed over.  At 1 1/2 minutes long, not much was referred to other than it’s own comic cheesecake moments, and this gets a better review than DA #6?  I thought IFanboy said they’d be fair with their reviews when they mentioned they would never sway their reviews to the positive side when given books to review by comic book companies.  That’s what this felt like, a bit unbalanced.  Though I’m sure it’s a good comic, I haven’t read it, but the preview looks good.

  72. @KickAss: Television doesn’t have the reputation for being consumed by stereotypical male social misfits who drool over half naked female super heroes like comics books do. That’s why the focus on stamping out the more exploitative cheescake elements is so strong. If everyone read comic books like every one watches television, this wouldn’t be an issue.

    As for BERSERKER, I didn’t read it – but Josh and Ron did and they lied it. If they hadn’t they would have said so or it just wouldn’t have been mentioned.

  73. We talk about some books more than others. I liked Berserker more than I like Dark Avengers, so there’s that, but I had less to say about it. 

    There is no conspiracy.  My new catchphrase.

    Also, the depiction of sexuality is not the same as what I call cheesecake, but you obviously disagree, and that’s your right.

  74. Who cares if you laughed at him. You did giggle through the email.  I think Robby was joking anyhow and if not the ideas were off the wall and fun thus funny to me.  Keep laughing it makes me laugh

  75. I care.  I don’t want anyone to think we’re being mean to them.  But there is a difference between jesting and abusing, and I’d like to think that our history and interraction with the community can lend some context to the things we say and do.

  76. @sauceda: it’s not that Brett was gonna leave the shop because he didn’t like it. As I understood it he was in sort of the moral dilemma of buying books or trades at the shop he actually likes, paying normal retail, or shopping for some or all of his stuff online, thus saving up to xy%.

    It’s a question that had bothered me sort of as well. My store owner is a buddy of mine, but still, at times, when finances run low, I feel the need to buy stuff online. Nevertheless I feel somewhat bad about it at times, because I’m aware of my LCS being quite dependant on regular customers getting their books there.

     In the end it all comes down to money in my pocket and money in my buddy’s pocket. The decision comes down to how my financial status is at the times. So it’s like the guys said on the podcast, you gotta look out for yourself. 

  77. @ Josh:  It was one person on here that felt that way, seems the majority understand you were not being mean.  Don’t worry and laughing isn’t being mean.  I just don’t want you fellas to become guarded in doing the show.  You are intelligent guys and he, Robby,  has been a member fo a while and know what you guys are all about.

  78. To go along with standardman’s e-mail, I will be moving soon to a place with limited access to a comic book shop.  I was wondering if anyone knew some good mail ordering sites or whatever so that I can still get my weekly comics instead of having to trade-wait everything, especially with this summer’s and this fall’s major events.

  79. @conor: Great, thanks!  I feel like such a loser not knowing about this already.

  80. @Kickass
    If nudity on HBO is done in a cheesecake-y way, I’d call ’em out on it. Many of the HBO shows are of a high calibur of quality, thus when they use nudity it is often in a logical progression of the story. For example, I’m currently watching all of The Wire (from the past praise of iFanboy; on season 4 now). Often, they’ll show their characters boinking. Sex is a part of life, this show illustrates so many aspects of the characters’ lives that the exclusion of it might even seem wrong. Were a female detective to strip down and bend over in the middle of the police precinct for no reason other than to titilate the audience, I’d call BS.

    Furthermore, comics cheesecake rarely uses nudity since they can’t show it in mainstream books, rendering your analogy moot. It usually appears in the form of Ms. Marvel bending over to watch TV or every female character having Super Implants.

    Oh and, F you in the face. I hope your shoes give you severe-to-moderate discomfort… (sorry, I wanted to try some of this disrespectful arguing… I’ve never been privy to a flame war before)

  81. Nice episode, and it IS hot… I feel like a fountain.

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