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Pick of the Week #391 – Indestructible Hulk #9

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It’s finally happened. Josh Flanagan has run off and joined a biker gang. So stepping up to the mic to join Conor Kilpatrick and Paul Montgomery this week in his stead is Dave Accampo, Paul’s co-host on the Fuzzy Typewriter podcast!

Running Time: 00:58:41

Pick of the Week:
00:01:48 – Indestructible Hulk #9

Indestructible Hulk_9Comics:
00:09:33 – Wonder Woman #21
00:12:30 – Uncanny Avengers #9
00:16:49 – Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #24
00:19:36 – Animal Man #21
00:23:43 – Captain Marvel #13
00:25:24 – Revival #11
00:27:32 – Mara #5
00:30:42 – The Sixth Gun #32
00:31:42 – Demeter

User Reviews:
00:33:38 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week!
00:35:11 – levitakisĀ  hated Age of Ultron #10.
00:36:12 – BC1 loved Age of Ultron #10.

Audience Questions:
00:41:34 – Damian asks about new characterizations that are both good and bad.
00:45:26 – Andy from Cincinnati, OH wants to know why it’s so hard to tell a good Superman story.
00:51:41 – James is about to have a son and is thinking of naming him after a comic book character.

“Bein’ Green”
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  1. Don’t follow Nic Cage for naming ideas.

  2. It seems like it is the ‘Year of the Multiverse’ for Marvel.

    Cause Bendis has now opened the floodgates with the Ultimate line in Age of Ultron. But Hickman is also dealing with multiple Earths in both of his Avengers run. New Universe characters and Hyperion are from different Earth’s and in New Avengers we’re seeing the Illuminati dealing with destroying multiple Earth’s to save the 616 Universe.

    So I wonder if, company wise anyways, the writers are inching their way to a big event with this? Infinity seems to just be dealing with Thanos so I don’t think that’s what they’re building to.

  3. Has anybody seen the Trial of the Incredible Hulk? That’s the only Hulk/Daredevil association I know

    This was an excellent episode of iFuzzyFantypewriterboy guys!

  4. Are any of you reading Mark Waid’s Insufferable? (available in weekly installments for free at thrillbent.com, also on comixology in collected issues about once a month). He’s been using twitter as a really interesting plot device since issue one of that series. When I read Animal Man this week, my immediate thought was that Lemire was influenced by Waid, since he uses it in almost the exact same way (celebrity hero, whose activity is being chronicled and commented upon by the twitterverse). If you’re not reading Insufferable, I’d highly recommend it.

    • I’m not reading Insufferable, but I definitely want to check it out. I think I have the first ComiXology collection…. That’s interesting.

      When watching old movies or period pieces, I often find myself remarking on how the plot elements can really revolve around the technology — when people can’t be reached by phone, or have to find a pay phone or whatever. And it always begs the question — “how can you use modern technology to create unique 21st problems/solutions for your protagonist?” This issue of Animal Man was one of the first times I really felt that.

    • When you get a chance to check it out, I think you’ll find that Waid has done a really good job of exactly what you describe – using modern technology to create a uniquely contemporary problem. There’s the added element of the generational conflict in Insufferable, in which Galahad (the if “Robin”/”Nightwing was a jerk” type character) really creates his image/brand through social media, in contrast to the relatively “unplugged” Batman-like character (whose name slips my mind at the moment).

    • As an additional plug for insufferable, it’s also the first digital comic that I’ve read that has really found interesting ways to use the guided view option of comixology.

  5. “Agence Byzantine is my favourite terrorist group” hahahaha that was hilarious!

  6. re: naming a kid. My wife and I wracked our brains trying to come up with a name for our daughter. We happened to be watching a particular superhero cartoon together at the time when we realized that there was a character on the show we really liked. My wife came up with a spelling for it that (unknowingly) ended up being a Hebrew word. Daughter ended up with a very unique name that has a legitimate pedigree, but was secretly chosen based on a character in a superhero cartoon.

  7. Don’t name your kid Dick. Or Delores. Or anything else that could by chance remotely be associated with genitalia. Or Kal El.

  8. OK, I would so read a Twin Peaks comic book — if it had a decent creative team that is . . .

  9. If my daughter picks Mary as confirmation name, her initials will spell BAMF!

    I also insert her name in lyrics to the classic 1967 spider-man song.” Bridget Ann, Bridget Ann, She sleeps through the night, and hardly ever cries.”

    “Is she cute, listen bud she got some of her mom’s blood.”