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Pick of the Week #239 – X-Factor Forever #4

Show Notes

Another week, another batch of comics and this time around, we nearly had a spit-take within the first 5 minutes, which really sets the tone when you’re discussing the weeks comics, your favorite creators and breaking up with you comic book store.

Running Time: 01:03:36

Pick of the Week:
00:02:11 – Ron takes a break from insanity with X-Factor Forever #4 and wishes this was the ongoing.

00:11:30 – Despite not being the pick, The New Avengers #1 was darn good, but borders on too much Avengers for Josh.
00:15:51 – There was nothing about The Amazing Spider-Man #634 that Conor didn’t like.
00:19:07 – Want to make Josh and Conor happy? Try a western, like Pale Horse #1.
00:21:15 – Ron was elated to see a great issue with Darkwing Duck #1.
00:24:56 – New Mutants #11 continued the great crossover, but left Ron wanting to know who was who on the art duties.
00:28:02 – That opening scene seems familiar from Brightest Day #4.
00:29:45 – Josh nearly chose Fables #96 as his Pick of the Week for a great story about Snow White and gang rape.
00:31:30 – It’s amazing how the series rolls on and The Walking Dead #73 is still fantastic.
00:33:31 – Conor really enjoyed Magdalena #2 after catching up on the first issue.
00:34:50 – The art was the attraction for Josh by Joker’s Asylum 2: Mad Hatter but it didn’t follow through.

User Reviews:
00:37:55- grifter78 gives an honest review of DV8: Gods and Monsters #3.
00:39:30 – citizenmilton avoids the elephant in the room with Four Eyes #4.

00:42:19 – Mike from the UK wonders what the worst movie adaption could be?
00:45:42 – Ethan is curious about hidden gems from creators that we’ve discovered.

Voice Mail:
00:48:08 – Juan from CA wants to know if there are any comics from our favorite creators that we didn’t like?
00:50:38 – Hank from CT wants to change his comic store and isn’t sure how to break the news to his current store.

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  1. Was the Gauntlet storyline all good? B/c they’re coming out with a lot of Amazing Spider-man HCs about the Gauntlet story & I am just trying to figure out if it is worthwhile or not, b/c I did not like the other stories before this Gauntlet "event."

  2. @SpiderTitan: We’ve talked about the Guantlet storyline all the way through, but yes, it was fantastic.

  3. I liked the artwork on the Mad Hatter story, but that might be because I’m not familiar with Bill Sienkiewicz so I didn’t have the "can do better" outlook. I had nothing to compare it to, and sometimes that helps.

  4. I didn’t feel that the Gauntlet was an event or one story, rather just an umbrella catching a bunch of smaller stories about Spider-man’s rogues gallery

  5. Cool question about creators letting you down. Here’s a few that I can think of:

    Geoff Johns constantly lately. I hated Blackest Night and Flash Rebirth and it’s almost hard to believe that this is by the same guy who did all those great JSA stories and The Flash with Scott Kollins from back when.

    Alan Moore’s Wild Worlds. Really all round not good. Oh also… I thought League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume II was totally crap.

    The whole Cobalt Blue thing in the Flash by Mark Waid. He’s my favourite Flash writer so I can’t believe he did something so incredibly lame.

    Kurt Busiek’s Superman. It had its moments but I cannot believe anything this mediocre was by teh same writer as Astro City and, oddly, Superman: Secret Identity. 

    Gail Simone did this two part fill in on Teen Titans. Bleeeugh.

    Bill Willingham and Matt Sturges on JSA. I only read the first few issues but they were utterly horrid.  

  6. I read LoEG a second time, and while I didn’t like it the first time, I really loved it the second. I’m going to read Supreme again for the same reason.

  7. Yeah, I might give it a shot at some point but I really found it a boring mashup of two more interesting stories with a bunch of characters that I found myself really not caring about.

  8. Great show, as usual.  I’m a little surprised that you guys liked Pale Horse.  Every once in a while a story with a female protagonist written by a male writer strikes me as really disengenuous and jarring.  And I felt this story about a black protagonist was so clearly written by a white guy who didn’t really have any understanding of what it must have been like to be a black cowboy in the old west that I couldn’t get past it.  Saying it’s similar to Jonah Hex because they’re both about old west bounty hunters with questionable morality is like saying that Chew has a lot in common with The Legion of Superheroes because they both have characters with super powers related to eating….what, I’m the only one who remembers Matter Eater Lad? 

    I was hoping for an exciting new western comic, too.  I’was never into any before Jonah Hex, but I had high hopes for a western by Boom!  Sadly, what I got was Pale Horse.

    Regarding the voice mail about comic store fidelity: As someone who works at a lcs, I would say, if you don’t have a subscription, don’t say anything.  Check out the other store for a while, if you like it better, you can visit the old store when they have a sale, or if there’s something they have that the new store doesn’t have.  If you don’t have a subscription, you don’t owe the store anything, even if the owner is your brother-in-law.

    If you do have a subscription, lie.  Tell the owner that your finances are going to be tight for a while.  Start your sub at the other store.  If it doesn’t work out, you can go back to your old store without the added drama of having told them you left for a better discount.

  9. loved the song choice (ron’s im guessing)

  10. @Conor & Ron, would you say that this was Spider-man’s verison of Batman’s Hush storyline since it features a lot of the rogue’s gallery, cause I loved that storyline!

  11. @SpiderTitan: No, I would not. For one, I enjoyed "Gauntlet".

  12. Oh well I guess i’ll try the HC & judge from there like I do with every other book iFanboy recommends, lol

  13. For a little while I had a dilemma regarding comic shops. A few years ago I moved to a different part of town and wouldnt you know it, there was a comic shop just a few blocks down the street. However, after I went in a few times I just didnt like the people there and their selection was shaky. On the other hand I had been going to my old comic shop for years and the owner is a cool guy who knows me and I almost always find what I want, so for that the 20 minute drive across town is always worth it.

  14. @ron- regular New Mutants artist Ibraim Roberson did the present stuff and Lan Medina did the future stuff.

  15. actually I suppose it would be inaccurate to call Roberson the regular artist, but he’s been on for this whole crossover.

  16. The X-Men spin off TV show was Generation M. Sorry Ron

  17. One word that makes me excited about Amazing Spider-Man?


    I might pick up ASM once again since they are adressing Eze and the Totem storyline. One of the best ideas JMS brought to the character.

  18. What’s the movie you guys are talking about at the end?

  19. …There were more than 2 DC books that came out this week, right? I’m just curious.

  20. @JoseRivera83: Well, we talked about four DC books on the show, so…

  21. I’m also for artists being credited with the pages they did, it’s good to know who to credit, and get to know the unfamiliar guys.

    I’m a fan of Giffen and Sienkiewicz, so was very happy with  the Mad Hatter book.

    Great show, as ever. 

  22. Great show, guys.

    Good music choices lately too.

  23. Even though I live in Queens, I don’t really know the LCS in my area. I just take the LIRR straight to Penn station and pay a visit to either Midtown or Jim Hanley’s.

    As for a comic book series might be bad for a movie, how about Alan Moore’s Top 10? It’s a buddy cop kind of series. I don’t think they can do a story for just 2 hours. May be a TV series but definitely not a movie. 

  24. Darkwing Duck was my POTW. Such a great book.

    Good show guys. Fun as always. 

  25. This podcast answered a question that has been burning within me since I first discovered this site: which ifanboy is the most knowledgable about Pokemon?

    Oh, who am I kidding?  We all know it would be Ron.

    Great show!

  26. Let me put on my Comic Book Guy wig (ah, shit… I have the same hair as him anyway) and correct Sir Ronald:

    From the ever-reliable (…) Wikipedia,

    "Mutant X is a science-fiction television series that debuted on October 6, 2001. The show was created by Marvel Studios, and it centers around Mutant X, a team of "New Mutants" who possess extraordinary powers as a result of genetic engineering. "

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