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Pick of the Week #289 – Invincible #80

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick returns, it’s hot out, Ron Richards is patronizing towards Canada, and Game of Thrones finds its way into the discussion (a lot ). This one goes off the rails almost immediately.

Running Time: 00:58:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:47 – The Pick of the Week, Invincible #80, reminded Ron why he loves the series.

00:09:33 – Alpha Flight #1 was a fun and solid action book.
00:12:25 – Both Ron and Josh loved Northlanders #41 and are even more sad that the book is ending.
00:14:52 – The Avengers #14 featured fantastic Romita art.
00:17:37 – Flashpoint! Deadman and the Flying Graysons #1 wasn’t just a great cover.
00:19:44 – Flashpoint! Wonder Woman and The Furies #1 is Conor’s favorite Flashpoint book so far.
00:21:10 – Flashpoint! Grodd of War featured the best villain in years.
00:23:52 – Flashpoint! Legion of Doom #1 was the weakest of the bunch.
00:25:02 – Justice League: Subway – Famous Fans #1 induced hunger.
00:29:20 – Ron continues to enjoy the lead-up to the big story with X-Men: Prelude to Schism #3.
00:30:38 – Uncanny X-Men #538 wraps up Kieron Gillen’s first arc in a fantastic way.
00:31:14 – Shocker! Archie & Friends #156 is on the list but not because of Conor.
00:33:26 – Josh was surprised that he liked Hulk #35.
00:34:26 – Josh was surprised to learn that he was the only one who read Superman/Batman #85.

User Reviews:
00:36:04 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:37:57 – boomergirl loved Power Girl #25.
00:39:25 – Bakhox was very fond of Doctor Who #6.

Book of the Month:
00:40:59 – The Flash Omnibus by Geoff Johns, Volume 1

00:48:17 – Anthony M. wants to know which writing duo is better: Abnett & Lanning or Gray & Palmiotti.

00:49:50 – Daryl asks about the lack of strong female characters in the Marvel Universe.

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  1. Wow that wasn’t the Decemberists?

  2. @ericmci   I had a similar experience with Mumford & Sons except that I spent six months thinking they were the Avett Brothers.

  3. How early did they do this? I think I wrote that review 6:00am Thursday morning and going back to edit it around 10:00am.

  4. @boomergirl  We recorded Thursday afternoon, but who knows when Ron put the script together.

  5. great review of The Flash omnibus!! Cant wait to get it!!

  6. @conor  Next time I’ll ignore the man behind the curtain.

  7. I’m glad you guys liked Alpha Flight #1. That book’s a lot of fun, and here’s hoping the rest of the book is equally so.

    In terms of the authentic Canadian-ness of the book: Yes, that’s a concern, but it’s been a concern for Canadian readers for as long as there’s been an Alpha Flight. Even when it’s been written by Canadians, the title is still edited and published by an American company for sale to a wider North American audience. As a Canadian and a fairly recent Alpha Flight convert, I’ve learned to forgive some of the sillier Americanisms and factual errors about how Canada works (Pak and Van Lente have some strange notions about what the Emergencies Act can do, for instance) as long as the characters are good. And in this issue, they’re really good. Best they’ve been in a long time.

  8. @josh About the no feet problem in Doctor Who and for Robert Leifeld, it is an annoying thing when comic ccreators don’t draw feet, but Mike Mignola does it bad. I love Hellboy and his art, but being such a major creator it is disappointing that he always covers feet up or when he draws them they are always way too small and just kind of oval shaped.

  9. At first I was like I’m listening to a podcast, then I realized I was listening to a podcast about comics, then the more I thought about it i went with my original thought that I was listening to a podcast, just with some talk about comics. Seriously though, 4 robins in 5 years? What were they thinking?

  10. i liked a josh whispered Stan Lee in a hushed tone when ron suggested marvel hates women. the images of a young stan lee fuming over his lack of success after using illiteration to try to pick up is pretty funny

  11. @Suicidalkangarooz  To be fair, Hellboy does have hoof’s instead of feet.

  12. Grodd of War was awesome.  I wish there was more.

  13. Re: the plural of ‘omnibus’, ‘omnibus’ is both singular and plural, like ‘sheep’ or ‘fish’.

  14. @lifesend  Yes, we know. But it is more fun to say in other ways.

  15. This podcast captured the reason why iFanboy is such the superior site.  That you are great friends and really know how to make each other (and me) laugh make this the end-all of comic podcasting. 

    From concern about Conor’s floor to the labeling of recluse…pathetic loser… idiot boy has revelation…. 

  16. Really fun show guys. Just to correct a small point on the Flash Omnibus. It’s actually a bigger size than the previous DC omnibus (although a lower page count compared to the Starman ones) and is the same size as the oversized HCs from Marvel. It’s great to get the extra size for the beautiful Kollin’s art, and it just about justifies the big increase in price on it. That said it’s so good no-one will regret spending the money on it.


  17. Great talk about Johns’ run on the Flash. Love those stories he did.

  18. @TheNextChampion  Yeah, but they are still too small, and he covers up everyone’s feet. Hellboy is just fresh in my mid because I recently bought another trade and it’s so good. Hellboy is just a perfect comic book (except for the feet thing).

  19. I am now fixated on the collective fixation we have on feet.

  20. @kingdomofevan  hey dude, it has nothing to do with who is candian and who is not. writer (comic or otherwise) have some geberally asinine ideas about lots of things- including how american institutions works.

    as an american i am sometimes shocked, amused and disapointed when i see how writers treat gov’t agencies, the american populace and america in general.

    trust me canucks get it pretty easy in comics.

  21. Anyone else felt like the colorist on invincible really took away from Wyas art?

  22. I never want the “local news” bit to go away. Never. NEVER.

  23. What was the name of the book Josh recommended on graphically? I listened to the pod cast and really wanted to read it but now I can’t think of the name. Great episode, it’s the only thing I enjoy on a Monday morning except coffee

  24. @PaulSharkey  Cla$$war

  25. Cheers

  26. @syngar98  Fair point. Governments are regularly painted as bad guys in comics, and in doing so the writers play fast and loose with what governments can actually do. I just find it hilarious that, for decades, Marvel Universe Canada has been this den of fascist moustache-twirling evil. (Look at what they did to Logan, after all.)

  27. to be fair to Mignola, he does draw in a super stylised way. none of his character have shoulders or a third dimension

  28. Just to spite you all, I drew lots of feet on the Doctor Who pages I’ve been working on tonight.  Take that, iFanboy!

  29. Game-of-Thronesian: not exactly rolling off the tounge.

  30. @matthewdowsmith  See, now I feel bad.

  31. Fab show but I was surprised the ultra-violence in Grodd never merited a mention. You boys are hard!

  32. @Mart  I think I’m the only one on the staff who’s a dainty buttercup about violence. None of these other gangstas ever Think Of The Children.

  33. @Jimski  Then we can cower together.

    I did think the level of violence in Grodd was way over the top, far more than was necessary to establish Grodd’s state of mind.  

  34. “Aw, Canada has superheroes.” Lol.

    @kingdomofevan this will sound condecending as hell but there’s something kind of hilarious about the americanisms and factual errors in popular culture when it comes to Canada.  It’s kind of precious, I’ve always enjoyed a private little chuckle myself.

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