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Special Edition – Superman vs. The Elite

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The call has gone out and the iFanboy Animation Brain Squad has reconvened to discuss the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie, Superman vs. The Elite. What was the comic book climate that lead to this story of Superman taking on new and edgy superheroes? And does the adaptation live up to what many call the best single issue Superman comic book of all time? Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, Chris Neseman, and Ryan Haupt have some thoughts. Plus! It’s time to express some hopes, fears, and doubts about the next film: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part One! And Paul reveals a deep dark secret.

Running Time: 00:41:09

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  1. I would want nothing more then for ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ movies to be faithful. I mean if they are doing two movies for one story shouldn’t that be a good indicator that they are putting a good amount of the material into the movie?

    Also, and this is not a joke, I want this to be successful so we can see a ‘The Dark Knight Strikes Back’ adaptation. Talk about comics that will NEVER be faithful….You’ll basically need someone to rewrite the entire story to make it work. But I want to see it done so badly.

  2. I have a question. Does anyone know if Ryan has a girlfriend? It’s not clear, he leaves it so ambiguous. :p

  3. Really nice discussion of the movie. I agree with the concesnsus that the movie is a wonderful analysis of Superman even if the animation style was very different than anything else the DC Animation team has done.

    I thought Robin Atkinson Dawes voicing Manchester Black made the movie.

    And I agree with Paul about DKR! I understand that Batman: Dark Knight Returns is an important piece of comic book history and helped redefine the character in the 80’s. But reading the book in 2012 the story comes across very differently. Mark Millars Batman is not the same as Snyders, Morrisons, Loebs, and others version of Batman that I have enjoyed reading more for 20 years.

  4. DC/Warner has to push the edge envelope with the Superman franchise to convince people that Superman isn’t lame. Superman is viewed by many as too goody-goody, and this is one way to change that assumption.

  5. I really enjoyed the film. A great, meaningful Superman story that I think needed to be told, but I have one gripe I need to mention. I really like Robert Atkin Downes, and yes I know he’s English but as someone who has lived his entire life IN Manchester I have no idea what kind of accent he was using. I really didn’t like it and it frankly put a small downer on an otherwise fantastic film.

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