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Pick of the Week #339 – Batman #10

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You know, Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards have been thinking about comics lately. And I mean REALLY thinking about comics, like for hours. Just, you know, mulling over comics and what they could be. Like realllllly thinking about them…

Running Time: 01:01:39

Pick of the Week:
00:01:29 – We continue to get schooled by Snyder and Capullo in superhero comics as Batman #10 gets the overwhelming pick.

00:11:26 – Conor loved the addition of Frazer Irving to The Shade #9.
00:14:26 – Leaping from the screen to print, we’re psyched to see Planetoid #1 get released and adds to the sci-fi offerings of this year.
00:18:37 – Josh was really impressed by Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #1.
00:24:29 – Big week for Brian Wood with Conan The Barbarian #5
00:27:14 -…and the launch of his new series The Massive #1, which Ron felt was heavy but good.
00:33:07 – Everyone agrees that Spider-Men #1 looked great but a bit light.
00:35:20 – STEVE HOLT! Fat Wolverine. Uncanny X-Force #26 has it all.
00:36:59 – A celebration of art with Dustin Nguyen on American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #1.
00:38:15 – Ron has fun with the Marvel AR app and AvX Vs. #3, plus the X-Men finally get some wins.
00:39:11 – Look at that, some familiar faces in Avengers Assemble #4.

User Reviews:
00:40:30 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:41:06 – grifter78 continues to wrestle with enjoying Grifter #10.
00:43:10 – DavidClark enjoyed the gathering of the Robins in Batman and Robin #10.

Book of the Month:
00:44:52 – If you enjoy comics and comics history, then you need to read The Comic Book History of Comics.

00:50:51 – Steve from Orlando, FL is curious about characters, powers and the quandary of new characters.

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  1. VERY very cool…just like last week, you used one of the coolest new songs to come out this week as the theme.

  2. Haven’t listened to it yet, so forgive me if you mentioned it.

    Ron, what’d you think of Brian Wood’s first issue of X-men?

  3. Great show as always guys, this was such a great week for comics, lots of good stuff. I hope Frazer Irving gets put on another book after his Shade stint is over, he has been missed since they cancelled Xombi.

    Also, is it weird that even though I’ve loved every issue of Batman, I always choose another book (besides issue 5, that was awesome) for my POW because I know the iFanbase will make Batman the overwhelming choice? Am i just a lame-ass contrarian, or does anyone else do the same? Just wondering.

    • Ur just a turrrrrrrrdsammich

    • Funny you should mention this I was just thinking the same thing the other day for about 3 hours…. But ya there’s nothing wrong with that I’ve thought the same thing that I always give the book a 5 generally but other then the first issue and the 5th I’ve given my POTW to other books that have come out on those weeks. Sometimes like they say a book can be so good consistently that it kind of gets lost in the shuffle or gets outshined by other things your reading which may be way different.

    • I see nothing wrong with it as long as Batman wasn’t your favorite issue that week. Otherwise this is non-conformist nonsense.

  4. To whoever has Book of the Month next, I would highly suggest checking out Siegfried released by Archaia. Jaw-dropping art and an epic story based on Norse myth.

    Comic Book History of Comics is a great pick, but yeah– definitely check out Siegfried.

  5. The guy who’s leading the Guardians of the Galaxy IS wearing the old Starlord costume from the Marvel magazine stories, but doesn’t look like Peter Krill.

  6. Here’s the thing that bugs me about Avengers Assemble….

    If it’s sort of a connection to the film, i.e. they’re making it in continuity in both comics AND movies, does that mean you are kind of spoiling yourself for the next movie?

    I’m sure Whedon or whoever directs Avengers 2 won’t go beat for beat with what Bendis is writing. But if Thanos is the villain and the Guardians of the Galaxy are in play….That means it’s going to spoil the second movie then won’t it?

    • I’m not reading Avengers Assemble so I can’t speak to how “in continuity” it is for either the films or the other Avengers comics, but I would imagine that the wide disparity in production schedules for a blockbuster film and a monthly comic means that they can’t be as “in continuity” some might like.

      While the structure of Marvel Studios and Marvel publishing might allow for something like this to happen, Bendis wrote this book well before anyone knew The Avengers was going to be a huge hit.

      And I bet Marvel Studios is only beginning to settle on stories for Avengers 2 at this point.

      So if anything, I’d think Bendis is writing something that will serve as a nice companion piece to future Marvel movies. You know, “Hey kids, you like watching the Avengers beat on Thanos or want to see more of the Guardians of The Galaxy? Check out this book!”

  7. Batman just keeps being the ISH!!! Great episode, guys.


  8. @Ron: I passed on Grifter after issue 1, so I’m in no way defending the book. But in the original Wildstorm universe, I’m pretty sure Grifter did have some low-level telekinesis.

    In one of Chuck Dixon’s Team 7 miniseries of the late 90s, all the members of the team (Lynch, Grifter, Backlash, Deathblow, and some other dudes with silly codenames) were exposed to “the Gen-factor” (whaaa?!) and then developed powers. Their kids also had powers and became Gen 13. But most of the Team 7 members rarely used their powers (I don’t remember why), so it was very easy for subsequent writers to ignore them altogether.

  9. I totally agree with Josh about Watchmen being relatively flavourless. That was surely another barrier-breaker for superhero comics at the time. Compare it to the likes of Stan Lee’s very brash writing, for example. Same with the art.

  10. Loved hearing the Planetoid back story. Ken is living the dream.

  11. got to agree with batman, and actually i think they should of put another arc in there before the night of the owls, to me it would have been a good break and then in would oof not have been a whole year or owls, even tho i am loving it

  12. So Ron was thinking a lot about Batman– in space?

  13. You all have convinced me that I should give that Silk Spectre book a try after all, though given the slow-ish schedule, I’m still tempted to wait for the trade.

    One thing I’ve always wondered about when you mention him on the show–why do you all pronounce Dustin Nguyen’s last name like “Gwinn”? Is that how he pronounces it? Every Vietnamese person named Nguyen that I’ve known pronounces it with the G silent, not the N, more like “Nwinn” or “Nwen.” I don’t know if we are in disagreement on the pronunciation of that name in general, or if Dustin just happens to pronounce it in an unusual way himself. Constan-teen, Constan-tine, let’s call the whole thing off.

    • Yup, I live in Westminster, CA which has the highest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam (yay trivia!), and everyone here pronounces it New-win.

  14. Took about five or six hours, just thinking about this podcast… it was a good one folks.

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