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Pick of the Week #137 – Local #12

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan is on vacation this week, and so new iFanboy staff writer Mike Romo jumps in to fill Mr. Flanagan’s shoes.

Running Time: 00:58:30

Pick of the Week:
00:02:02 – With his Pick of the Week, Local #12, Ron says Brian Wood has wrapped up his masterpiece.

00:10:54 – Everything changes with Invincible #50; also Mike makes a confession and learns something or two.
00:15:24 – Booster Gold #10 made Ron and Conor think of Star Trek II!
00:19:33 – Action Comics #866 is like the best of all things Superman.
00:22:39 – Secret Invasion: Who Do you Trust?… no one, apparently.
00:29:14 – Fear Agent #21 causes Ron to go on a rant and then Mike gets schooled.
00:33:33 – Jonathan Hickman really made you work for it with Red Mass For Mars #1.
00:37:10 – Who doesn’t love Barbara Gordon? No one who has read Batman Confidential #18, anyway.
00:41:10 – Chuck #1 was a surprise, but a pleasant one, for Conor and Mike.

User Reviews:
00:43:23 – Zenogaias84 thinks Captain Britain and MI:13 is kicking Secret Invasion‘s ass.
00:45:50 – JD is pretty much done with Trinity.

00:48:14 – Clinton B. talks Black Adam and Conan the Barbarian.

00:50:34 – Jake from PA wants a better DC book than Identity Crisis.

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  1. @Ron – I love Fear Agent, but have been reading it in trade.  I pull the trades!

  2. @Clinton Barry- I did not hear them mention the current JSA in the podcast.  Black Adam just showed up in the last issue.

  3. @Hoshigaki – When we said that Black Adam just came back, we meant in JSA, not FINAL CRISIS.

  4. I keep hoping that one of these guest hosts will turn out to be someone who doesn’t read comics and is constantly shocked by what you guys are talking about. "So his name is ‘Booster Gold’, and you guys read a comic book of this character? And what does he do? And you like this stuff? Really."

  5. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It is true.  I have a Roku box and it is dope. 

    Great job, Mike!

  6. Nice job Mike!  It’s always a little bit of a shock to hear one of the guys missing but you did a great job.


  7. Awesome first show, Mike.

    And count me among people who would buy a Barbara Gordon Batgirl book.  They could do something out of continuity like the Marvel ‘First Class’ books, or ‘Year One’ as an ongoing.  

    @flapjaxx — I don’t remember what the podcast was, but I know I listened to one where a guy gave his grandmother an issue of Spider-Man to read, then talked with her about her reaction.  Not that I’m suggesting this approach the next time one of the guys is out.  But there’s precedent. 

  8. Great show, Mike is not only a fine collumnist, but he’s great on a podcast.

    I don’t read Fear Agent. I’m one of those people who didn’t pull it. The reason is I’ve never seen the trades around and so I haven’t been able to catch up. But I’ll work on getting those trades so that I don’t anger Ron anymore.

    @flapjaxx that is a totally great idea for a podcast. Comic book fans explaining the plots of comic books to non comic book fans. So you know, start recording it and let us know when you get the first one up. Thanks.

  9. @ohcaroline, let me know if you remember what podcast that was. Spider-Man’s kinda popular, though, so I think it’d be funnier to hear someone’s reaction to two other guys sitting around talking about comics with titles like "Checkmate" or "Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?".

    @NealAppeal, thanks for the motivation, but I’m gonna have to pass. Relatedly, I did include a snippet of Josh ranting about World War Hulk  on a DJ-mix cd I made for some friends last Christmas. I edited out all the words like "Hulk" and "comic", so it just seemed like an incredibly strange diatribe about an obscure work of art that no one could understand. My friends were really confused about what sort of person this was and what he was talking about.

  10. @flapjaxx  I really don’t remember; I DL’ed a lot of podcasts indiscriminately when I first got discovered them —

    Once, on a long car trip, I did have a friend who had never read a comic in her life demand that I explain ‘Cable & Deadpool’ to her.  I should have tape-recorded THAT conversation. 

  11. And here’s another ‘well done Mike’ – nice job. I’ve also not tried Invincible, I’ve a bit of a mental block about adjectives used as nouns. Also, in podcast discussions of the book, I can’t recall hearing a unique selling point for the character. It’s usually – as it was here – it’s like Ultimate Spider-Man. Well, that’s not a book I read, so I don’t bother. And if I did,I likely wouldn’t bother either, as it would be a book like a book I was reading. One of these days though.

    I enjoyed the Captain Britain discussion – I don’t for a minute believe Faiza is going to take on the mantle, do you realise how dear Brian Braddock us to most of us who grew up with Marvel UK? Cap was the character Marvel gave us, the non-reprint, non black and white guy – I can’t see Paul Cornell not relishing any chance to write him.

    In that discussion, I nearly fell off my bulldog when (I think it was, apologies if not) Ron said: ‘A lot of it is tied deeply into British mysticism. That’s what the whole society is based on, all these myths.’ Dearie Lord, I know we don’t have a written constitution, but we do tend ro prefer democracy, respect for individual rights, the rule of law and so on to ‘who has the biggest wand’. Or were we talking Marvel’s version of the British Isles rather than the real world

    (This message brought to your via Mart’s massive crystal ball, which makes walking kinda painful.)

  12. You ifanboys are quite funny, but I have issue with you. 

    Several weeks ago I, Loki, deigned to communicate with you through your voice messaging system. I spoke eloquently and informatively, as always, about my gender and procreative abilities as a shape changer. I was most displeased that you have chosen to ignore this. AS you may know, I am Odin’s step-son, and as such I have a fair deal of experience with being ignored and I don’t much appreciate it one bit. SHould I choose to communicate with you ifanboys again in the future, you will ignore me again only at your peril.

    All the best, 

    Yours always, 

    Loki, Master of Lies, Conceiver of Deceit 

  13. I know the guys suggested not to listen to it, but I had to listen just to see if I was interrupting too much.  Thanks for the encouraging feedback! I was pretty nervous, I must admit, but Ron and Conor were gentle with me.  I’ll have to write something about this weird transition from "fan" to "staff"–seeing how the sausage is made…well, everyone in LA sees a therapist, right?

    Good to hear about that Roku box–once it goes HD, I am there.


    thanks again, guys.


  14. Bit of a mistake on my Invincible status.

    I did buy the trade.  That takes me to #47, so I bought #50, but they didn’t have 48-49, so I haven’t read #50.  I’m gonna look in the shop on Wednesday for the middle ones.  

    It was just staring me in the face…

  15. Nice job of stepping in Mike. You were very effective in your comments and sounded very natural, all the while bringing your unique witticism to the fore-front. Watch out for that Ron though, he is the catalyst for unread stacks and will have your stack maxed-out again before you know it. The man loves everything! 

    Just kidding, Ron. I f’n love you, man! 

    Aside from missing Josh (all that hating musta wore him out), I also missed the bell. There are so many books I would love to hear your current opinions on that are getting lost in the mix. Maybe it’s time to bump the show up to an hour and twenty?

  16. Probably the best show yet, guys… the 45:50 mark of the show was brilliant.  I will now do things for the show that I’ve always said I will… like writing iTunes review, etc.

    In all seriousness (and will finally follow up on the latter half of statement above), Mike did a good job filling in… he fit right in almost as if I had been there many times before.  I will finally seek out a Fear Agent trade… but there’s still nothing you guys can do to make me pick up anything Secret Invasion related.

    Thanks guys… Mike, e-mail me for my address so you can send me that check.

  17. Point of Order:  The "current" Kurt Busiek written Conan is neither current nor written by Busiek (for the second half of the 50 issue run).  The book lost something when he left, and I felt some betrayal after being inspired by his comments about loving the character and his committment to telling Conan’s full chronology as a magnum opus(in one of the TPB notes sections, I think).

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